Global Spread of Cholera, 1961-1991

Map: The world-Global Spread of Cholera, 1961-1991

Caption: Cholera is an excellent example of how investigation of environmental factors climate foremost among them gives a clearer picture of a disease, from virulence to transmission to epidemiology.

This map shows the continents of the world and traces the route in which cholera spread in recent outbreak years. In general, the disease travels along continental edges, around Africa in the mid 1960s and 1970s; in Oceania and Southeast Asia in the early 1960s, 1970s, early 1980s, and 1990; the Middle East and Eastern Europe in the mid 1960s; Central and South America in 1991; and the Gulf of Mexico in 1973.

Source: CDC- Center for Disease Control and Prevention
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