Biocomplexity Spiral

Image: Spiral of Biocomplexity

Caption: Thus the spiral of biocomplexity comes full circle, connecting climate patterns to the vicissitudes of cholera on three continents. Now we are poised on the threshold of prediction. Connecting cholera to climate exemplifies the complexity of today's science, requiring insights from international teams of physicians, microbiologists, epidemiologists, statisticians, ecologists, remote sensing scientists, and sociologists.

Further description: Biocomplexity: A swirl of colors follows a black spiral. Following the path of the spiral are the following titles and images: Cosmos- picture of the cosmos, Planetary-picture of earth, Ecosystem-picture of a hurricane, Community-picture of an aerial view of a residential community, Population-picture of a forest, Habitat-picture of a single tree, Organism-picture of a seahorse, Organ-picture of a heart, Tissue-picture of human scar tissue, Cellular-picture of a cut-away cell showing the nucleus and chromosomes within, Molecular- picture of a swirling DNA strand with the DNA strand attachment within, and Atomic- picture of an atom cluster.

Source: NSF/S. Raimo
NSF Funded: yes
NSF Use Permitted: Yes
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