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Photo of Kathie L. Olsen
Credit: Sam Kittner/kittner.com

Dr. Kathie L. Olsen
Deputy Director
Chief Operating Officer
National Science Foundation

Progressive Pursuits to Prevent Professional Paresis
Or: Fostering the Phantasmagorical Future of Neuroscience

Association of Medical School
Neuroscience Department Chairs
Annual Meeting

March 3, 2007


National Science Foundation Deputy Director Kathie L. Olsen spoke at the Association of Medical School Neuroscience Department Chairs' annual meeting in Dana Point, California. The slides she used in her presentation are linked below.

Slide 1 - Title Slide

Slide 2 - Nobel "Tell-Tales" of Neuroscience

Slide 3 - Snapshot of Neuroscience History

Slide 4 - Research as a Moveable Feast

Slide 5 - Science Funding

Slide 6 - Not Available

Slide 7 - "Transformational" Issues: Thinking Outside the Norm

Slide 8 - "Transformational" Issues: Thinking Outside the Norm (cont.)

Slide 9 - Frontiers in Research

Slide 10 - NSF

Slide 11 - NSF Programs of Interest to Neuroscience

Slide 12 - Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Slide 13 - NSF Engineering Research Center

Slide 14 - ADVANCE

Slide 15 - CAREER

Slide 16 - Opportunities for Graduate Students

Slide 17 - IGERT

Slide 18 - IGERT (cont.)

Slide 19 - Graduate Research Fellowships

Slide 20 - GK-12

Slide 21 - East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes

Slide 22 - Our Challenge as Scientists

Slide 23 - Major Research Instrumentation

Slide 24 - Identifying the Frontiers

Slide 25 - Revolutionary Change in Thinking about the Brain

Slide 26 - Scope and Scale of Experimental Investigations

Slide 27 - Theoretical Understanding: Comprehensive, Multi-Scale Models

Slide 28 - Ways in Which Knowledge Can Be Used

Slide 29 - Workshop Recommendations

Slide 30 - Workshop Recommendations: Instrumentation and Measurement

Slide 31 - Workshop Recommendations: Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling Informatics

Slide 32 - Workshop Recommendations: Conceptual and Theoretical Approaches

Slide 33 - Workshop Recommendations: Building Brain-like Devices and Systems

Slide 34 - Workshop Participants

Slide 35 - Next Step: NSF Workshop

Slide 36 - Informal Education: Captivating the Next Generation of Neuroscientists

Slide 37 - Stay in Communication!



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