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Progressive Pursuits to Prevent Professional Paresis, Text Slide 32 of 37

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Slide title: Workshop Recommendations

Slide words: Conceptual and Theoretical Approaches
Advances in analysis and modeling of comprehensive multi-scale data will enable the exploration of much richer approaches to understanding the brain at all levels

[caption text to right of image]
Realistic computer simulation combining Monte Carlo simulations with high-resolution serial electron microscopic tomography -- neurotransmission in a chick ciliary ganglion synapse
[legend for image]
{green circle} ACh molecules
{yellow circle} Synaptic vesicles

Reference: Jay S. Coggan et al., Science, 15 July 2005

Slide image: Realistic computer simulation of neurotransmission in a chick ciliary ganglion synapse showing ACh molecules and synaptic vesicles

Credit: Thomas M. Bartol Jr., Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, The Salk Institute

Slide background image: An illustration titled "The Synapse Revealed" showing a neuron preparing to transmit a signal to its target

Slide background credit: Graham Johnson, Graham Johnson Medical Media

Design by: Adrian Apodaca, National Science Foundation

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