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Science Policy 101: Building Our Future, Text Slide 6 of 25

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Slide image: Thirteen photos of scientists working in traditional Science and Engineering occupations. The following people are shown with these labels:
Linda Hayden, Computer Science Professor
Lisa Pruitt, Biomedical Engineer
Chellu Chetty, Biology Professor
George Smoot, Nobelist in physics
Alan Heeger, Nobelist in chemistry
Edmund Phelps, Nobelist in economics
David Green, Chemical engineer
Calvin Mackie, Mechanical engineer
Anita Jones, Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
Zhong Lin Wang, Nanotechnology engineer
Robin Murphy, Robotics engineer
Kevin S. Lee, Professor of Neuroscience
Christine Grant, Chemical engineer

Credits: Jack Hartzman (Hayden, Pruitt, Chetty, Mackie, Grant); Roy Kaltschmidt, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Smoot); Tony Mastres, UCSB (Heeger); Diane Bondareff (Phelps); Melissa Maki, University of Virginia (Green); Tom Cogill (Jones); Gary Meek, Georgia Tech (Wang); University of Virginia School of Medicine (Lee); University of South Florida (Murphy)

Design by Adrian Apodaca, National Science Foundation


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