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Fostering the Phantasmagorical Future of Neuroscience at the National Science Foundation, Text Slide 2 of 37

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Slide title: Nobel "Tell-Tales" of Neuroscience

Slide words: From 1906 to 2004, at least 27 Nobel Prizes in "neuroscience." But, consider examples with their listed expertise or field-of-study.

  • Golgi and Cajal -- Nervous System Structure (medicine) 1906
  • Adrian & Sherrington -- Neuron Function (medicine & physiology) 1932
  • Dale & Loewi -- Chemical Transmission between Nerves (physiology and pharmacology) 1936
  • Bekesy -- Cochlea Function (physics) 1961
  • Eccles, Hodgkin & Huxley -- Mechanisms of the Neuron Cell Membrane (medicine, physiology, biology, chemistry, math, physics) 1963
  • von Frisch, Lorenz and Tinbergen (biology, social and psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry) 1973
  • Hubel & Wiesel -- Information Processing in the Visual System (neurophysiology, neuropsychiatry) 1981
  • Carlsson, Greengard and Kandel -- Signal Transduction in the Nervous System (at least one "professor of neuroscience") 2000

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