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Proposed Global Science Forum Workshop, Text Slide 8 of 13

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Slide title: Improve Understanding of Complex System Self-maintenance and Transformation

Slide image:
Collage of seven photos showing the robot named Kismet making facial expressions labeled as follows:
Interest, Sad, Calm, Happy, Disgust, Angry, Surprise (top left)
An illustration showing a three-dimensional interface that organizes computer contents by their relationships rather than their physical position on a hard drive, a possible solution for managing unwieldy amounts of information (bottom left)
Photo showing a demonstrator silhouetted against a burning automobile (right)

Credit: © 2000 Peter Menzel/ the book Robo Sapiens (top left); Adam Miezianko, Karen Fung, Zavnura Pingkan, Kristopher Rambish (bottom left); Mikael Marguerie (right)

Design by: Adrian Apodaca, National Science Foundation

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