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National Science Foundation

NSF FY 2013 Budget Request Presentation, February 13, 2012,
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Slide title: Fundamental Science and Engineering Research and Education

Slide words: Investing in NSF core programs to drive progress in science, technology and innovation

Slide images:
Top row (left to right): Photo of a researcher at the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Neuroscience; photo of a robotic roach with wings; image showing the Crab Pulsar emitting light energy; photo of an undergraduate student surveying land development; simulation of a month of 20th century climate, using the Community Climate System Model.
Bottom row (left to right): Photo of a researcher standing near a drainage hole on the melting Greenland ice sheet; photo of a researcher wearing a Brain Cap, a non-invasive brain-computer interface; photo of a lab where engineers and physicists have managed to capture light in tiny diamond pillars embedded in silver, releasing a stream of single photons at a controllable rate, a milestone on the road to quantum networks; photo of a hand holding a glass slide with virus-based materials

Image credits:
Top row (left to right): Atlanta Center for Behavioral Neuroscience; Kevin Peterson, Biomimetic Millisystems Lab; David A. Aguilar (CfA) / NASA / ESA José Francisco Salgado, Adler Planetarium, based on images by M. SubbaRao, S. Criswell, B. Humensky, and J.F. Salgado; Guerry Holm; UCAR
Bottom row (left to right): P. Alexander; John Consoli, University of Maryland; Eliza Grinnell, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; University of California at Berkeley

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