Ad hoc Working Group on Administrative Burdens


The ad hoc Working Group on Administrative Burdens is charged to advance further the findings and recommendations in the NSB report entitled Reducing Investigators’ Administrative Workload for Federally Funded Research (NSB-14-18). The Working Group will continue to promote and disseminate the findings in the report and will engage stakeholders from NSF, academia, nongovernmental organizations and other parts of the federal government and state governments to explore implementation of the recommendations. This group will design and undertake those outreach and analysis activities that they think will be maximally effective, including, as appropriate:

  • Advising NSF as it seeks to implement the recommendations;
  • Advising various other groups upon request;
  • Developing analyses and information to aid such groups, including analysis of relevant state practices and reanalysis of the existing data from the Task Force report;
  • Facilitating conversations among groups – such as the Inspectors General community and university research communities -- to help them build understandings and promising implementation plans;
  • Working with state governments and university systems to reduce state requirements that add to administrative burden, where appropriate; and
  • Convening conversations on policies, practices and programmatic changes that are likely to improve efficiency of research oversight in university research communities.

The Working Group will request an executive secretary be assigned by the NSF.

The Working Group will report regularly to the Board on both its plans and progress. It may bring items such as reports and recommendations to the full Board for consideration. The Executive Committee will approve in advance any activities that involve expenditure of NSB funds for contracts or travel.

The Working Group will aim to complete its activities within a two-year timeframe, though additional time may be required depending on the pace of implementation of the Board’s recommendations.