Revised February 12, 1999

National Science Board
351st Meeting
February 17-18, 1999
The Getty Center
Los Angeles, California

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Presentation Speaker
09:00-12:00 NSB Open Session,
Research Institute Lecture Hall
09:00-12:00 Chairman's Report
09:00-12:00 Director's Report
09:00-12:00 Framework for Revising the NSF Strategic Plan
09:00-12:00 A Demographic Perspective on our Nation's Future Dr. Peter A. Morrison,
The RAND Corporation
09:00-12:00 NSB Report on Achievement in Science and Mathematics Education
09:00-12:00 Other Business
12:00-01:00 Buffet luncheon: Private Dining Room
01:00-02:30 Getty Center Tour
(Assemble at Museum Entrance Hall Information Desk)
02:30-06:00 Open Session, Continued, Research Institute Lecture Hall
Symposium on Environmental Research, Education and Assessment
02:30-04:00 Opening Remarks Dr. Eamon M. Kelly, Chairman, NSB
02:30-04:00 Welcome Dr. Barry Munitz, President, The Getty Center, Convocation Host
Dr. Rita Colwell, Director, National Science Foundation
02:30-04:00 Overview of Symposium Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NSB; Chair, NSB Task Force on the Environment
02:30-04:00 Keynote Address Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Center of Science and Industry, Columbus, Ohio
04:00-06:00 Session 1: Emerging Interdisciplinary Opportunities Dr. John Armstrong, NSB, Moderator
04:00-06:00 Integrated Studies of Agricultural Landscapes Dr. Pamela Matson, Stanford University
04:00-06:00 Ecosystems and Earth's Climate System Dr. David Schimel, National Center for Atmospheric Research
04:00-06:00 Complexity and Modeling Dr. Simon Levin, Princeton University
04:00-06:00 Lessons Learned from the Global Change Community Dr. Jerry Melillo, The Ecosystems Center
04:00-06:00 Discussion and Questions
06:00 Reception and Dinner, The Getty Center Restaurant, Private Dining Room, (NSB, NSF Staff)
06:00 Dinner Address Dr. Marcia McNutt, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (invited)

Thursday, February 18, 1999

NSB Open Session, continued, Research Institute Lecture Hall

Presentation Speaker
08:30-08:45 Welcome Dr. Eamon M. Kelly, Chair, NSB
Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Chair, NSB Task Force on the Environment
08:45-10:15 Session 2: New Tool and Alliances Dr. Anita Jones, NSB, Moderator
08:45-10:15 The Future as Changed by Biotechnology Dr. Christopher Somerville, Carnegie Institute
08:45-10:15 Environmental Technology Dr. Darryl Banks, CH2M Hill, Inc.
08:45-10:15 Information Technology Dr. Catherine Gautier, University of California Santa Barbara
08:45-10:15 Discussion and Questions
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Session 3: Human Dimensions and New Ways of Thinking Dr. Diana Natalicio, NSB, Moderator
10:30-12:00 Understanding Human Behavior Dr. Carole Crumley, UNC Chapel Hill
10:30-12:00 Equity and Social Justice Issues Dr. Beverly Wright, Xavier University
10:30-12:00 Public Values Dr. Theresa Satterfield, Decision Research, Inc.
10:30-12:00 Discussion and Questions
12:00-01:30 Lunch NSB, NSF Staff, Speakers
12:00-01:30 Luncheon Address Dr. Robert Huggett, Michigan State University
01:30-03:10 Session 4: From Reaction to Proaction Dr. Claudia Mitchell-Kernan, NSB, Moderator
01:30-03:10 Assessments and Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty Dr. William Clark, Harvard University
01:30-03:10 Education Issues Dr. Judith Espinosa, Alliance for Transportation Research (invited)
01:30-03:10 Environment, Ecology and Human Disease Dr. Terry Yates, University of New Mexico
01:30-03:10 Integrating Research and Decision Making Ambassador Richard Benedick, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratory
01:30-03:10 Discussion and Questions
03:10-03:20 Break
03:20-04:40 Session 5: Enabling Partnerships Dr. M.R.C. Greenwood, NSB, Moderator
03:20-04:40 International Partnerships Dr. Berrien Moore, University of New Hampshire
03:20-04:40 Federal Partnerships Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, Office of Science and Technology Policy
03:20-04:40 Cross-disciplinary Partnerships Dr. Geoff Heal, Columbia University
03:20-04:40 Discussion and Questions
04:40-05:00 Concluding Remarks Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Chair, NSB Task Force on the Environment
Dr. Rita Colwell, Director, National Science Foundation
Dr. Eamon Kelly, Chair, National Science Board
05:00 Adjourn


Marta Cehelsky
Executive Officer


Eamon M. Kelly

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