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Image of evergreen forest Scientist in a sealed lab NSB Chair Carter - NSF Director McElroy
The National Science Board - A History in Highlights, 1950-2000
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THE 1970'S


As American involvement in the Vietnam War continued, conflict over the war dominated national life. Soon after President Richard M. Nixon was re-elected in 1972, the Watergate scandal further divided the Nation and eroded the public's confidence in government. The Administration sought to deploy an antiballistic missile (ABM) system and to develop a supersonic transport (SST) aircraft, projects that ran into scientists' technical criticisms. The public also was disillusioned with technology projects that seemed too far removed from the riots, poverty, racial injustice, and pollution that were blighting Image of an arabodopsys  plant. Photograph from the NSF Collection America's promise. As a result, many in Washington and around the country pressured NSF to undertake work perceived to be more relevant to national needs. The Foundation did attempt new programs during these tense times, though real growth in NSF's budget would not resume until FY1983.


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