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The National Science Board - A History in Highlights, 1950-2000
Table of Contents | Preface | Acknowledgements | Former Members | Exec Secretaries/Officers | Timeline


Task Force on NSB 50th Anniversary Vera Rubin,Chair; Jane Lubchenco; Richard Tapia; Warren M.Washington; Susan E.Fannoney,Executive Secretary Many colleagues brought this publication to life. I wish to thank, on behalf of the entire Board, the members of the NSB 50th Anniversary Task Force, including former members Sanford Greenberg and Eve Menger, who, in creative alliance with Low+Associates (L+A) and the NSB Office staff, produced this commemorative booklet. We are particularly grateful to researcher and principal author Deborah Shapley; to L+A project directors Terry Savage and Nan Russell, and their staff for the outstanding design and layout of the publication; and to the NSB Executive Officer Marta Cehelsky, Senior Policy Officer Daryl Chubin, and Task Force Executive Secretary Susan Fannoney. Their stewardship, keen eye, and attention to tone and detail were vital in executing the rigorous external review process sought by the Task Force. Such exemplary teamwork has sustained the National Science Board throughout its 50-year history.

Many associated with the Board, too numerous to mention individually, contributed to this document. Some participated in phone and in-person interviews conducted by Ms. Shapley. Others graciously submitted personal recollections, comments, and artifacts that were used in shaping the narrative of the booklet. Special thanks go to former NSB Chairs Herbert Carter, James J. Duderstadt, Mary Good, Norman Hackerman, Frank Rhodes, Roland Schmitt, and Richard Zare; former NSB members Charles Hess and Shirley Malcom; and former NSF Directors H. Guyford Stever and Erich Bloch. NSF Director Rita Colwell provided attentive review of the document as a participant-observer of the last 15 years of NSB history. In addition, long-time "consumers" of Board actions - J. Merton England, Patrick Windham, and Wil Lepkowski - provided important reactions to a draft of the text, as did NSF staff members William Blanpied, Mary Clutter, Patricia Garfinkel, and Curt Suplee.

While none of us has a definitive view of the past, together we have fashioned a document that captures both the public and behind-the-scenes interactions that endowed the National Science Board with a unique place in the history of U.S. science policy and practice. The NSB web site will proudly display the text and supporting documentation for the commemorative booklet.

Again, many thanks to all whose time and generosity made this effort so successful.

Vera C. Rubin
Chair, Task Force on NSB 50th Anniversary

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