Torward a More Effective Role for the U.S. Government in
International Science and Engineering

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Last Modified: 04/17/02


The National Science Board is grateful to the many people who provided testimony at meetings, hearings, and symposia held by the task force, as well as those who provided comments on drafts of the report. Their names are listed in an appendix to the report.

Many National Science Foundation staff members, too numerous to mention individually, assisted the task force in its activities. We would like to acknowledge the critical contributions of Marta Cehelsky, Executive Officer, National Science Board, who guided and supported all aspects of the Board’s effort; Richard Ries, NSF Division of International Programs, who served as the NSF Office of the Director liaison to the task force and also advised on both the content and participants for the Symposium on International Models of S&T Budget Coordination and Priority Setting co-sponsored by the task force; Eugene Wong, Assistant Director of NSF’s Engineering Directorate, who was an original member of the task force; Frances Li, who served as Executive Secretary to the task force for the organization of its hearings; and Edward Murdy and Angela Sykes of the Division of International Programs and Robert Webber, Office of Information and Resource Management, who helped organize and assisted in the task force’s information gathering phase and who helped plan and arrange the three hearings that were held with invited speakers.

The National Science Board Office staff provided essential support to the task force’s activities. Several staff deserve special recognition, including Jean Pomeroy, Daryl Chubin, Gerard Glaser, and Janice Baker who provided helpful feedback and guidance.


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