Science and Engineering Infrastructure for the 21st Century


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Selected Acronyms and Abbreviations

A&M                           Agricultural & Mechanical

AMS                            American Mathematical Society

ALMA                         Atacama Large Millimeter Array

ALMA/MMA              ALMA/ Millimeter Array

ASCI                           Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative

BIO                             Biological Sciences Directorate

CERN                          European Organization for Nuclear Research

CESR                          Cornell Electron Storage Ring

CISE                            Computer & Information Science & Engineering Directorate

CPP                             Committee on Programs and Plans

DoC                             U.S. Department of Commerce

DoD                             U.S. Department of Defense

DoE                             U.S. Department of Energy

DoI                              U. S. Department of the Interior

EHR                             Education and Human Resources Directorate   

ENG                            Engineering Directorate

EU                               European Union

F&A                            facilities and administration

FY                               fiscal year

GAO                            U.S. General Accounting Office

GEO                            Geosciences Directorate

HEPAP                        High Energy Physics Advisory Panel

HIAPER                      High-Performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for                                                        Environmental Research

IA                                Integrative Activities

INF                              Task Force on Science and Engineering Infrastructure

IT                                 information technology

K-12                            kindergarten through grade 12

LHC                            Large Hadron Collider

LIGO                           Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory

MPS                            Mathematical and Physical Sciences Directorate

MREFC                       Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction

MRI                             Major Research Instrumentation

MSU                            Michigan State University

NAS                            National Academy of Sciences

NASA                         U. S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASF                          net assignable square feet

NEES                          Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation

NEON                         National Ecological Observatory Network

NHMFL                      National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

NIH                             U.S. National Institutes of Health

NNUM                        National Nanofabrication Users Network

NRC                            National Research Council

NSB                            National Science Board

NSDL                          National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics                                        Education Digital Library

NSF                             National Science Foundation

NSTC                          National Science and Technology Council

OMB                           Office of Management and Budget

OPP                             Office of Polar Programs

OSTP                          Office of Science and Technology Policy

PACI                           Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure

R&D                            research and development

R&RA                         Research and Related Activities

RSVP                          Rare Symmetry Violating Processes

S&E                             science and engineering

S&T                             science and technology

SBE                             Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Directorate

SMETE                        science, mathematics, engineering, and technology education

SPARC                        Space and Aeronomy Collaboratory

SRS                             Science Resources Statistics

STPI                            Science and Technology Policy Institute

TAIR                           The Arabidopsis Information Resources

TCS                             Terascale Computing Systems

UCLA                          University of California at Los Angeles

UK                              United Kingdom

U.S.                             United States







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