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Friday, October 29, 1999
8:30a - 4:00p
National Science Foundation, Room 1235, Arlington, Virginia

Presentation Speaker(s)
8:30a Welcome and Introduction Diana Natalicio, Chair, NSB Task Force on International Issues in Science and Engineering
8:45a Introduction to NSF Overseas Offices

Pierre Perrolle, Director, Division of International Programs

  NSF Overseas Offices

Diana Natalicio, Moderator

David Schindel, Director, NSF Europe Office
Masanobu Miyahara, Scientific Affairs Advisor, NSF Tokyo Regional Office
[Interviewed by William Blanpied, Head, NSF Tokyo Regional Office]

9:30a Role of Office of General Counsel in NSF's International Activities Lawrence Rudolph, General Counsel, NSF
9:50a Break  

Programs and Projects that Support International Exchanges: Views from the Field

Luis Sequeira, NSB Moderator
  1. Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Kathryn Moran, Director, Ocean Drilling Programs, Joint Oceanographic Institutions
Brian Huber, ODP Foraminifer Paleontologist, Smithsonian Institution
  2. International Long-Term Ecological Research (ILTER) James Gosz, Professor, Biology Department, University of New Mexico, and Chairman of the ILTER Network Committee
Debra Peters, Research Scientist, USDA-ARS, Jornada Experimental Range, and ILTER Researcher
11:15a New Partnerships for New Opportunities in a New Era

Pamela Ferguson, NSB Moderator

Thomas Malone, University Distinguished Scholar Emeritus, North Carolina State University

11:45a National and International Trends Robert Wood, President-elect, Industrial Research Institute
12:15p Lunch
Informal buffet lunch provided for invited speakers and NSB members
1:00p Introduction of Keynote Speaker Diana Natalicio
  Keynote Address: The Globalization of International Science & Technology Roland Schmitt, President Emeritus, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1:45p Industry Perspectives

Mary K. Gaillard, NSB Moderator

Gordon Brunner, Chief Technology Officer, The Procter & Gamble Company
Warren M. Strauss, Director of Global Worldwide Regulatory Organizations, Monsanto Corporation

2:30p Human Resources

Mary K. Gaillard, NSB Moderator

Richard F. Vaz, Associate Dean,
and Natalie A. Mello, Director of Global Operations, Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Robert Grathwol, Director, Washington Office, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

3:15p Break  
3:30p State Perspective

Diana Natalicio, NSB Moderator

Richard Bendis, Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation

4:00p Closing Remarks and Adjournment Diana Natalicio, Chair



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