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National Science Board Hearing
21st Century Education in
Science, Mathematics and Technology

February 10, 2006

Boulder, CO
University of Colorado


Participant Affiliation
  National Science Board
Dr. Warren M. Washington NSB Chairman
Senior Scientist and Section Head
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Dr. Dan E. Arvizu NSB Member
Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dr. Steven C. Beering NSB Member
President Emeritus, Purdue University
Dr. Ray M. Bowen NSB Member
President Emeritus, Texas A&M University
Dr. Kelvin K. Droegemeier NSB Member
Regentsí Professor & Roger and Sherry Teigen
  Presidential Professor; Weathernews Chair of
  Applied Meteorology; Director, Center for
  Analysis and Prediction of Storms; and Director,
  Sasaki Institute, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Kenneth M. Ford NSB Member
Director, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, University of West Florida
Dr. Daniel E. Hastings NSB Member
Director, Engineering Systems Division and Professor,
  Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering
  Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Elizabeth Hoffman NSB Member
President Emerita, University of Colorado
Dr. Douglas D. Randall NSB Member
Professor of Biochemistry and Director,
  Interdisciplinary Program on Plant Biochemistry
  and Physiology, University of Missouri
Dr. Daniel Simberloff NSB Member
Nancy Gore Hunger Professor of Environmental
  Science, University of Tennessee
Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan NSB Member
Science Advisor, Center of Science and
  Industry (COSI)
Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez NSB Member
Mesa Public Schools (Retired)
Gilbert, Arizona
Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr. NSB Member Ex Officio
Director, National Science Foundation
Dr. Michael Crosby NSB Executive Officer and
Director, National Science Board Office
  Members of Congress
Congressman Mark Udall Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Space and
  Aeronautics, Committee on Science
  Colorado Spokespersons
President Hank Brown President, University of Colorado System
Senator John Evans Senator, Colorado General Assembly
Senate Education Committee
Representative Keith King Representative, Colorado General Assembly
House Education Committee
Senator Susan Windels Senator, Colorado General Assembly
Chair, Senate Education Committee
Dr. Michael Barnett Senior Physicist and Educator, Lawrence Berkeley
  National Laboratory
Dr. Dennis Bartels President, TERC Science and Math Learning
Dr. Ruth David President and CEO, Analytic Services, Inc.
Mr. Randy DeHoff Board Member, Colorado Department of Education,
  Colorado State Board of Education
Dr. Joseph Heppert Chairman, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas
Dr. Leon Lederman Fermilab Director Emeritus
Chairman, Teachers Academy for Mathematics and
Dr. Shirley Malcom Head, Directorate for Education
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Mr. Timothy McCollum 7-12 Science Teacher, Charleston Middle School,
  Charleston, Illinois
Mr. Michael Miravalle President and CEO, Dolphin Technology, Inc.
Dr. Cindy Moss Director of Science, K-12, Charlotte Mecklenburg
  Schools, Charlotte, North Carolina
Ms. Judith Sandler Vice President, Education Development Center, Inc.
Dr. Thomas Smith Professor Chemistry and Microsystems Engineering
  Rochester Institute of Technology
Dr. Cindy Stevenson Superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools,
  Golden, Colorado
Mr. James Von Ehr Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Zyvex Corp.
Dr. Karin Wiburg Associate Dean for Research, New Mexico State
Ms. Della Williams President and CEO, Williams-Pyro, Inc.
Ms. Robin Willner Vice President, Global Community Initiatives
  IBM Corporation

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