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As part of its role as an independent advisory body, the Board, by law, “. . . shall render to the President and the Congress no later than January 15 of each even numbered year, a report on indicators of the state of science and engineering in the United States.” Science and Engineering Indicators (Indicators) comprises high-quality quantitative data on the U.S. and international science and engineering enterprise. Indicators is factual and policy neutral. It does not offer policy options or recommendations.


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Science and Engineering Indicators 2016

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Policy Companion Reports to Indicators


Though the main volume of Indicators is policy neutral, the Board authors one or more policy companion reports to Indicators, which draw upon the data in Indicators and may offer policy recommendations on issues of concern for national S&E research or education policy, in keeping with the Board's statutory responsibility to bring attention to such issues. 


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Cover image of nsb1245 Diminishing Funding and Rising Expectations:  Trends and Challenges for Public Research Universities 2012
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Cover image of nsb0803 Research and Development: Essential Foundation for U.S. Competiveness in a Global Economy 2008
For prior year companion reports to Indicators, please search the NSB publications


Policy One Pagers


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STEM Workforce I ‐ Not One But Many (2016; PDF)

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STEM Workforce II ‐ Pathways not Pipelines (2016; PDF)
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Higher Education as a Public and Private Good (2016: PDF)




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STEM Education Data and Trends Online Tool 2016

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Science and Engineering Indicators 2014
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