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ACI Review Data

As part of its comprehensive review of the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Division (ACI), the National Science Foundation seeks input from the community on these questions:

  1. Based on the data and trends available at the link below, your interactions with the ACI Division, and in the context of NSF's overall mission, please indicate the extent to which ACI's current role within NSF supports and anticipates the cyberinfrastructure needed by science and engineering research communities.

  2. Based on the data and trends available at the link below, and your interactions with the ACI Division, what additional improvements can you suggest to further ACI's role and contribution to research cyberinfrastructure in support of NSF's mission?

  3. Are there particular positive or negative trends that, in your opinion, arise directly from the realignment of the Office of Cyberinfrastructure within CISE?

To inform comments, the Foundation offers relevant data on proposals, awards, and budgets from fiscal years (FY) 2011-2015. This period covers both OCI and ACI operations. Please click the link below to download the data.

Proposal, Award, and Principal Investigator Data, NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure and Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure, FY 2011-2015 (PDF)

Comments from the interested community should be submitted by 6/30/2016. These comments are confidential and will be used internally within NSF. Succinct responses are most useful to the review group, but there are no formal restrictions on the form or length of comments.

Please send comments to NSF Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Review Input at

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