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NSF Broadening Participation Videos

This page contains videos on Broadening Participation. Click an image to view a video.


BP Video: TCUP: A STEM Workforce for the Future

Click to open video page.   TCUP: A STEM Workforce for the Future” highlights programs leading to workforce development and entrepreneurship training for students at America's tribal colleges, as well as the related economic development implications for the tribes. Viewers will gain an understanding of where and why the tribal colleges and universities exist, and the result of the National Science Foundation's significant investments in them. For over forty years, the National Science Foundation has invested in a set of tribally-controlled institutions of higher education that are primarily on American Indian reservations and established to bring higher education opportunities to tribal members and other reservation community residents. These areas are plagued by persistent and deep poverty, and are in need of economic development driven by STEM and STEM investments. NSF, in its mission to broaden participation and diversity in the STEM enterprise, has invested in the STEM instructional capacity of these institutions, which is leading to economic growth and development.

BP Video: Morehouse Men Dream to Teach K-12 Students

Click to open video page.   An innovative National Science Foundation-funded Discovery Research PreK-12 program helped these Morehouse College students fulfill a dream they had since they were high school juniors and seniors: become K-12 STEM teachers. Hear what inspired them. Their stories may inspire you!

BP Video: A Best-Kept Secret: STEM Research at Tribal Colleges and Universities

Click to open video page.   The National Science Foundation’s Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) presents a documentary showcasing examples of original research being conducted by students and faculty at tribal colleges and universities, as well as insights into the students’ academic success and aspirations, and what STEM research means to them. Less than fifty years since their founding, and with TCUP support, many of the Nation’s tribal colleges and universities are providing acclaimed STEM leadership in education and research to serve their tribes and communities. Fields of endeavor include environmental science, food sovereignty and security, STEM education, engineering, manufacturing, and workforce development. Many students enter TCUs with limited STEM preparation. In spite of that, the TCUs are preparing their students for baccalaureate degrees, graduate studies, and to take their places as scientific resources for their people and the Nation.

BP Video: Supporting PBL Instruction on the US-Mexican Border

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With support from the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, this project at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) aims to serve the national need of preparing high-quality STEM teachers. UTEP is partnering with the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD), a high-need district with a majority of its population classified as Hispanic and at-risk. The partnership will establish an innovative and transformative teacher preparation program, integrating Noyce Scholars into school sites currently implementing project-based learning (PBL) with support from the New Tech Network (NTN), a national, non-profit network for comprehensive pedagogical and cultural change in public school settings. (NSF Award: 1852817)



BP Video: Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CASHI)

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Learn more about the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI)'s efforts to increase the number of  Hispanics who earn credentials in computing. As an NSF National INCLUDES alliance, CAHSI recognizes it role in engaging entities from the private and public sectors in building an inclusive and diverse workforce and how essential that is to advance innovation and discovery.  Let’s see how together we can accelerate our efforts to broaden participation in STEM. (NSF Award: 1834620)



BP Video: TunePad: Broadening Participation in CS

  TunePad is a free online platform designed to support thriving, youth-driven communities of learners empowered by coding to create and share music. This video shares the vision and goals of TunePad along with experiences of undergraduate computer science students and middle school youth in a summer camp on creative musical expression. (NSF Awards: 1837661)

BP Video: Opening Pathways in STEM

  The Louis Stokes Midwest Regional Center of Excellence (LSMRCE) is in the second year of funding of a five year NSF funded project. As part of the project activities, LSMRCE has partnered with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) to provide URM STEM majors summer internships through the Fermilab SIST program.This video will tell the story of two students who participated in the 2019 Fermilab program. (NSF Awards: 1826719, 1826626)

BP Video: Indigenous Food, Energy and Water Security and Sovereignty

  Indigenous Food, Energy and Water Security and Sovereignty, or "Indige-FEWSS," combines research, cultural immersion and hands-on problem solving to address food, energy and water quality and access challenges in rural and tribal communities. (NSF Award: 1735173)

BP Video: Research on Broadening Participation of Latinx in Engineering

  Engineering jobs are critical to the United States’ competitiveness in the global market and represent careers that are projected to grow. Latinx are sorely underrepresented across the engineering pipeline. This presentation highlights findings from an NSF supported project that examine the longitudinal effects of social cognitive, personality, and contextual factors on engineering students’ satisfaction and persistence in engineering as posited by Social Cognitive Career Theory. (NSF Awards: 1430614, 1430640).

BP Video: Computational Thinking in Rural and Urban Preschool Math


Research suggests that embedding CT in basic preschool math instruction could create powerful learning experiences for early learners. To explore this, public media producers from WGBH and Kentucky Educational Television and researchers from Education Development Center teamed up on the project Integrating Computational Thinking into Mathematics Instruction in Rural and Urban Preschools. (NSF Awards: 1640135)


BP Video: Aspire Alliance: Institutional Change Network

  The Aspire Alliance seeks to develop inclusive and diverse STEM faculty across the nation by aligning and reinforcing professional development, hiring, and retention practices of STEM faculty simultaneously at institutional, regional, and national levels. (NSF Awards: : 1834518, 1834522, 1834510, 1834513, 1834526, 1834521)

BP Video: SciGirls! Media to Engage Girls in Computing Pathways

  In 2019, SciGirls served up a new season all about computer science! SciGirls is an Emmy Award-winning PBS project, funded by the NSF, that encourages and educates youth around STEM. Produced by Twin Cities PBS, SciGirls aims to broaden STEM participation among girls, particularly girls of color, and employs research to foster gender equitable and culturally responsive teaching.  (NSF Award: 1712258)

BP Video: Empowering the Next Generation of Latinas in STEAM Careers

  In order to increase the participation of women in STEAM careers, different research and education programs at the University of Puerto Rico, joined forces to create an initiative to provide opportunities, activities, and tools for the new generation of Latin women to continue careers in these disciplines. (NSF Awards: 1400868, 1849243, 1736093)

BP Video: Culturally Responsive Indigenous Science

  In collaboration with three tribal communities in the Northwest, the Culturally Responsive Indigenous Science (CRIS) project catalyzes new approaches to Indigenous science teaching and learning through land-based science curriculum and hands-on enrichment programs that weave Indigenous knowledges and languages with western science and digital tools to increase Native American students’ learning, engagement and achievement across the sciences. (NSF Award: 1720931)

BP Video: IN LSAMP: Building Communities and Opportunities to Thrive!

  This video spotlights experiences of IN LSAMP Scholars as they engage with professionals and other students. Indiana STEM LSAMP is built on three pillars of student development (academic integration, social integration and professionalization). We strive to create a community that supports student connections with other LSAMP alumni, scholars and faculty mentors. These connections improve retention within STEM majors, internship and career opportunities and introduces students to environments with STEM careers are thriving. (NSF Awards: 1618408)


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