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"A Framework for Action" Report


The Broadening Participation Working Group (BPWG) was established in April 2007 to develop plans to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in NSF programs and to broaden the pool of reviewers for NSF proposals.

The working group had representatives from all of the NSF research directorates, along with the Offices of Cyberinfrastructure; Polar Programs; Integrative Activities; International Science and Engineering; General Counsel; and the Office of Budget, Finance and Award Oversight. The working group co-chairs were Celeste Rohlfing and Victor Santiago.

As part of their charter, the BPWG developed a report which addresses strategies for diversifying the reviewer pool, training NSF staff and reviewers on broadening participation, enhancing accountability, communicating guidance and promising practices on broadening participation, and maintaining a portfolio of relevant programs.

The Framework for Action report is available in Acrobat PDF format: [nsf_frameworkforaction_0808.pdf].

The Executive Summary is also available as a separate PDF file: [nsf_frameworkforaction_execsummary_0808.pdf].


For further information concerning NSF's Broadening Participation programs, please contact:

Dr. Suzanne Iacono
National Science Foundation
Phone: 703-292-8040

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