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NSF PR 02-07 - January 30, 2002

Note About Images

Photo 1

Schematic of T4 Bacteriophage

"T4 bacteriophage is a virus that consists of an icosahedral (20 sided) head, contacting tail, six short and six long fibers for attaching to its E. coli victim, and a base plate that is the nerve center for communicating between the fibers and the tail."
Credit: The figure has been adapted by Petr Leiman (Purdue University) from a drawing by Fred Eiserling (UCLA).

Photo 2

A reconstructed computer image generated by the SPIDER software

"A reconstructed computer image generated by the SPIDER software (created by Joachim Frank and colleagues at New York University) from 418 frozen hydrated electron images that shows the protein structure of the baseplate - tail tube assembly. The area labeled (gp27-gp5*-gp5C)3 is the needlepoint that penetrates the E. coli cell wall. The cutting enzyme activity is located around the middle of the needle. Figure a is a stereo view of the surface of the assembly and Figure b is a cross section of the assembly on an atomic scale. The 100 Angstrom scale corresponds to one millionth of a cm."
Credit: Rossmann and coworkers of Purdue University, Arisaka and coworkers of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Mesyanzhinov and coworkers of the Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Moscow. Reprinted with the permission of Nature.

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