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Embargoed Until 1 p.m. Eastern Time
NSF PR 03-113 - October 7, 2003

Note About Images


Photo 1

metal droplet levitated inside the ESL

"Metal droplet levitated inside the Electrostatic Levitator (ESL). The ESL uses static electricity to suspend an object (about 2-3 mm in diameter) inside a vacuum chamber while a laser heats the sample until it melts. This lets scientists record a wide range of physical properties without the sample contacting the container or any instruments, conditions that would alter the readings. The Electrostatic Levitator is one of several tools used in NASA's microgravity materials science program."
Credit: NASA


Photo 2

wide view ESL

"The Electrostatic Levitator (ESL) Facility established at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) supports NASA's Microgravity Materials Science Research Program. NASA materials science investigations include ground-based, flight definition and flight projects. Flight definition projects, with demanding science concept review schedules, receive highest priority for scheduling experiment time in the Electrostatic Levitator (ESL) Facility."
Credit: NASA


Photo 3

samples of glass made by CRI

Samples of glass made by CRI without the use of containers. These samples were made as part of the development of REAl Glass materials.
Credit: Containerless Research, Inc.


Photo 4

CRI worker

CRI worker casting bulk REAl Glass ingots.
Credit: Containerless Research, Inc.


Photo 5

REAl Glass button and cylindrical

As-cast REAl Glass button and cylindrical ingot.
Credit: Zhiyong Tang, Oklahoma State University; NSF


Photo 6

REAl Glass rod

As-cast REAl Glass rod containing minute quantities of the rare earth element erbium.
Credit: Containerless Research, Inc.



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