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NSF PR 01-27 - April 11, 2001

Media contact:

 Dave Vannier

 (703) 292-8070

Program contact:

 Sonia Ortega

 (703) 292-5309

This material is available primarily for archival purposes. Telephone numbers or other contact information may be out of date; please see current contact information at media contacts.

New Wave of Graduate Students to Enrich K-12 Classrooms

A second wave of partnerships between universities and local K-12 school districts will form as graduate and advanced undergraduate students enter the classroom to teach their younger peers.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $30 million in 25 new grants under an innovative educational program enabling approximately 300 talented graduate and advanced undergraduate students in science, mathematics, engineering and technology to serve as teaching fellows in K-12 schools. The grants, from NSF's Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education (GK-12) program, will go to institutions in 19 states from Maine to California, as well as Puerto Rico.

"Researchers need to bring their expertise and enthusiasm out of the laboratory and into the classroom," says Rita Colwell, NSF director. "The GK-12 program creates partnerships across the academic community that benefit research and education at every level."

The second round of multi-year awards was made after reviewing 90 proposals from institutions nationwide. Planned as a pilot effort in 1999, the GK-12 program received positive responses from colleges and universities, as well as from elementary and secondary schools. These new awards will significantly expand the program nationwide.

"The GK-12 program has been a springboard for learning opportunities throughout San Diego County," says Nancy Taylor, director of the PISCES Project--established in the first wave of the awards. "Our elementary students want to know if their scientist is coming again today, our teachers are improving practice and gaining content knowledge, and our GK-12 fellows are becoming better communicators. Parents are especially enthusiastic about the science learning that their children are experiencing."

Under GK-12, institutions are responsible for recruiting the teaching fellows from their campus science, mathematics and engineering departments. Graduate students in the program receive annual stipends of $18,000, plus a cost-of-education allowance. Undergraduate students will receive as much as $5,000 per academic year, plus up to an additional $5,000 for service during the summer.


Attachment: List of Year 2000 GK-12 awards




Amount (est)

Project Leader (PI)


Arizona State University, Tempe

$1,397,825-3 yrs

B. Ramakrishna


San Francisco State Univ.

$1,500,000-3 yrs

John Stubbs


U of Northern Colorado, Greeley

$1,409,010-3 yrs

John Moore

Georgia (2)

GA Tech Res Corp-GIT

GA State U Res Fdn, Inc.

$1,496,635-3 yrs

$1,187,565-3 yrs

Donna Llewellyn

Barbara Baumstark

Illinois (2)

Illinois State University, Norman

Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

$1,343,560-3 yrs

$1,499,768-3 yrs

Cynthia Moore

Eric Jakobsson


Univ. of Southern Maine, Portland

$805,170-3 yrs

Samuel Duboise


Univ. of MD, College Park

$927,086-3 yrs

Ellen Williams


Harvard University

$1,140,000-3 yrs

John Hutchinson


Southwest Missouri State U

$961,721-3 yrs

Tamera Jahnke


Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln

$1,442,817-3 yrs

Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

New Jersey

Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick

$952,908-3 yrs

Jeffrey Kidder

New York (2)

SUNY Binghamton

Columbia University

$1,161,486-3 yrs

$1,434,272-3 yrs

Nancy Stamp

Jack McGourty

North Dakota

North Dakota State Univ. Fargo

$971,556-3 yrs

Dogan Comez


University of Akron

$1,169,324-3 yrs

Peter Niewiarowski

Oklahoma (2)

U of Oklahoma, Norman

U of Oklahoma, Norman

$1,490,010-3 yrs

$1,102,538-3 yrs

Anant Kukreti

Michael Mooney

Puerto Rico

U of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

$1,465,956-3 yrs

Juan Lopez-Garriga

South Carolina (2)

Clemson University

Univ. of SC, Columbia

$1,275,043-3 yrs

$1,099,192-3 yrs

John Leudeman

Jed Lyons


Baylor College of Medicine

$624,815-3 yrs

Nancy Moreno


Virginia Commonwealth Univ.

$1,499,999-3 yrs

William Haver


Univ. of Washington, Seattle

$1,476,702-3 yrs

Loyce Adams




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