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How do yellow barrels save lives?

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What are yellow barrels filled with?

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What research led to the yellow barrel's creation?

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Yellow barrels, those round, plastic devices usually seen at exit ramps on highways, freeways and tollways across the country,spaceabsorb energy and cushion the impact of crashes, save lives, lessen serious injuries and minimize property

Formally called "highway impact attenuation devices," the yellow barrels, which are filled with sand,spaceare the product of multiagency, federal government support, including $200,000 in NSF funding.

NSF grantees at Vanderbilt University conducted research intospaceenergy dissipationspace and into large deformation of tubular (barrel) structural systems. Then the Connecticut Department of Transportation added its research, including design criteria and hardware for energy absorption and dissipation, as well as results from the direct crashing of vehicles.

Along with helping to saves lives, the yellow barrels are credited with saving an estimated $400 million annually in property damage and medical expenses.

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