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National Medal of Science — Letters of Support

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Letter writers will enter their letters of support through the NSF Fastlane Honorary Awards portal at The three letters writers you entered in the nomination portal will receive an auto-generated email invitation, but if you have an additional letter you will want to direct them to the honorary awards portal to submit their letter. Alternatively, the additional letter writers may send their letters electronically, in PDF format, to the project manager at Letter writers may submit their of support at any time before the deadline (May 20, 2022).

Letter writers

If you are a new user to the Honorary Awards FastLane system, you will need to register before logging in. Once you are logged into the system, select the tab to “Prepare a New Letter of Support.”

There are two sections to completing the letter of support.

  • In the first section, Nominee Information, you will be asked to enter the following:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Major Discipline (drop down menu)
    • Organization

  • In second section, you will upload your letter of support. Before uploading your letter of support, save it as a PDF. Letters of support are limited to two pages.

Please confirm that you are entering the nominee’s name the same way as the nominator (i.e., James vs Jim), use the same major discipline, and organization name. This will enable your letter of support to link automatically to the nomination. After completing each section, press save and continue. When you reach the submit section, select submit then you will be asked to confirm your submission. Be sure to click through both steps to complete the process.


For additional information, please e-mail