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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Brodie, Bernard B. National Institutes of Health Biological Sciences 1968   Y
Bromley, David Allan Yale University Physical Sciences 1988   Y
Bronk, Detlev W. Rockefeller University Biological Sciences 1968   Y
Brown, Herbert C. Purdue University Physical Sciences 1969 Chemistry, 1979 Y
Buchsbaum, Solomon J. Bell Telephone Laboratories Physical Sciences 1986   Y
Burris, Robert H. University of Wisconsin Biological Sciences 1979   Y
Burton, Glenn W. U.S. Department of Agriculture Biological Sciences 1982   Y
Bush, Vannevar Carnegie Institution of Washington Engineering 1963   Y
Calderon, Alberto P. University of Chicago Mathematics and Computer Science 1991   Y
Calvin, Melvin University of California, Berkeley Chemistry 1989 Chemistry, 1961 Y
Carrier, George F. Harvard University Mathematics and Computer Science 1990   Y
Chance, Britton University of Pennsylvania Biological Sciences 1974   Y
Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan University of Chicago Physical Sciences 1966 Physics, 1983 Y
Chargaff, Erwin Columbia University Biological Sciences 1974   Y
Chern, Shiing-shen University of California, Berkeley Mathematics and Computer Science 1975   Y
Cocke, John IBM T. J. Watson Research Center Mathematics and Computer Science 1994   Y
Cohen, Paul J. Stanford University Mathematics and Computer Science 1967   Y
Cohen, Morris Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering 1976   Y
Cohn, Mildred University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Biological Sciences 1982   Y
Cole, Kenneth S. National Institutes of Health Biological Sciences 1967   Y
Cormack, Allan M. Tufts University Physical Sciences 1990 Physiology or Medicine, 1979 Y
Cotton, F. Albert Texas A&M University Chemistry 1982   Y
Cram, Donald J University of California, Los Angeles Chemistry 1993 Chemistry, 1987 Y
Crane, Horace R. University of Michigan Physical Sciences 1986   Y
Crosby, Elizabeth C. University of Michigan Biological Sciences 1979   Y
Dantzig, George B. Stanford University Mathematics and Computer Science 1975   Y
Davidson, Norman California Institute of Technology Chemistry 1996   Y
Davis, Hallowell Washington University Biological Sciences 1975   Y
Davis, Raymond Brookhaven National Laboratory Physical Sciences 2001 Physics, 2002 Y
Debakey, Michael E. Baylor College of Medicine Biological Sciences 1987   Y
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