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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Whitcomb, Richard T. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Engineering 1973   Y
Whinnery, John Roy University of California, Berkeley Engineering 1992   Y
Wheeler, John A. Princeton University Physical Sciences 1970   Y
Wetherill, George W. Carnegie Institution of Washington Physical Sciences 1997   Y
Westheimer, Frank H. Harvard University Chemistry 1986   Y
Weisskopf, Victor F. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physical Sciences 1979   Y
Weiss, Paul A. Rockefeller University Biological Sciences 1979   Y
Weinberg, Steven University of Texas at Austin Physical Sciences 1991 Physics, 1979 Y
Weinberg, Robert A. Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 1997   N
Weinbaum, Sheldon The City College of New York Biological Sciences 2023   N
Weber, Ernst Polytechnic Institute of New York Engineering 1987   Y
Watson, James D. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Biological Sciences 1997 Physiology or Medicine, 1962 N
Washington, Warren National Center for Atmospheric Research Physical Sciences 2009   N
Waelsch, Salome G. Albert Einstein College of Medicine Biological Sciences 1993   Y
Von Karman, Theodore California Institute of Technology Engineering 1962   Y
Von Braun, Wernher National Aeronautics and Space Administration Engineering 1975   Y
Vogel, Orville Alvin Washington State University Biological Sciences 1975   Y
Viterbi, Andrew J. University of Southern California Mathematics and Computer Science 2007   N
Venter, J. Craig J. Craig Venter Institute Biological Sciences 2008   N
Varmus, Harold Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Biological Sciences 2001 Physiology or Medicine, 1989 N
Varadhan, Srinivasa S.R. New York University; Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Mathematics and Computer Science 2010   N
Van Vleck, John H. Harvard University Physical Sciences 1966 Physics, 1977 Y
Van Slyke, Donald D. Brookhaven National Laboratory Biological Sciences 1965   Y
Van Niel, Cornelius Barnardus Stanford University Biological Sciences 1963   Y
Van Allen, James A. University of Iowa Physical Sciences 1987   Y
Urey, Harold C. University of California, San Diego Physical Sciences 1964 Physics, 1934 Y
Uhlenbeck, Karen K. University of Texas at Austin Mathematics and Computer Science 2000   N
Uhlenbeck, George E. Rockefeller University Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Tukey, John Wilder Princeton University Mathematics and Computer Science 1973   Y
Trump, John G. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering 1983   Y
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