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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Pound, Robert V. Harvard University Physical Sciences 1990   Y
Press, Frank National Academy of Sciences Physical Sciences 1994   N
Purcell, Edward M. Harvard University Physical Sciences 1979 Physics, 1952 Y
Quate, Calvin F. Stanford University Engineering 1992   Y
Racker, Efraim Cornell University Biological Sciences 1976   Y
Ramo, Simon TRW Inc. Engineering 1979   Y
Ramsey, Norman F. Harvard University Physical Sciences 1988 Physics, 1989 Y
Rao, Calyampudi R. Pennsylvania State University Mathematics and Computer Science 2001   N
Raven, Peter H. Missouri Botanical Garden and Washington University Biological Sciences 2000   N
Reines, Frederick University of California, Irvine Physical Sciences 1983   Y
Revelle, Roger R. D. Harvard University; University of California, San Diego Physical Sciences 1990   Y
Rice, Stuart A. University of Chicago Chemistry 1999   N
Rich, Alexander Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 1995   N
Roberts, John D. California Institute of Technology Chemistry 1990   Y
Roelofs, Wendell L. Cornell University Biological Sciences 1983   N
Rose, William C. University of Illinois Biological Sciences 1966   Y
Rosenbluth, Marshall N. University of California, San Diego Physical Sciences 1997   Y
Ross, John Stanford University Chemistry 1999   Y
Rossi, Bruno B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physical Sciences 1983   Y
Rossini, Frederick D. Rice University Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Rous, Francis P. Rockefeller University Biological Sciences 1965   Y
Rowley, Janet D. University of Chicago Biological Sciences 1998   Y
Rubey, William W. University of California, Los Angeles Physical Sciences 1965   Y
Rubin, Vera C Carnegie Institution of Washington Physical Sciences 1993   Y
Ruckenstein, Eli State University of New York at Buffalo Engineering 1998   Y
Sabin, Albert B. Weizmann Institute of Science Biological Sciences 1970   Y
Samuelson, Paul A. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Behavioral and Social Science 1996 Economics, 1970 Y
Sandage, Allan R. Carnegie Institution of Washington Physical Sciences 1970   Y
Sarett, Lewis H. Merck & Co. Physical Sciences 1975   Y
Scharrer, Berta Albert Einstein College of Medicine Biological Sciences 1983   Y
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