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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Langer, Robert S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering 2006 2011   N
Achenbach, Jan D. Northwestern University Engineering 2005 2003   Y
Holonyak, Jr., Nick University of Illinois Engineering 1990 2002   Y
Djerassi, Carl Stanford University Physical Sciences 1973 1991   Y
Kilby, Jack St. Clair Texas Instruments Engineering 1969 1990 Physics, 2000 Y
Boyer, Herbert W. University of California, San Francisco Biological Sciences 1990 1989   N
Cohen, Stanley N. Stanford University Biological Sciences 1988 1989   N
Beckman, Arnold O. California Institute of Technology Physical Sciences 1989 1988   Y
Edgerton, Harold E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering 1973 1988   Y
Johnson, Clarence L. Lockheed Corporation Engineering 1965 1988   Y
Lauterbur, Paul C. University of Illinois Physical Sciences 1987 1988 Physiology or Medicine, 2003 Y
Noyce, Robert N. Intel Corporation Engineering 1979 1987   Y
Abelson, Philip H. American Association for the Advancement of Science Physical Sciences 1987   Y
Acrivos, Andreas City College of the City University of New York Engineering 2001   N
Adams, Roger University of Illinois Chemistry 1964   Y
Alvarez, Luis W. University of California, Berkeley Physical Sciences 1963 Physics, 1968 Y
Ames, Bruce N. University of California, Berkeley Biological Sciences 1998   N
Ammann, Othmar H. Ammann & Whitney Engineering 1964   Y
Anastasi, Anne Fordham University Behavioral and Social Science 1987   Y
Anderson, Don L. California Institute of Technology Physical Sciences 1998   Y
Anderson, Philip W. Bell Telephone Laboratories Physical Sciences 1982 Physics, 1977 N
Andreasen, Nancy C. University of Iowa College of Medicine Biological Sciences 2000   N
Arnon, Daniel I. University of California, Berkeley Biological Sciences 1973   Y
Avery, Mary Ellen Harvard Medical School Biological Sciences 1991   Y
Ayala, Francisco J. University of California, Irvine Biological Sciences 2001   Y
Bachrach, Howard L. U.S. Department of Agriculture Biological Sciences 1983   Y
Backus, John W. IBM San Jose Research Lab Mathematics and Computer Science 1975   Y
Bahcall, John N. Institute for Advanced Study Physical Sciences 1998   Y
Baker, William O. AT&T Bell Laboratories Chemistry 1988   Y
Baldeschwieler, John D. California Institute of Technology Chemistry 2000   N
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