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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Kates, Robert W. Brown University Biological Sciences 1991   Y
Katz, Donald L. University of Michigan Engineering 1982   Y
Keeling, Charles D. Scripps Institution of Oceanography; University of California, San Diego Physical Sciences 2001   Y
Keller, Joseph B. Stanford University Mathematics and Computer Sciences 1988   Y
Khorana, Har Gobind Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 1987 Physiology or Medicine, 1968 Y
Kilby, Jack St. Clair Texas Instruments Engineering 1969 1990 Physics, 2000 Y
King, Mary-Claire University of Washington Biological Sciences 2014   N
Kistiakowsky, George B. Harvard University Physical Sciences 1967   Y
Kleene, Stephen C. University of Wisconsin Mathematics and Computer Science 1990   Y
Kleinrock, Leonard University of California, Los Angeles Mathematics and Computer Science 2007   N
Kleppner, Daniel Massachusetts Institute of Technology Physical Sciences 2006   N
Klinman, Judith P. University of California, Berkeley Chemistry 2012   N
Knipling, Edward F. U.S. Department of Agriculture Biological Sciences 1966   Y
Knuth, Donald E. Stanford University Mathematics and Computer Science 1979   N
Kohn, Walter University of California, Santa Barbara Physical Sciences 1988 Chemistry, 1998 Y
Kompfner, Rudolf Stanford University Engineering 1974   Y
Kornberg, Arthur Stanford University School of Medicine Biological Sciences 1979 Physiology or Medicine, 1959 Y
Koshland, Jr., Daniel E. University of California, Berkeley Biological Sciences 1990   Y
Kruskal, Martin D. Rutgers University Mathematics and Computer Science 1993   Y
Lamb, Jr., Willis E. University of Arizona Physical Sciences 2000 Physics, 1955 Y
Land, Edwin H. Polaroid Corporation Engineering 1967   Y
Landsberg, Helmut E. University of Maryland Physical Sciences 1983   Y
Langer, Robert S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering 2006 2011   N
Lauterbur, Paul C. University of Illinois Physical Sciences 1987 1988 Physiology or Medicine, 2003 Y
Lax, Peter D. New York University Mathematics and Computer Science 1986   N
Leder, Philip Harvard Medical School Biological Sciences 1989   Y
Lederberg, Joshua Rockefeller University Biological Sciences 1989 Physiology or Medicine, 1958 Y
Lederman, Leon M. Columbia University Physical Sciences 1965 Physics, 1988 Y
Lee, Yuan Tseh University of California, Berkeley Chemistry 1986 Chemistry, 1986 N
Lefkowitz, Robert J. Duke University Medical Center; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biological Sciences 2007 Chemistry, 2012 N
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