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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Wood, Harland G. Case Western Reserve University Biological Sciences 1989   Y
Grier, Herbert E. CER Corporation Engineering 1989   Y
Aharonov, Yakir Chapman University Physical Sciences 2009   N
Acrivos, Andreas City College of the City University of New York Engineering 2001   N
Sullivan, Dennis P. City University of New York Graduate Center Mathematics and Computer Science 2004   N
Watson, James D. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Biological Sciences 1997 Physiology or Medicine, 1962 N
Breslow, Ronald Columbia University Chemistry 1991   Y
Chargaff, Erwin Columbia University Biological Sciences 1974   Y
Hammett, Louis P. Columbia University Physical Sciences 1967   Y
Kabat, Elvin A. Columbia University Biological Sciences 1991   Y
Kandel, Eric R. Columbia University Biological Sciences 1988 Physiology or Medicine, 2000 N
Lederman, Leon M. Columbia University Physical Sciences 1965 Physics, 1988 Y
Merton, Robert K. Columbia University Behavioral and Social Science 1994   Y
Mindlin, Raymond D. Columbia University Engineering 1979   Y
Stork, Gilbert Columbia University Chemistry 1982   Y
Wu, Chien-Shiung Columbia University Physical Sciences 1975   Y
Solomon, Sean C. Columbia University Physical Sciences 2012   N
Bethe, Hans A. Cornell University Physical Sciences 1975 Physics, 1967 Y
Debye, Peter J. W. Cornell University Physical Sciences 1965 Chemistry, 1936 Y
Eisner, Thomas Cornell University Biological Sciences 1994   Y
Gibson, Eleanor J. Cornell University Behavioral and Social Science 1992   Y
Hoffmann, Roald Cornell University Chemistry 1983 Chemistry, 1981 N
Racker, Efraim Cornell University Biological Sciences 1976   Y
Roelofs, Wendell L. Cornell University Biological Sciences 1983   N
Meinwald, Jerrold Cornell University Chemistry 2012   Y
Garwin, Richard L. Council on Foreign Relations Physical Sciences 2002   N
Stockmayer, Walter H. Dartmouth College Chemistry 1987   Y
Lefkowitz, Robert J. Duke University Medical Center; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biological Sciences 2007 Chemistry, 2012 N
Simmons, Jr., Howard E. E. I. du Pont de Nemours Chemistry 1992   Y
Sinfelt, John H. ESSO Research and Engineering Company Physical Sciences 1979   Y
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