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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Goldmark, Peter C. Goldmark Communications Corp. Engineering 1976   Y
Goudsmit, Samuel A. University of Nevada Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Guillemin, Roger C.L. Salk Institute of Biological Studies Biological Sciences 1976 Physiology or Medicine, 1977 N
Gutowsky, Herbert S. University of Illinois Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Mueller, Erwin W. Pennsylvania State University Engineering 1976   Y
Porter, Keith Roberts University of Colorado Biological Sciences 1976   Y
Racker, Efraim Cornell University Biological Sciences 1976   Y
Rossini, Frederick D. Rice University Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Suomi, Verner E. University of Wisconsin Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Taube, Henry Stanford University Physical Sciences 1976 Chemistry, 1983 Y
Uhlenbeck, George E. Rockefeller University Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Whitney, Hassler Institute for Advanced Study Mathematics and Computer Science 1976   Y
Wilson, Edward O. Harvard University Biological Sciences 1976   Y
Burris, Robert H. University of Wisconsin Biological Sciences 1979   Y
Crosby, Elizabeth C. University of Michigan Biological Sciences 1979   Y
Doob, Joseph L. University of Illinois Mathematics and Computer Science 1979   Y
Feynman, Richard P. California Institute of Technology Physical Sciences 1979 Physics, 1965 Y
Knuth, Donald E. Stanford University Mathematics and Computer Science 1979   N
Kornberg, Arthur Stanford University School of Medicine Biological Sciences 1979 Physiology or Medicine, 1959 Y
Leith, Emmett N. University of Michigan Engineering 1979   Y
Mark, Herman F. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Physical Sciences 1979   Y
Mindlin, Raymond D. Columbia University Engineering 1979   Y
Noyce, Robert N. Intel Corporation Engineering 1979 1987   Y
Ochoa, Severo New York University Biological Sciences 1979 Physiology or Medicine, 1959 Y
Parker, Earl R. University of California, Berkeley Engineering 1979   Y
Purcell, Edward M. Harvard University Physical Sciences 1979 Physics, 1952 Y
Ramo, Simon TRW Inc. Engineering 1979   Y
Sinfelt, John H. ESSO Research and Engineering Company Physical Sciences 1979   Y
Spitzer, Jr, Lyman Princeton University Physical Sciences 1979   Y
Stadtman, Earl Reece National Institutes of Health Biological Sciences 1979   Y
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