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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Merton, Robert K. Columbia University Behavioral and Social Science 1994   Y
Meinwald, Jerrold Cornell University Chemistry 2012   Y
McMillan, Edwin M. University of California, Berkeley Physical Sciences 1990 Chemistry, 1951 Y
McKusick, Victor A. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Biological Sciences 2001   Y
McConnell, Harden M. Stanford University Chemistry 1989   Y
McClintock, Barbara Carnegie Institution of Washington Biological Sciences 1970 Physiology or Medicine, 1983 Y
McCarthy, John Stanford University Mathematics and Computer Science 1990   Y
Mazur, Barry Harvard University Mathematics and Computer Science 2011   N
Mayr, Ernst Harvard University Biological Sciences 1969   Y
Marvel, Carl S. University of Arizona Chemistry 1986   Y
Marks, Tobin J. Northwestern University Chemistry 2005   N
Marks, Paul A. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Biological Sciences 1991   Y
Mark, Herman F. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Physical Sciences 1979   Y
Margulis, Lynn University of Massachusetts Biological Sciences 1999   Y
Marder, Eve Brandeis University Biological Sciences 2023   N
Marcus, Rudolph A. California Institute of Technology Chemistry 1989 Chemistry, 1992 N
MacLane, Saunders University of Chicago Mathematics and Computer Science 1989   Y
Lush, Jay L. Iowa State University Biological Sciences 1968   Y
Luria, Salvador E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 1991 Physiology or Medicine, 1969 Y
Luce, R. Duncan University of California, Irvine Behavioral and Social Science 2003   Y
Low, George M. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Engineering 1983   Y
Lippard, Stephen J. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry 2004   N
Lipmann, Fritz A. Rockefeller University Biological Sciences 1966 Physiology or Medicine, 1953 Y
Lindquist, Susan Lee Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 2009   Y
Lin, T. Y. T Y Lin International Engineering 1986   Y
Likens, Gene E. Institute of Ecosystem Studies Biological Sciences 2001   N
Lightfoot, Edwin N. University of Wisconsin, Madison Engineering 2004   Y
Liepmann, Hans Wolfgang California Institute of Technology Engineering 1986   Y
Lewis, Warren K. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering 1965   Y
Lewis, Edward B. California Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 1990   Y
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