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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Overhauser, Albert W. Purdue University Physical Sciences 1994   Y
Ostriker, Jeremiah P. Princeton University Physical Sciences 2000   N
Onsager, Lars Yale University Physical Sciences 1968 Chemistry, 1968 Y
Oliver, Bernard M. National Aeronautics and Space Administration Engineering 1986   Y
Ochoa, Severo New York University Biological Sciences 1979 Physiology or Medicine, 1959 Y
O'Malley, Bert W. Baylor College of Medicine Biological Sciences 2007   N
Noyce, Robert N. Intel Corporation Engineering 1979 1987   Y
Nirenberg, Marshall W. National Institutes of Health Biological Sciences 1964 Physiology or Medicine, 1968 Y
Nirenberg, Louis New York University Mathematics and Computer Sciences 1995   Y
Neyman, Jerzy University of California, Berkeley Mathematics and Computer Science 1968   Y
Newmark, Nathan M. University of Illinois Engineering 1968   Y
Newell, Allen Carnegie Mellon University Mathematics and Computer Science 1992   Y
Neufeld, Elizabeth F. UCLA School of Medicine Biological Sciences 1994   N
Neel, James Van Gundia University of Michigan Medical School Biological Sciences 1974   Y
Nathans, Daniel Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Biological Sciences 1993 Physiology or Medicine, 1978 Y
Nathan, David G Harvard Medical School Biological Sciences 1990   N
Nambu, Yoichiro University of Chicago Physical Sciences 1982   Y
Munk, Walter H. University of California, San Diego Physical Sciences 1983   Y
Mumford, David Brown University Mathematics and Computer Science 2009   N
Mueller, George E. General Dynamics Corp. Engineering 1970   Y
Mueller, Erwin W. Pennsylvania State University Engineering 1976   Y
Mountcastle, Vernon B. Johns Hopkins University Biological Sciences 1986   Y
Morse, H. Marston Institute for Advanced Study Mathematics and Computer Science 1964   Y
Morgan, W. Jason Princeton University Physical Sciences 2002   N
Morawetz, Cathleen Synge New York University; Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Mathematics and Computer Sciences 1998   Y
Mishkin, Mortimer National Institutes of Health Behavioral and Social Science 2009   Y
Mindlin, Raymond D. Columbia University Engineering 1979   Y
Milnor, John W. Princeton University Mathematics and Computer Science 1966   N
Miller, Neal Elgar Yale University Behavioral and Social Science 1964   Y
Miller, George A. Princeton University Behavioral and Social Science 1991   Y
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