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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Searched for Year: 2009
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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Aharonov, Yakir Chapman University Physical Sciences 2009   N
Benkovic, Stephen J. Pennsylvania State University Chemistry 2009   N
Conwell, Esther M. University of Rochester Physical Sciences 2009   Y
Fox, Marye Anne University of California, San Diego Chemistry 2009   N
Lindquist, Susan Lee Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 2009   N
Mishkin, Mortimer National Institutes of Health Behavioral and Social Science 2009   N
Mumford, David Brown University Mathematics and Computer Science 2009   N
Prusiner, Stanley University of California, San Francisco Biological Sciences 2009   N
Washington, Warren National Center for Atmospheric Research Physical Sciences 2009   N
Yariv, Amnon California Institute of Technology Engineering 2009   N