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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Henderson, Donald A. Johns Hopkins University Biological Sciences 1986   N
Mishkin, Mortimer National Institutes of Health Behavioral and Social Science 2009   N
Prusiner, Stanley University of California, San Francisco Biological Sciences 2009   N
Aharonov, Yakir Chapman University Physical Sciences 2009   N
Karle, Isabella L. Naval Research Laboratory Chemistry 1995   N
Kadanoff, Leo P. University of Chicago Physical Sciences 1999   N
Benkovic, Stephen J. Pennsylvania State University Chemistry 2009   N
Kandel, Eric R. Columbia University Biological Sciences 1988 Physiology or Medicine, 2000 N
Stubbe, JoAnne Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry 2008   N
Posner, Michael I. University of Oregon Behavioral and Social Science 2008   N
Karp, Richard M. University of Washington Mathematics and Computer Science 1996   N
Venter, J. Craig J. Craig Venter Institute Biological Sciences 2008   N
Kates, Robert W. Brown University Biological Sciences 1991   N
Fuchs, Elaine Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Rockefeller University Biological Sciences 2008   N
Fowler, Joanna S. Brookhaven National Laboratory Chemistry 2008   N
Kálmán, Rudolf E. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Engineering 2008   N
Gunn, James E. Princeton University Physical Sciences 2008   N
O'Malley, Bert W. Baylor College of Medicine Biological Sciences 2007   N
Lefkowitz, Robert J. Duke University Medical Center; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Biological Sciences 2007 Chemistry, 2012 N
Collins, Francis S. National Institutes of Health Biological Sciences 2008   N
Alder, Berni University of California, Davis; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Physical Sciences 2008   N
Yanofsky, Charles Stanford University Biological Sciences 2003   N
Wineland, David J. National Institute of Standards and Technology Engineering 2007 Physics, 2012 N
Snyder, Solomon H. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Biological Sciences 2003   N
Langer, Robert S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering 2006 2011   N
Stryer, Lubert Stanford University Biological Sciences 2006   N
Prausnitz, John M. University of California, Berkeley Engineering 2003   N
Viterbi, Andrew J. University of Southern California Mathematics and Computer Science 2007   N
Giacconi, Riccardo Johns Hopkins University Physical Sciences 2003 Physics, 2002 N
Kleinrock, Leonard University of California, Los Angeles Mathematics and Computer Science 2007   N
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