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The President's National Medal of Science: Recipient Search Results

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Name Affiliation Discipline Award Year Medal of Technology Recipient Nobel Prize Year Deceased
Hackerman, Norman The Robert A. Welch Foundation Chemistry 1993   Y
Axelrod, Robert University of Michigan Behavioral and Social Science 2012   N
Haensel, Vladimir Universal Oil Products Co. Physical Sciences 1973   Y
Alberts, Bruce University of California, San Francisco Biological Sciences 2012   N
Hamburger, Viktor Washington University Biological Sciences 1989   Y
Hammett, Louis P. Columbia University Physical Sciences 1967   Y
Hammond, George S. Allied-Signal Corp. Chemistry 1994   Y
Golomb, Solomon W. University of Southern California Mathematics and Computer Science 2011   N
Handler, Philip National Academy of Sciences Biological Sciences 1981   Y
Gates, Jr., Sylvester James University of Maryland Physical Sciences 2011   N
Harlow, Harry F. University of Wisconsin Biological Sciences 1967   Y
Gomory, Ralph E. IBM Corporation Mathematics and Computer Science 1988   N
Faber, Sandra M. University of California, Santa Cruz Physical Sciences 2011   N
Goudsmit, Samuel A. University of Nevada Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Drell, Sidney D. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; Stanford University Physical Sciences 2011   N
Gray, Harry California Institute of Technology Chemistry 1986   N
Chisholm, Sallie W. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 2011   N
Graybiel, Ann M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Biological Sciences 2001   N
Bard, Allen J. The University of Texas at Austin Chemistry 2011   N
Treisman, Anne Princeton University Behavioral and Social Science 2011   N
Grier, Herbert E. CER Corporation Engineering 1989   Y
Shapiro, Lucy Stanford University Biological Sciences 2011   N
Gutowsky, Herbert S. University of Illinois Physical Sciences 1976   Y
Mazur, Barry Harvard University Mathematics and Computer Science 2011   N
Gyorgy, Paul University of Pennsylvania Biological Sciences 1975   Y
Hood, Leroy Institute for Systems Biology Biological Sciences 2011   N
Tapia, Richard A. Rice University Mathematics and Computer Science 2010   N
Hirschmann, Ralph F. University of Pennsylvania Chemistry 2000   Y
Varadhan, Srinivasa S.R. New York University; Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Mathematics and Computer Science 2010   N
Hirschfelder, Joseph O. University of Wisconsin Physical Sciences 1975   Y
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