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Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)

Each Federal agency that establishes advisory committees must adhere to the requirements established by the FACA, as well as those administrative and interpretive guidelines and management controls provided by the U.S. General Services Adminstration's (GSA) Committee Management Secretariat. GSA has had the responsibility for overseeing the FACA since 1977.

Through enactment of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) of 1972 (Public Law 92-463), the U.S. Congress formally recognized committees and other groups as a useful and beneficial means of seeking outside expert advice, ideas, and opinions. At the same time, the Congress also sought to assure that advisory committees within the executive branch are established, operated, and terminated in accord with the general procedures provided by the Act and GSA.

For more information on the requirements of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, you may contact the General Services Administration's (GSA) Committee Management Secretariat or by calling (202) 273-3556.

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