NSF AAAS Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellows


Rebecca Callahan  

Dr. Rebecca Callahan
Office of the Director
Office of Legislative & Public Affairs
Class of 2019-2020

Rebecca Callahan is a chemist turned neuroscientist born and raised in rural Illinois. Eager to understand the world from a molecular vantage point she obtained her Ph.D. in materials chemistry from the University of Colorado. During her graduate studies she measured how quickly electrons could move within and between materials to assess their potential use in solar energy capture. This work was directly funded by NSF through the Graduate Research Fellowship Program. (Thanks, NSF!)

After graduate school and brief stint working at Boeing, Rebecca was seduced away from the central science by the enticing complexity of the brain. In her postdoctoral studies at Washington University she studied larval zebrafish (which she says have the indisputably cutest eye-to-body size proportions.) There she worked to uncover the intricate ways neurons in the spinal cord communicate to coordinate body movements. Her lifelong love of science has evolved into a desire to support scientific research from outside the lab. She’s excited to join the OLPA team and help bolster congressional enthusiasm for the cutting-edge science that NSF supports!



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