NSF AAAS Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellows


T. Simin Hall  

Dr. T. Simin Hall
Directorate for Engineering
Division of Engineering Education and Centers
Class of 2019-2020

Simin brings to her AAAS Science & Technology fellowship in the division of Engineering Education and Centers a background in (a) teaching STEM (mechanical and nuclear engineering, mathematics, statistics, and research methodology courses), (b) industry in the field of nuclear power generation, (c) research on distributed networks, (d) research, evaluation and assessment in STEM education, and (e) consulting in medical education and diversity and inclusion training.  Her industry experience includes working at Westinghouse and Babcock and Wilcox (Areva) conducting structural analysis on various components of the nuclear power plants. Her academic experience includes research and teaching in the Mechanical Engineering department at Virginia Tech (VT) where in addition to designing and implementing online courses in thermodynamics based on problem-based pedagogy, she helped implement (designed and taught) nuclear engineering graduate certificate program with multi-year curriculum grants from Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  These courses followed the principles of andragogy and were informed by students’ epistemic beliefs. Following a contract with the Sensors Directorate at the Wright Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory, she conducted research in modeling, simulations, and analysis technologies for Software Protection and Information Assurance for the Department of Defense which led to a faculty Fellowship at the AFRL Wright Patt base. 

She has served as a Co-PI on numerous NSF funded projects (i.e., TUES, IUSE) at VT and supported evaluation and dissemination activities involving developing the infrastructure and interactive technologies in addition to assessment of program outcome and students learning. She has served as a consultant on numerous diversity and inclusion initiatives including Wake Forest University School of Medicine.  Her interest in policy making started with her involvement in promoting equity in education and advocacy in building neighborhood schools at the local and state level in North Carolina. In addition, she has been involved in numerous STEM outreach activities at the county and state level. Her vision for this Fellowship includes infusion of mindfulness approaches in work places to nurture lifelong learning and wellbeing. 



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