NSF AAAS Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellows


Ibrahim Mohedas  

Dr. Ibrahim Mohedas
Office of the Director
Office of Integrative Activities
Class of 2019-2020

Ibrahim Mohedas is a 2 AAAS S&TP Fellow working in the Convergence Accelerator within the Office of Integrative Activities. He received an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin before completing a PhD at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His PhD research involved understanding how engineering designers can use research techniques from anthropology (such as ethnography) to better understand stakeholders and, therefore, design easier to use, more effective products. Ibrahim studied this from both a designer perspective (utilizing ethnography to design medical devices for rural Ethiopia) and from an education perspective (studying engineering students as they engaged with stakeholders during design). As a post-doctoral fellow, Ibrahim pursued the commercialization and development of an assistive medical device he designed during his PhD obtaining funding to execute pre-clinical and clinical trials as well as business plan development. He is deeply interested in the process by which novel research translates to product development and how this process can be accelerated and fostered.



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