NSF AAAS Science and Technology Policy (STP) Fellows


Andrea Stathopoulos  

Dr. Andrea Stathopoulos
Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Office of the Assistant Director
Class of 2019-2020

Andrea Stathopoulos is a neuroscientist and 2019-2020 AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow hosted in the Office of the Assistant Director (OAD) in the Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS). Before coming to the DC area, Andrea was a visiting professor of physiology at Wittenberg University where she taught Biology and advised students on behavioral research in rodents. She received her PhD from Florida State University where she collaborated with mathematical modelers on how the brain regulates female reproductive hormones. While there, she also was instrumental in the revival of the Graduate Women in Science organization and participated often in STEM outreach in the community.

Andrea has always had interdisciplinary interests, concentrating in neuroscience while an undergraduate at DePauw University before it was an established major. Her big science policy dreams are to see more women in science, as both researchers and subjects, and to improve public science literacy. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering and taking dance classes.



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