Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)

EPSCoR Archives


  • In alignment with legislative and study recommendations EPSCoR re-examined its eligibility methodology to ensure that it is simple, transparent, fair, and stable. We engaged with the EPSCoR community and stakeholders through a variety of ways to ensure that all concerns were addressed and to get feedback to help develop a more robust eligibility model. To kick off this community engagement on eligibility, EPSCoR hosted an informational webinar and Q&A session on Thursday, March 14. Slides from the webinar can be viewed here.
  • EPSCoR held a regional outreach meeting, "All About Research Center Programs," in Mobile, AL in April. The event provided extensive information about the various NSF Center programs and was intended to help pave the way for EPSCoR researchers to take the next steps in leveraging their current funding and research to create a culture of sustainability and move onto the next big project. EPSCoR is currently looking to host more of these types of regional outreach meetings and is soliciting community feedback on the next topic and location. Please send suggestions to
  • The RII Track-1 webinar slides for the FY20 competition are now available.
  • EPSCoR held its annual PI meeting on May 16-17, 2019. Over 120 participants representing all NSF EPSCoR jurisdictions attended, 25% of whom were representatives of RII Track-2 and RII Track-4 awards.
  • The 26th NSF EPSCoR National Conference, was held in Columbia, SC, from October 27-30, 2019. The theme of the conference was Science and partnerships across disciplinary boundaries and ~400 faculty, staff, students and postdoctoral scholars from all EPSCoR RII Tracks as well as interested stakeholders attended.