NSF EPSCoR Project Directors' and Project Administrators' Meeting

May 15-16, 2017

Holiday Inn, Arlington at Ballston


Monday, May 15

Meeting Overview

Denise Barnes, NSF EPSCoR Head

Welcome France Cordova, NSF Director
Understanding the Rules of Life: Predicting Phenotype Jim Olds, NSF/BIO Assistant Director
Harnessing the Data Revolution Jim Kurose, NSF/CISE Assistant Director
Growing Convergence Research at NSF Suzi Iacono, OIA Head
FY 2017 Policy Update Jean Feldman, NSF Policy Office Head

FY 2017 Budget Update

Beth Blue, NSF/BFA

Tips on EPSCoR Budget Preparations

Irene Sattler, NSF/BFA

Team Science Competencies Pips Veazey, AK EPSCoR
CMMI Outreach Strategy and Activities Brigid Mullany, NSF/ENG
Promoting a Culture of Sustainability Denise Barnes, NSF EPSCoR Head
RII Sustainability: Leveraging NSF's Research, Technology, and Innovation Programs Raffaella Montelli, NSF EPSCoR
Training for Students, Post-docs, and Early Career Researchers Engaged in Interdisciplinary Team Science Sue Weiler, NSF EPSCoR
Tuesday, May 16  

EPSCoR Update

Denise Barnes, NSF EPSCoR Head

RII Track-1 Program Update

Sean Kennan, NSF EPSCoR PO

RII Track-4 Program Update

Tim VanReken, NSF EPSCoR PO

RII Track-2 Program Update and Site Visit Discussion

Raffaella Montelli & Uma Venkateswaran, NSF EPSCoR

Early Career Workshop Opportunities: Discussion Session

Sue Weiler, NSF EPSCoR

National Conference Update

Ray Callaway, MT EPSCoR