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Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Project Director Award Amount
Project Title
0116544 Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia Didier $94,119
Acquistion of Digital Imaging Instrumentation for Light Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy š
0116039 Agnes Scott College Bowling $133,222
Development of an Eyesafe Micropulse Lidar at Agnes Scott College for Atmospheric Science Research
0116041 Akron, U of Youngs $204,500
Acquisition of CCD Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer
0116098 Alabama, U of - Birmingham Camata $146,642
Development of a multi-purpose laser deposition facility for research and education in nanostructured materials
0116467 Alabama, U of - Birmingham Gamlin $451,000
Acquisition of a High-field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) System for Neuroscience Research
0115760 Alabama, U of - Tuscaloosa Timkovich $342,930
Acquisition of Digitally-Enhanced NMR Data Systems
0115882 Alaska Pacific U Scheel $99,388
Development of an autonomous underwater vehicle for behavioral studies of octopus and other marine animals by video technique
0116871 Alfred U Fan $361,372
Acquisition of Materials Testing Systems for Multiple Usage Including Multi-Axial Fatigue Analysis
0116100 Allegheny College Murphree $188,000
Acquisition of a 300 MHz FT-NMR for Undergraduate Research and Training
0115831 Anderson U Perrine $45,000
Undergraduate Research in Genetics & Cell biology
0116095 Angelo State U Sauncy $112,656
Acquisition of Instrumentation to Establish an Optical and Electrical Materials Characterization Facility for Undergraduate Research
0115895 Appalachian State U Caton $113,763
Acquisition of a Telescope and Dome System for Research and Training
0111471 Appalachian State U Hageman $233,622
RUI: Acquisition of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS)
0116682 Arizona State U Raupp $400,000
Acquisition of Inductively Coupled Plasma Etch Tool for New Microsystems Technologies
0116674 Arizona, U of Bales $113,685
Development of a High-Resolution Continuous-Flow Analysis System for Measurements of Soluble Chemical Species in Ice Cores
0115886 Arizona, U of Kippelen $179,077
Acquisition of an Organic Thin Film Deposition System for Research and Training in Molecular Electronics and Nanophotonics
0116634 Arkansas, U of Shultz $286,017
Acquisition of an Analytical Field Emission Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Interdisciplinary Multi-User Access at the University of Arkansas
0116712 Arkansas, U of - Little Rock Mazumder $56,188
Acquisition of Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM)
0132367 Ball State U Howes $94,842
MRI: Fabrication of One Layer of a High-Efficiency Neutron Detector
0116080 Barry U Petrino $85,290
Acquisition of a Digital Image Documentation Station and a High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge for Core Molecular Biology Lab
0116233 Bates College Austin $57,000
Acquisition of a GC-MS and a GC-FID for Research in Environmental Science at Bates College
0115579 Bates College Wenzel $246,700
Acquisition of a High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Use in Chemistry Research
0115932 Beaver College Allan $157,092
Acquisition of a Genetic Analyzer for analysis of phylogenetic relationships and populations genetics.
0116202 Benedictine U Meeker $71,293
Acquisition of Linux Cluster and Workstation Network for Biophysics, Mathematics, and Computer Science Research
0115774 Berea College Lahamer $136,756
Instrumentation for Materials Research (IMR): Acquisition of X-Ray Diffractometer for Materials Undergraduate Research and Teaching
0116567 Boston U Ludwig $120,000
Development of a Surface Scattering System for Real-time X-ray Studies of Growth and Processing
0116549 Boston U Rebbi $961,986
Acquisition of a Power4-based IBM SP and PC-based scalable display wall for multidisciplinary computational science research
0116574 Boston U Weng $406,000
Acquisition of Computing Infrastructure for Bioinformatics Research and Education
0116416 Bowdoin College Stemmler $140,265
Acquisition of a MALDI/FT-ICR mass spectrometer for multidisciplinary research
0116011 Bradley U Morris $287,237
Multiscale Research on the Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics: Major Research Instrumentation for Enhancing Research and Research Training
0116441 Brown U Cane $206,087
Acquisition of a High Resolution Mass Spectrometer
0115984 Bucknell U Schoepf $76,700
Acquisition of Equipment to Study the Structural and Chemical Properties of Molecular Subtances Using Positron Annihilation
0113559 Cal Poly St University Fdn Vanasupa $150,000
Acquisition of Scanning Electron Microscope with Electron Backscatter Diffraction System for Research and Education
0010098 Cal State, U of - Chico Research Fdn Wolfe $44,280
RUI: Acquisition of a Multi-User Flourescence Microscopy Suite for Research and Education
0114545 California Institute of Technology Bellan $197,233
Acquisition of Ultra High Speed Framing Camera to be used for Investigations of Laboratory Simulations of Solar Prominence Dynamics
0116776 California Institute of Technology Roukes $1,000,000
Acquisition Proposal: Laboratory for Large Scale Integration of Nanostructures
0116558 California Institute of Technology Sargent $1,723,545
CARMA - Development of a Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy
0116789 California Lutheran U Revie $79,214
Acquisition of Equipment for Genomics Research
0116477 California State U - Long Beach Fdn Lee $98,492
Acquisition of computer-assisted microscopy imaging system for cytogenetic research and training in neuroscience and reproductive biology
0116744 California State U - San Bernadino Fdn Usher $141,500
Acquisition of an Electron Paramagnetic (epr) Spectrometer for Research in Condensed Matter, Chemistry, and Biology at a HSI-PUI
0116016 California, U of - Berkeley Isacoff $636,536
Acquitision of Multiphoton Microscopy for the Study of Cellular Dynamics
0116747 California, U of - Irvine Saltzman $455,987
Acquisition of a double-focusing magnetic sector mass spectrometer for atmospheric trace gas measurements
0116853 California, U of - Los Angeles Stoddart $617,915
Acquisition of High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation for Research on Nanochemistry
0116267 California, U of - Riverside Baldwin $435,915
cquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope to Support UCR's Accelerated Growth in the Cell/Molecular/Development Biology Program
0116339 California, U of - Riverside Bartels $300,000
Development of a Low-Temp. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Facility with High-Resolution Electronic, Vibrational and Magnetic Spectroscopy Capabilities for Research and Education
0116662 California, U of - San Diego O'Connor $368,213
Aquisition of a High Resolution Mass Spectrometer
0115801 California, U of - San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography Burton $253,959
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Marine Genomics and Proteomics
0116643 California, U of - San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography Cayan $590,000
Acquisition of a Cluster Computing Facility for Modeling and Observations at SIO
0116278 California, U of - Santa Cruz Zehr $245,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation to Enhance the Molecular Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics Facility at UCSC
0115736 Carleton College Gross $243,500
Acquisition of an Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Research and Undergraduate Research Training in Properties of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles
1016529 Carnegie Institution of Washington Butler $280,597
A Planet-Hunting Spectrometer for the Magellan Telescope
0114134 Case Western Reserve Ernst $450,000
Acquisition of an Energy-Filtering Transmission Electron Microscope for Nanocharacterization Research and Student Training
0116345 Case Western Reserve Eppell $384,694
Construction of Near Field Optical Probe for Bioinspired Research and Education
0115837 Central Florida, U of Dupras $162,855
Acquisition of an isotope ratio mass spectrometer for applications in anthropology, ecology and conservation biology
0132532 Central Michigan U Finck $91,126
MRI: Construction of One Layer of a Highly Efficient Neutron Detector to Study Neutron-Rich Rare Isotopes at the NSCL
0116581 Chapman U Williams $127,993
MRI (RUI): Acquisition of a GC Ion Trap Tandem Mass Spectrometer for Research in Environmental Chemistry
0115918 Charleston, U of Poslusny $73,980
Acquisition of a Gas Chromtograph/Mass Spectrometer and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer to Facilitate the Kanawha River Project.
0116293 Chicago, U of Nusbaum $395,820
Acquisition of Instrumentation to Measure the Time-Course and Distribution of Cortical Activity in Perceptual Cognitive, and Social Psychological Processing
0115612 Citadel Military College of South Carolina Adelman $171,353
A CCD Spectrophotometer for the Etelman Observatory: A MRI Development Proposal
0116176 Clarion U of Pennsylvania McPherson $76,901
Acquisition of an Automated Genetic Analyzer For Research and Training in Systematics and Ecology.
0116536 Coastal Carolina U Koepfler $82,974
Acquisition of Equipment for the Establishment of a Microbial Ecology Laboratory at Coastal Carolina University
0115832 Colby College Conry $257,216
Acquisition of a CCD Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction System for a Partnership of Maine Institutions
0115900 Colby College King $99,716
Integrated Sampling and Analysis Platform for the Investigation of Lake Geochemistry Over a Range of Temporal and Spatial Scales
0115758 College of Mount Saint Vincent Haley $78,633
Development of Tracer Methodology and Fluorescent Microscopy in Faculty/Student Research
0116089 College of the Holy Cross Locurto $113,312
Acquisition of Integrated Mouse Test System
0116334 Colorado School of Mines Humphrey $165,000
Acquisition of a New Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer
0116753 Colorado School of Mines Vincent $149,711
Major Research Instrumentation: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Vision Based Control of Welding and Droplet Manufacturing Processes
0114189 Colorado, U of - Colorado Springs Celinski $151,300
Acquisition of Magnetometer for Magnetic Films Research and Education
0116864 Columbia College Lerman $98,699
Developmen of a Biology Research Laboratory for Art and Communication Students
0132725 Concordia College Moorhead - Moorhead Luther $91,126
MRI: A Highly Efficient Neutron Detector Array to Study Neutron-Rich Rare Isotopes at the NSCL
0115653 Connecticut College Branchini $271,500
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Research and Research Training in Chemistry at Connecticut College
0115704 Cornell College Denniston $97,826
Acquisition of an Alpha Spectrometry System for Research and Undergraduate Training in Geology and Environmental Science
0116530 Cornell U - Endowed DiSalvo $600,000
Acquisition of an Energy Filtering Transmission Electron Microscope for Research and Education
0116358 Cornell U - Endowed Tiwari $471,834
Enhanced Processing and Characterization Resources for Micro- and Nanostructures
0116260 CUNY - College of Staten Island Batteas $125,155
Acquistion of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy System for Surface Chemical Analysis
0116244 CUNY - Hunter College Francesconi $231,243
Acquisition of an X-ray Diffractometer Equipped with a CCD Detector
0114224 CUNY - Queens College Genack $102,442
Acquisition of Tunable Narrow-line Laser for Photonic Band Gap and Disordered Materials Research and Education
0116413 Dartmouth College Hamilton $228,355
Acquisition of a MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
0116520 Dartmouth College Sloboda $231,081
Acquisition of a PALM Laser Trap Microscope
0099720 Davidson College Campbell $57,390
RUI: Acquisition of a DNA Microarray Reader System
0116722 Denver, U of Danielson $100,446
Acquisition of a Real-Time Quantitative PCR System for Research and Education
0115884 Depauw U Melchiorre $150,000
Acquisition of Finnigan Mat Deltaplus Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer with Gasbench II for Environmental Hydrological Study of Acid Mine Drainge and Watershed Dynamics
0116257 DeSales U Mayville $57,517
Improvement of Teaching and Research via NMR Spectroscopy
0116181 Detroit, U of Brook $130,929
Acquisition of an LC/MS system for Research in Chemistry and Biochemistry
0116650 Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Berg $500,626
Acquisition of a high pressure freezer and EFTEM
0116645 Drexel U Gogotsi $297,200
Acquisition of Near-Field and UV Raman Instruments
0116971 Eastern Oregon State U Kelley $100,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation to Investigate the Interface of Chemistry, Biology, and the Environment
116387 Ferrum College Stephens $75,584
The Identification of Nonpoint Sources of Escherichia Coli in Freshwater Ecosystems by DNA Fingerprinting
0115797 Florida, U of Reitze $300,000
Development of an Ultrabroad Bandwidth Source for Ultrafast Observation and Control of Physical, Chemical, and Biological Systems
0116484 Franklin and Marshall College deWet $123,695
Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma Spectrometer - Dept. of Geosciences, Franklin & Marshall College
0116487 Furman U Andersen $92,189
Acquisition of Instrumentation for an Undergraduate Research Program in Fluvial Biogeochemistry
0112217 Furman U. Hanks $167,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe Microscope for Undergraduate Nanoscience Education and Research
0116564 Georgia Tech Trebino $700,000
Development of an Ultrasensitive Ultrafast Phase Spectrometer
0116966 Georgian Court College Tabor-Morris $198,231
X-ray Instrumentation for Physics Research and Teaching Laboratory
0115944 Gettysburg College James $97,810
Acquisition of Research Insrumentation for Molecular and Cellular Biology
0116563 Goshen College Buschert $77,775
Acquisition of an Electronic Holography System
0116159 Grinnell College Lyons $94,008
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Ionic Conductivity Studies of Polymeric Electrolytes
0116435 Hamilton College Shields $780,220
Acquisition of High Performance Computers for the Northeastern Undergraduate Research Chemistry Consortium
0116547 Harvard U Halperin $303,101
Acquisition and development of a non-linear optical microscope workbench facility for research and education at the Harvard Center for Imaging and Mesoscale Structures
0115981 Harvey Mudd College Donnelly $227,807
Acquisition of an amplified ultrashort-pulse laser system for ultrafast and spectroscopic studies of condensed matter systems
0116904 Hawaii, U of - Hilo Hon $71,950
Development of an Electron Microprobe Teaching & Research Facility
0115958 Hawaii, U of - Manoa Popp $150,000
Acquisition of a Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer for Ocean and Earth Science Research
0116551 Health Research Incorporated/New York State Department of Health Bowser $451,046
Acquisition of a Variable-Pressure SEM: New Avenues in Collaborative Biologic, Paleontologic, and Museum Collection Research and Conservation for New York's Capital Region
0116219 Hobart and William Smith Colleges deDenus $85,395
Acquisition of an Advanced High Performance GPC/SEC Instrument for Polymer Characterization
0116078 Hobart and William Smith Colleges Halfman $99,771
Acquisition of an Ion Chromatograph and X-ray Diffractometer to Support Watershed Modeling, Seneca Lake, New York
0116264 Hope College Peaslee $121,676
Acquisition of an ICP for Environmental Metals Analysis and Undergraduate Training at Hope College.
0132405 Hope College DeYoung $93,626
MRI: Consortium to Construct a Highly Efficient Neutron Dectector Array for the NSCL (Hope College)
0116726 Humboldt State U - Fdn Cashman $55,000
Acquisition of Multiple Instruments for the College of Natural Resources, Humboldt State University, California for the Investigation of Fluvial Sediment Transport in a Watershed.
0115809 Illinois, U of - Chicago DeFanti $700,000
Development of Instrumentation for AGAVE: the Access Grid Autostereo Virtual Environment
0116622 Illinois, U of - Chicago Schroeder $950,329
Development of an all-optical, broadband electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer with picosecond time-resolution
0116630 Illinois, U of - Springfield Jenkins $112,396
Acquisition of an Image Analysis Suite for Aquatic Ecology Research and Research Training at the University of Illinois at Springfield
0116050 Indiana U - Bloomington McRobbie $1,800,000
Creation of the AVIDD Data Facility: A distributed facility for managing, Analyzing and Visualizing Instrument-Driven Data
0116146 Indiana U - Bloomington Snow $344,068
Development of a Current-Mode CsI Gamma Detector Array for Precision Weak Interaction Experiments
0132567 Indiana U - South Bend Hinnefeld $93,510
MRI: Construction of a Layer of a Highly Efficient Neutron Detection Wall for NSCL (IUSB)
0115647 Indiana U of Pennsylvania Putirka $198,106
Development of an XRF Laboratory: Integrating Geology Undergraduate Coursework with Geochemical Research
0116144 Iowa State U Dalal $305,844
Acquisition of Deep Reactive Ion Etching Instrument
0116430 Iowa State U Schmidt-Rohr $259,784
Acquisition of a 400-MHz Solid-State NMR Spectrometer for Investigations of Synthetic and Naturally Occurring Polymers
0115857 Iowa, U of Young $189,469
Acquistion of a Tunable Solid-State Laser System for Applications in Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol Analysis, Process Monitoring and Reaction Dynamics
0116149 Ithaca College Hardwick $78,643
Acquisition of Microscopy Core Facility for Biological Research
0116295 Ithaca College Stansfield $190,516
Acquisition of computing and peripheral hardware to support collaborative research and undergraduate research education in Virtual Reality
0113202 James Madison U. Augustine $118,744
Acquisition of Large Stage Atomic Force Microscope for Undergraduate Teaching and Research
0113362 James Madison U Kearns $260,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope/Energy Dispersive Spectrometer for Materials Investigation and Student Training
0116054 John Carroll U Mascotti $97,378
Acquisition of Isothermal Titration and Differential Scanning Calorimetry Instruments
0116585 Johns Hopkins U Broholm $1,355,171
Development of High Intensity Cold Neutron Spectrometer with Multichannel Analyzer
0116393 Johnson C. Smith U Russell $135,525
Acquisition of Lab Instrumentation for Dept. of Natural Sciences
0115871 Kalamazoo College Bartz $137,700
MRI: Acquisition of a Nanosecond Laser System
0116442 Kalamazoo College Sotherland $77,108
Acquisition of a Micro-Respirometry System for Measuring Development of Oviparous Vertebrates and for Faculty-mentored Undergraduate Research
0116070 Kansas State U Cocke $162,670
Acquisition of Laser Equipment for the Study of the Interaction of Intense Laser Impulses with Fast Ion Beams and Neutral Systems
0116213 Kansas, U of - Center for Research Inc Allen $225,000
Acquisition of Equipment to Support Lightwave and Microwave Research
0116649 Kansas, U of - Center for Research Inc Bean $1,460,343
Development of a Silicon Vertex Detector for the Higgs Search at the Tevatron Collider
0116466 Keene State College Whittemore $148,486
The Molecular Physiology of Stress in the Bioindicator Species Daphnia magna: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Research and Education
0115970 Kent State U Twieg $200,000
Acquisition of an Organic Semiconductor Processing and Characterization Facility for Research and Student Training
0115822 Kentucky Wesleyan College Oetinger $99,989
Acquisition of Transmission Electron Microscopy Equipment for Invertebrate and Vertebrate Pigment Cell Studies, Undergraduate Laboratory Demonstrations, and Undergraduate Research
0116075 Kettering U Harding $299,867
Acquisition of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope for Undergraduate Education in Materials Characterization
0115600 King's College Yezerski $25,161
Acquisition of an HPLC system for undergraduate research in insect chemical defense
0115919 Lake Forest College Kirk $93,230
Acquisition of Multi-Imaging System For Use in an Undergraduate Institution
0116086 Lake Superior State U Evans $113,200
Acquisition of Automated DNA Sequencer for Undergraduate Research/Training
0116036 Lake Superior State U Keller $192,922
Acquisition and incorporation of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy into undergraduate research instruction and environmental research in the Upper Great Lakes region
0116153 Lamar U - Beaumont Cocke $250,000
Acquisition of Xray Diffraction System for Interdisciplinay Materials Research and Education
0116500 Lamar U - Beaumont Ho $99,875
Acquisition of an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer for Multi-disciplinary Research Projects
0116423 Lehigh U White $360,000
Acquisition of an Electron Beam Nanolithography System
0116699 Loras College Speckhard $186,436
Acquisition of a 300 MHz broadband NMR for undergraduate research and research training at Loras College
0116757 Louisiana State U & Agricultural and Mechanical College Meletis $150,000
Acquisition of Surface Analysis Instrumentation
0116867 Louisville, U of - Research Fdn Inc Hnat $349,152
Acquisition of an Industrial Micro Computed Tomography System for Multidisciplinary Research
0116765 Loyola College in Maryland Lowe $283,720
Development of a Field Instrument for Multiplexed Identification and Quantitation of Microorganisms in Environmental Samples
0116105 Luther College Carlson $113,200
The Contribution of Hypertension to Cognitive Impairment and Diabetes-Induced Cardiovascular Disease: The Protective Effects of Estrogen
0115709 Luther College Enos-Berlage $256,813
Acquisition of a scanning laser confocal microscope for research and education in Biology and Biochemistry at Luther College
0116502 Lycoming College Mahler $63,777
Acquisition of a Glove Box and FT-IR and UV-VIS Spectrometers for Enhanced Undergraduate Chemistry Research
0116323 Macalester College Heyman $133,580
Acquisition of a Short-pulse Ti:Sapphire Laser for Terahertz Studies of Semiconductor Heterostructures
0116391 Macalester College Montgomery $115,000
Acquisition of Cell Imaging and Cell Laser Ablation Systems for Developmental Biology Research
0116235 Maine, U of Guidotti $237,500
Acquisition of a modern electron microprobe at the University of Maine
0115978 Marshall U - Research Corp Jenski $164,244
Acquisition of a flow cytometer
0116242 Mary Washington College Giancarlo $99,500
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe Microscope for Atomic Level Investigations of Chemical Systems
0116291 Maryland, U of - College Park Ghodssi $239,405
Acquisition of an Alinger and Bonder Instrument for Research
0116129 Maryland, U of - College Park Lathrop $1,100,640
Development of a Three-Meter Liquid Sodium Geodynamo Model
0116383 Maryland, U of - College Park Reutt-Robey $306,900
Acquisition of an X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer
0114210 Maryland, U of - College Park Williams $400,000
Acquisition of a Multi-Probe Scanning Tunneling Microscope with SEM for Student Taining in Research
0116164 Marymount U Kelsey $23,199
Acquisition of instruments for environmental science laboratory
0116451 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bulovic $286,653
Development of Controlled Vacuum Growth of HybridšOrganic/InorganicšStructuresšand Devices
0116486 Massachusetts Institute of Technology McKinley $343,000
Acquisition of Imaging Instrumentation for the Hatsopoulos Microfluids Laboratory
0116272 Massachusetts, U of - Amherst Sekelsky $1,000,000
An Advanced Multi-Frequency Radar for Atmospheric Research
0116498 Massachusetts, U of - Amherst Tuominen $320,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation Cluster to Establish a Nanomagnetics Characterization Facility
0116552 Massachusetts, U of - Amherst Watkins $350,000
Acquisition of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer and a Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for an Open Surface Analysis Facility at the University of Massachusetts
0116419 Mesa State College Hrncir $96,922
Acquisition of an ICP-OES Spectrometer for Undergraduate Research and Teaching
0116033 Miami U Widom $309,962
Acquisition of a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer for Geochemical and Geochronological Applications
0116333 Miami U - Oxford Campus Novak $386,171
Acquisition of a 400 MHz Solid-State NMR Spectrometer
0116252 Michigan State U Asmussen $272,000
The Acquisition of Laboratory Equipment to Facilitate Micro and Nano Engineering at Michigan State University
0116401 Michigan State U Loescher $600,000
Acquisition of Controlled-Environment Chambers for Plant Biological Research at Michigan State University
0132434 Michigan State U Thoennessen $169,919
Major Research Instrumentation - MRI: MSU/FSU Consortium to Develop a Highly Efficient Neutron Detector Array to Study Neutron-Rich Rare Isotopes at the NSCL
0116331 Michigan, U of - Ann Arbor Solomon $398,421
Acquisition of a Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope for Research and Research Training in Nanoscale Engineering of Complex Fluids and Biomaterials
0116468 Michigan, U of - Dearborn Mohanty $78,000
Acquisition of Electron Microscope at the University of Michigan-Dearborn
0116616 Millersville U Webster $242,075
Development of Haptic Instrumentation and Software for Computer Science Research and Training Using Surgical Simulation as the Application.
0116693 Millikin U Galewsky $71,721
Acquisition of a Video Microscopy System for Laboratory Research
0132507 Millikin U Brown $93,126
MRI: High efficiency neutron detector layer
0115927 Minnesota State U - Moorhead Brisch $116,163
Optical Imaging and Fluorescence Microscopy Enhancement
0115810 Minnesota, U of - Duluth Zhou $323,540
Acquisition of instruments for Great Lakes research
0116813 Minnesota, U of - St. Paul Feddersen $133,987
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Ion Channel Research and Research Training
0116395 Minnesota, U of - Twin Cities Edwards $500,000
Acquisition of a Multi-collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Research and Training in the Earth and Environmental Sciences
0116273 Missouri, U of - Rolla Belarbi $338,325
Acquisition of an Integrated Testing System for Civil Infrastructure Engineering Research and Education
0116158 Missouri, U of - Rolla Tsai $200,000
Acquisition of a High-Power CO2 Laser for Research & Education in Manufacturing & Materials Processing
0116615 Molecular Biology Consortium Westbrook $600,000
Development of a Very Large CCD Area Detector
0116362 Montana State U Idzerda $152,267
Acquisition and Development of a Synchrotron Compatible Growth and Characterization Facility
0116780 Nebraska, U of - Lincoln Liou $158,500
Acquisition of a Focused Ion Beam Workstation for Processing of Single Crystals and Nanometer-Size Materials
0116666 Nevada, U of - Desert Research Inst Grubisic $97,338
Acquisition of a High Performance Computer Cluster for Atmospheric Modeling
0116896 Nevada, U of - Desert Research Inst Hudson $175,000
Development of a White Light Cloud-Aerosol System
0116759 Nevada, U of - Reno Kongmunvattana $102,400
Acquisition of SMP Clusters for Supporting Shared-Memory Metacomputing Research
0116398 New England, U of Vesenka $70,300
A Networked Scanning Probe Microscope for Research Training
0116595 New Jersey Institute of Technology Dave $337,475
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) to Enhance Research and Education in Engineered Particulates
0116577 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Kyle $148,363
Development of Integrated Seismic, Geodetic and Volcanic Gas Surveillance Instrumentation for Volcanic Research
0116179 New Mexico, U of Seidel $179,619
Infrastructure for Semiconductor Detector Design and Readout
0116222 New York U Canary $407,330
Acquisition of Digital High-Resolution NMR Equipment
0116590 New York U Farrar $100,000
Acquisition of High-Performance Scientific Computing Cluster for Theoretical Physics
0112570 Nicholls State U Boopathy $100,000
Development of Environmental Science Instrumentation Core Facility
0115230 North Carolina State U Cavanagh $543,000
Acquisition of a 600MHz NMR spectrometer
0116625 North Carolina, U of - Chapel Hill Camassa $598,173
A Distributed, High Performance Computing System for the Applied Sciences
0115985 North Dakota, U of - Main Campus La Duke $149,800
Acquisition of ABI Automated Sequencer
0115856 Northeast Radio Observatory Corp Rogers $406,869
Development of digital receiver technology and the construction of a 327 MHz array optimized for the detection of the hyperfine deuterium line
0115546 Northeastern State U Cobb $73,337
Acquisition of Environmental Chambers for the Enhancement of Research Activity in the Undergraduate Biology Curriculum
0116804 Northern Arizona U Ketterer $407,620
Acquisition of a High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Research in Chemistry and Earth Sciences
0116743 Northern Colorado, U of Peterson $236,102
RUI: Acquisition of Microscopy Equipment for Research and Research Training in Biology
0116385 Northern Illinois U Scherer $139,925
Acquisition of a Low-Vacuum SEM Microscope for Multi-Disciplinary Research and Education
0114831 Oberlin College Bianchi $188,089
Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope at an Undergraduate College
0116311 Occidental College Bogue $217,093
Acquisition of Superconducting Rock Magnetometer for Department of Geology
0114098 Ohio State U Res Fdn McCreery $300,000
Acquisition of Multiuser X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer for Materials Research and Education
0115848 Ohio U Peterson $315,510
Acquisition of a confocal microscope for biological research
0116032 Ohio Wesleyan U Edwards $129,750
Acquisition of Scanning Laser Confocal Microscopy System
0116673 Oklahoma, U of - Norman Campus Frech $128,728
Acquisition of an Integrated FT-Raman/Microscope for Advanced Battery Materials Research and Student Training
0116234 Old Dominion U - Research Fdn Dias $180,000
Aquisition of two Mass Spectrometer Systems for the Analysis of C,H,N,O,S Stable Isotopes in Biological, Environmental, Geochemical Systems
0116015 Old Dominion U - Research Fdn Elsayed-Ali $191,752
Development of a Femtosecond Time-Resolved Electron Diffraction System
0116902 Oregon State U Hsu $148,750
Acquisition of a 600 MHz High-Resolution NMR CryoProbe
0116639 Otterbein College Lawrance $72,000
Acquisition of Automated DNA Sequencing Equipment to Enhance Undergraduate Research and Teaching at Otterbein College
0116162 Pacific U Johnson $107,000
Acquisition of a scanning tunneling and force microscope to enhance undergraduate research opportunities in electrochemistry and biochemistry
0116034 Pittsburgh, U of Petek $412,832
Development of an Ultrafast Time-Resolved Microscope for Imaging of Charge Carrier Dynamics in Complex Materials
0116640 Pittsburgh, U of - Johnstown Riegel $99,800
Acquisition of an ABI PRISM(r) 310 Genetic Analyzer
0116836 Pomona College Lewis $134,557
RUI: Establishment of a high-density event-related potential laboratory at an undergraduate college for the study of cognitive neuroscience
0116773 Prescott College Herring $183,251
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Measurement of Trace Gas Fluxes in the Arizona Highlands
0099679 Puerto Rico, U of - Humacao Sastre $56,524
A Research Grade Microscope with Epiflourescence and Nomarski DIC Capabilities, and Integrated Image Analysis System for the UPRH
0116445 Puerto Rico, U of - Humacao Ortiz $225,944
Acquisition of 300 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer to Enhance Research and Education at UPRH
0116314 Puerto Rico, U of - Mayaguez O'Neill $150,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for the Electric Energy Processing Systems Laboratory at UPRM
0115825 Puerto Rico, U of - Medical Sciences Campus Miller $197,044
Procurement of a Shared Confocal Microscope Facility at the Institute of Neurobiology
0116373 Reed College McDougal $279,641
cquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Use in Research and Research Training at Reed College
0116492 Richmond, U of Myers $480,694
RUI-Acquisition of High Field NMR for Undergraduate Research
0116349 Richmond, U of Vineyard $151,758
RUI: Development of a Computing Cluster to Support the University of Richmond Nuclear Physics Research Program at Jefferson Lab
0116617 Rochester Inst of Tech Lawlor $115,948
RUI: Acquisition of DNA Sequencer, Synthesizer and Spectrophotometer
0116554 Rowan U Chen $224,452
Development of a Non-contacting Ignition System for Polymer Combustion Studies
0114054 Rowan U Stephans $280,140
Acquisition of Funds for NMR Instrumentation to Enhance Undergraduate Research and Course Instruction at Two Institutions in South Jersey
0114073 Rowan U. Loftland $46,325
RUI-Acquisition of Instrumentation of Measuring the Thermal Properties of Materials
0116315 Rutgers U - Camden Fu $176,143
Acquisition of a high-performance computer for hybrid materials initiative
0116145 Rutgers U - Camden Roche $198,686
Acquisition of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance System
0116068 Rutgers U - New Brunswick Kotliar $224,058
Acquisition of a Network Cluster of Advanced Workstations for First Principles Electronic Structure Calculations of Complex Materials
0116066 Rutgers U - New Brunswick Huskey $100,703
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Materials Chemistry at Rutgers-Newark
0116479 Sacred Heart U Shimada $257,865
Acquisition of a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer
0116170 Saginaw Valley State U Karpovich $167,214
Acquisition of Equipment for Earth Science Projects
0115904 Saint Anselm College Flannery $99,928
The Acquisition of Virtual Reality Tools to Upgrade our Virtual Cognition Laboratory for Research in Cognitive Psychology, Sensation and Perception, and Consciousness
0116408 Saint Lawrence U Budd $300,968
Acquisition of an Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis System and Confocal Microscope for an Interdisciplinary Microscopy-Imagery Center in Biology, Chemistry & Geology at St. Lawrence
0115905 Saint Thomas, U of Malloy $99,468
Acquisition of a Combined GC and HPLC System for Undergraduate Research and Training
0115902 Saint Thomas, U of Romagni $92,400
Acquisition of a preparative ultracentrifuge and tabletop superspeed centrifuge for faculty mentored undergraduate research training in biology
0116758 San Diego State U - Fdn Chatfield $233,920
Acquisition of a Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer System for Chemistry and Biology
0116844 San Jose State U - Fdn Coale $338,575
Acquistion of a High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
0116381 Scranton, U of Cann $99,686
Acquisition of a GC-MS System in Support of Research Activities in the Chemistry Department at the University of Scranton
0116030 South Dakota, U of - Main Campus Schieber $84,527
Acquisition of an Eye Tracking System for Human Factors Research
0116573 Southern California, U of Sawchuk $492,577
Acquisition of Equipment for Remote Multichannel Media Immersion (RMMI)
0116481 Southern Maine, U of Pollock $53,160
X-Ray Diffraction at the University of Southern Maine
0116245 Southern Oregon U McDougal $293,310
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Broaden Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Southern Oregon University.
0115892 Southern Oregon U Stone $157,231
Acquisition of Molecular Biology Instrumentation for a Biotechnology Research Center Between Departments of Biology and Chemistry at Southern Oregon University
0116188 Southwestern U Wilhelm $96,550
Acquistion of a Small Research Telescope for Fountainwood Observatory
0116384 Spelman College Chen $316,800
MRI/RUI(Chemistry): Development of High Speed Gas Chromatography - Multiplex Coherent Raman Spectroscopy
0116741 Spelman College Hibbard $97,856
RUI - Acquisition of a Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter
0115962 St Joseph's U King-Smith $277,928
MRI: Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope and Ultramicrotome for Research in the Natural Sciences at St. Joseph's University
0115770 St. Norbert College Hodgson $82,254
Acqusition of Electrofishing and Multi-parameter Water Sampling Instrumentation
0116375 State U of West Georgia Luneburg $300,871
Acquisition of an ESEM with EDX and EBSD capability for microanalysis at the State University of West Georgia
0116457 SUNY - College at Purchase Factor $246,022
Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope and Digital Imaging: Research and Research Training in an Undergraduate College Environment
0116517 SUNY - Stony Brook O'Leary $227,934
Acquisition of Instruments and Technical Support for an Interdepartmental Fossil Preparation Laboratory
0116069 SUNY - Stony Brook Sanudo-Wilhelmy $352,042
Acquisition of a LA-ICPMS dedicated to Marine and Earth Sciences at SUNY Stony Brook
0116352 Susquehanna U Peeler $129,522
Acquisition of a confocal microscope to support research in cell and molecular biology at Susquehanna University
0116347 Tarleton State U Sudman $99,677
Acquisition of an Automated DNA Analysis System for Biology Teaching and Research
0115961 Tennessee Technological U Biernacki $250,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope
0115271 Tennessee, U of - Chattanooga Cory $97,030
Acquisition of a GC/MS for Chemistry and Environmental Science Research at UT Chattanooga
0116610 Tennessee, U of - Knoxville Sayler $247,689
Acquisition of Imaging Equipment for Biomicroelectronics and Nanobiotechnology
0116711 Texas A&M U - Corpus Christi Larkin $180,710
Acquisition of instrumentation for the chemical and biological characterization of factors affecting the distribution and phytoremediation of seagrasses in coastal bays & estuaries
0116835 Texas A&M U - Research Fdn Holzenburg $330,750
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
0116685 Texas A&M U - Research Fdn Russell $738,810
Development of Advanced TOF-MS for Proteomics
0113206 Texas Engineering Experiment Station Lucht $126,600
Development of a Tunable, High-Resolution, Laser System with an Injection-Seeded Optical Parametric Oscillator Cavity
0116205 Texas Engineering Experiment Station Enjeti $150,000
Acquisition of Test Equipment to Advance Research and Education in Distributed Energy Systems (DES)
0116642 Texas Engineering Experiment Station Kim $274,566
MRI: Development of a Six-Axis, Magnetically Levitated Instrument for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
0115885 Texas, U of - Arlington Cook $426,284
Instrumentation for Intelligent Agent and Wireless Computing Research
0116504 Texas, U of - Austin Korgel $784,000
Acquisition of an electron beam lithography system for nanoscience and nanotechnology research and education for the University of Texas at Austin
0116452 Texas, U of - Austin Speitel, Jr. $449,930
Acquisition of Core Instrumentation for Treatment Process Technology Research in Environmental Engineering
0116660 Texas, U of - El Paso Pingitore $60,000
Acquisition of laser ablation for ICP-MS and electron microprobe upgrade, for geological and environmental research and research training
0116150 Texas, U of - Health Science Center Houston Papanicolaou $2,000,000
Acquisition of Magnetic Source Imaging System for Cognitive and Educational Neuroimaging
0116165 The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Straub $102,182
RUI-MRI: Acquisition of a Core Automated DNA Sequencing Facility
0115887 The Scripps Research Institute Milligan $838,054
Acquisition of a 200KV FEG Electron Microscope for Molecular Microscopy
0116566 The University Corporation - Northridge Kioussis $250,000
Massively Parallel Platform for the Center of Computational Materials Theory
0116876 Toledo, U of Czajkowski $166,945
Acquisition of Instrumentation in Support of the Center for Geographic Information Science and Applied Geographics (GISAG)
0116619 Towson U Rajeswari $236,718
Development of a Regional Materials Research Facility at Towson University
0116731 Trinity U Chandler $72,000
RUI: Acquisition of a Chemisorption-Physisorption Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer for the Characterization of New Catalytic and Polymeric Materials at Trinity University
0116511 Tulane U Dee $377,728
Acquisition of a Dual-Photon/Confocal Microscope for a Greater New Orleans Consortium of Biological Researchers
0116494 Union College Bucinell $209,847
Acquisition of Instrumentation Used for the Non-Contact Measurement of Strains and Displacements on the Surface of Composite Materials with High Strain Gradients
0116320 Union College Chu-LaGraff $226,832
Acquistion of a Laser Confocal Microscope for an Integrated Microscopy Facility at Union College
0116748 Utah State U Sojka $174,925
Enhancement of Instrumentation for Clustered Mesospheric Studies at the Mid-Latitude Bear Lake Observatory (42°N)
0116097 Vassar College Pregnall $158,103
Development of a Phytotron Facility for Vassar College Biological and Environmental Sciences
0116274 Vermont & State Agricultural College, U of Hitt $123,334
Acquisition of Micro-Scale Fabrication Equipment
0116099 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U Rakha $650,000
Acquisition and Development of a Prototype Instrumented City
0116203 Washington State U Lee $288,889
Acquisition of a stable isotope mass spectrometer facility for life science studies
0116793 Washington State U Masad $426,397
Acquisition of X-Ray Computed Tomography System for the Modeling and Characterization of Materials with Microstructure
0116281 Washington, U of Allstot $370,000
Acquisition of RF/Mixed Signal Test Equipment for Ultra-High Frequency System-on-Chip Applications
0116210 Washington, U of Nelson $200,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for an Interdisciplinary, Elemental and Isotopic Analytical Facility
0116058 Wayne State U Bonvicini $312,361
Beam-beam collision monitoring for CESR: A Large Angle Beamstrahlung Monitor
0116263 Wellesley College Kolodny $184,623
Acquisition of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Accessory for a Bruker 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0116189 Wesleyan College Boettger-Tong $113,180
Acquistion of an Image Analysis Work Station at Wesleyan College
0116225 West Chester U of Pennsylvania Beneski $331,057
Acquisition of a Philips Technai 12 TEM, a Philips XL30-TMP ESEM-Oxford E400 EDS, and a Leica Ultramicrotome to enhance research and training in the life and physical sciences
0116540 West Virginia U - Research Corp Koepke $183,331
Acquisition of Equipment and Instrumentation for a Space-Physics Simulation Facility at West Virginia University
0116515 Western Kentucky U Ertekin $268,426
A RUI-MRI Proposal for the Acquisition of Manufacturing Systems for Quality Assurance in Precision Machining Processes Using Data Mining
0132438 Western Michigan U Pancella $94,227
MRI: Constructing a Layer for the Large Neutron Detector at NSCL
0098409 Western Washington U Van Alstyne $40,158
A CHNS Analyzer for Examining the Biochemical Composition of Marine Organisms
0132641 Westmont College Rogers $96,626
MRI: Large high-efficiency neutron array detector at MSU
0115925 Wheeling Jesuit U Duffy $32,638
Acquisition of an Anasazi FT-Multinuclear NMR
0115624 Wheeling Jesuit U Raudenbush $22,059
Acquisition of Instrumentation to Study the Effects of Odors on Sleep Quality and Post-Sleep Performance
0115912 Whitworth College Stevens $115,339
Acquisition of a 750 Hz Narrow-Band Argon Fluoride Laser
0116675 Wichita State U Madhavan $160,590
0116713 Willamette U Williamson $90,000
Acquisition of Laser Light Scattering Instrumentation
0116289 William Marsh Rice U Tezduyar $175,753
MRI: Acquisition of a Parallel Computing Facility for Computational Engineering
0116224 William Woods U Spratt $115,886
Acquisition of Molecular Biology Equipment for Undergraduate Biology Research at William Woods University
0114213 Wisconsin, U of - Eau-Claire Dunham $203,614
RUI: Acquisition of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy for Materials Science Research and Undergraduate Education
0114450 Wisconsin, U of - La Crosse Jackson $96,999
Acquisition of a Three-Laser Heterodyne Frequency Measurement System
0116415 Wisconsin, U of - Madison Turng $263,365
Acquisition of Research Instruments for Material Characterization, In-Line Monitoring, and Process Development in Polymer Processing
0116562 Wisconsin, U of - Oshkosh Mihalick $113,270
Acquisition of Calorimeters for Chemistry Research
0115671 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Hogg $574,838
Equipping POOL---the Physical Oceanography Observing Laboratory
0116113 Xavier U Herbert $123,800
Acquisition of a Thin Film Deposition System for Sample Preparation
0116426 Youngstown State U Wagner $170,310
RUI-MRI: Acquisition of a Powder X-Ray Diffractometer System