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Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Project Director Award Amount
Project Title
0521089 Abilene Christian U Towell $163,710
Collaborative Research: Development of a Fast Muon Trigger to Study the Quark-Gluon Structure of the Proton
0520821 Amer Museum of Nat Hist Mandeville $190,259
Upgrades to AMNH-LDEO SX100 Electron Microprobe
0520822 Amer Museum of Nat Hist Oppenheimer $1,332,702
Development of Integral Field Spectroscopy for Exoplanetary Science
0521169 Amherst College Kaplan $298,839
Interdisciplinary Cluster Computing at a Liberal Arts College
0520812 Appalachian State U Caton $77,423
Acquisition of Instrumentation and Technology Improvements for a Research and Education Observatory
0520882 Arizona State U Dennis $175,060
Acquisition of a Scanning Probe Microscope for Reseach and Teaching
0521150 Barry U Gibson $147,355
Acquisition of state-of-the-art laboratory body composition assessment equipment for enhancing scientific inquiry of students in a minority-serving institution
0420821 Bermuda Biological Station for Research Inc Lomas $420,000
Marine Microbial Imaging: Acquisition of Flow and Imaging Cytometers for the Analysis of Marine Particles ata the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc.
0521230 Bigelow Lab for Ocean Scs OKelly $241,843
Acquisition of Field-emission Scanning Electron Microscopy at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
0520783 Bigelow Lab for Ocean Scs Sieracki $552,207
Acquisition of a Multi-user Seagoing Cell Sorting Laboratory
0521315 Boise State U Hampikian $691,910
Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope for Multidisciplinary Research and Education
0521221 Boise State U Schmitz $621,000
Acquisition of a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer for Investigations in High-precision Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry
0521503 Boston College Fiebig $493,253
Development of a femtosecond circular dichroism spectrometer for research and education
0521487 Boston College Valladares $1,220,480
0521266 Boston U Baxter $590,770
Aquisition and Development of a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer Facility at Boston University
0521255 Boston U Morgan $269,000
Acquisition of a High-Resolution Micro-Computed Tomography System with Large Sample Capacity
0521431 Bowdoin College Laine $388,918
An Oceanographic Buoy for Multidisciplinary Research in a Coastal Embayment Prone to Harmful Algal Blooms (2005)
0521047 Brandeis U Foxman $306,841
Acquisition of Single-Crystal X-ray Diffractometer
0520978 Brigham Young U Johnson $337,502
MRI: Acquisition of DNA-manipulation robotics for increased throughput and data integrity in biological research, teaching, and student research training
0521432 Brown U Sanes $2,000,000
Acquisition of a 3T MRI System
0521108 Bucknell U Rovnyak $475,000
Acquisition of a High-Resolution NMR Spectrometer to Advance Faculty and Undergraduate Research
0520440 Buena Vista U Dunbar $309,584
Acquisition of Confocal Microscope
0521667 Cal Poly St U Fdn Jansen $190,579
Acquisition of 500 kN (110 kip) Servo-Hydraulic Test Machine
0521665 Cal State U Fullerton Fdn de Lijser $350,295
Acquisition of a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
0521699 California Inst of Tech Tromp $1,531,724
Acquisition of a 864-node PC cluster for Caltech Computational Geoscience
0520840 Calvin College Haarsma $107,132
Acquisition of Electrophysiology Patch-Clamp Equipment to Support Cross-Disciplinary Research and Undergraduate Research Training
0521506 Carnegie Mellon U Ozdoganlar $416,499
MRI: Acquisition of a Microscope-based System for Research and Education on Micro/Nano-Scale Dynamics
0521079 Carnegie Mellon U Walker $430,350
MRI: Acquisition of SAXS for Nanostructural Characterization of Self-Assembled Materials
0521364 Case Western Reserve Prakash $580,000
Acquisition of an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope Integrated Nanolaboratory for Research and Education in Nanomaterials, Energy Transport and Biological Structures
0520982 Central CT State U Glagovich $223,596
MRI: Acquisition of A New 300 MHz NMR for Research and Student Training
0520850 Charleston Southern U Grattan $297,693
Acquisition of a 400 MHz FT-NMR For Undergraduate Research and Education
0521245 Chicago Botanic Garden Havens $284,066
Acquisition of a Seed Biology Laboratory
0520869 Chicago State U Al-Ghoul $408,042
Acquisition Of A Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorter To Support Research And Research Training at Chicago State University, A Minority Serving, Undergraduate Institution
0521137 Clarkson U Holsen $428,997
Development of a A Wide-Range Impactor Particle Sampler (WRIPS) for Near-Real Time Analysis of Atmospheric Particulate Matter
0521217 Clarkson U Jha $199,000
Acquisition of a Scanning Laser Vibrometer for Smart-Structures Research
0521002 Coastal Carolina U Limpasuvan $61,623
Acquisition of a Small Computing Cluster for Atmospheric Physics Studies
0521381 College of William & Mary Nikolopoulos $228,134
Acquisition of STEMS: A Laboratory for End-to-End Development of Software and Tools for Emerging Multigrain Supercomputers
0520386 Colorado School of Mines Kleebe $652,000
Acquisition of a FEG-SEM with EBSD and E-Beam Lithography System
0521046 Colorado State U Bienkiewicz $590,000
MRI: Acquisition of an Infrastructure for Real-Time Testing of Wind Effects on Structures
0521643 Colorado State U Kreidenweis $916,370
Acquisition of instrumentation for enhancing studies of aerosol-cloud interactions
0521649 Colorado State U Rocca $900,000
Development of the Next Generation of Compact Coherent Extreme Ultraviolet Sources
0521357 Cornell U-Endowed Abruna $222,710
Acquisition of a High-Resolution Bench-Top Mass Spectrometer for Research and Education
0521211 Cornell U-Endowed Tiwari $200,000
MRI2005: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Nanoscale Characterization and Fabrication (NNIN Consortium Proposal)
0520994 CUNY Brooklyn College Eshel $210,166
Acquisition of flow cytometer for interdisciplinary research and undergraduate training
0520989 CUNY Brooklyn College Parsons $212,625
MRI: Acquisition of Bipedal Robot Facility to Support Research into Improvement of Orientation and Stability of Locomotion
0520963 CUNY City College Lakshman $191,250
Acquisition of a mass spectrometer for research and teaching
0521085 CUNY City U New York Drain $416,994
Acquisition of a MALDI Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
0521709 CUNY Hunter College Xu $372,229
Acquisition of Beckman ProteomeLab XL-I Characterization System
0521382 CUNY Queens College Michels $370,851
Acquisition of confocal microscope and biolistic unit for interdisciplinary programs
0521250 Danforth Plant Sci Center Wang $500,900
Acquisition of LC-MS for Plant Metabolic Profiling
0521415 Delaware State U Rogers $85,095
Acquisition of Equipment to Establish Two, Linked Research and Instructional Labs for the Departments of Psychology, Sociology, and Mass Communication
0520492 Delaware State U Wheeler $224,400
Acquisition of a 300 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0520707 Drew U McGee $108,555
Acquisition of instrumentation for optical propagation loss measurement in novel waveguide materials
0521309 Drexel U Zavaliangos $349,267
Acquisition of a High Resolution X-ray Tomography Unit
0521228 East Carolina U Morehead $503,248
Acquisition of Mass Spectrometers for East Carolina University
0521183 Embry Riddle Aero U Sypeck $167,794
Acquisition Of A Servo Hydraulic Materials Testing Instrument For Research And Teaching In Aerospace Engineering (MRI/RUI)
0520729 Five Colleges Inc Shenoy $300,000
Acquisition of a Laboratory Testbed for Networked Embedded Systems and Sensor Research
0521392 Florida A&M U Kalu $849,540
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Nano-texture and Nano-structure Characterization
0521410 Florida Atlantic U Wu $385,150
Acquisition of a NUMA-based Supercluster for High Performance Computing
0520811 Florida International U Barreto $349,460
0520760 Florida Memorial College Huisso $117,807
Acquisition of 1/f Noise Measurement Instrumentation
0520950 Florida State U Ronquist $630,892
Acquisition of Equipment for Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy with Applications in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Engineering
0521201 Florida State U Salters $287,294
The acquisition of a multi collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and laser ablation system for Earth and Ocean Sciences at Florida State University
0520618 Fort Lewis College Helm $330,100
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Fort Lewis College
0521427 Foundation @ NJIT Federici $281,000
Acquisition of Fiber-Pigtailed THz Spectroscopy and Imaging System
0521087 Foundation @ NJIT Tsybeskov $207,500
MRI: Acquisition of a low-temperature spectroscopic system with a nanometer spatial resolution
0521041 GA Tech Res Corp - GIT De Heer $276,000
MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for the Production and Characterization of Epitaxial Graphite on Silicon Carbide
0521136 Gas Technology Institute Rabovitser $250,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation to Characterize the Mechanisms of Combustion Instability and Resulting Flame Structure
0521170 Georgetown U Barbara $515,928
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Imaging and Electron-Beam Nanolithography
0521031 Grinnell College Rempel-Clower $158,878
MRI: Acquisition of a Quantitative Microscopy Workstation for Neuroscience and Developmental Biology Research
0521063 Hamilton College Shields $100,000
Acquisition of a Linux Cluster for the Molecular Education and Research Consortium in Undergraduate computational chemistRY (MERCURY)
0521116 Holy Cross College Ledbetter $206,156
-MRI-Acquisition of a spectral confocal microscope for research and training in biology
0520704 Hope College Polik $379,609
MRI: Acquisition of a Computer Cluster for Research, Research Training, and Teaching
0521365 Howard U Gloster, Jr. $500,000
Acquisition of a Parallel Configurable Computer for Research in Engineering and the Computational Sciences
0521641 Idaho State U Matocq $140,290
Acquisition of DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics Resources for the Molecular Research Core Facility at Idaho State University
0521313 Illinois Inst of Tech Kaplan $750,000
Development of Instrumentation for the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
0521194 Illinois State U Gatto $138,323
Acquisition of a Sequencing and Microarray Facility for Illinois State University
0521075 Indiana State U Fitch $284,000
Acquisition of a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
0521433 Indiana U Stewart $1,720,000
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Speed, High Capacity Storage System to Support Scientific Computing: The Data Capacitor
0520777 Indiana U Hieftje $469,892
Development of a Dual-Source Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Elemental and Speciation Analysis
0521091 Inst of Ecosyst Stud Weathers $290,764
Acquisition of Instruments and Information Infrastructure for the IES Analytical Laboratory
0521109 Institute for Scientific Research, Inc LaMar $263,904
Acquisition of a Visualization GPU Cluster (VGC)
0521210 Internationl CompSci Inst Morgan $280,829
OIA/MRI: Acquisition of a Computational Server for Large Vocabulary Connectionist Speech Recognition
0521568 Iowa State U Aluru $600,000
MRI: Acquisition of a 512-node BlueGene/L Supercomputer for Large-Scale Applications in Genomics and Systems Biology
0521035 Iowa State U Hill $253,300
Collaborative Research: Development of a Fast Muon Trigger to Study the Quark-Gluon Structure of the Proton
0521173 Iowa State U Olsen $325,350
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Speed Particle Image Velocimetry System for Fluid Dynamics Research
0521077 Ithaca College Ulrich $257,220
Acquisition of an NMR Spectrometer to Support Undergraduate Research and Curriculum Reform
0521181 Kansas State U Schinstock $398,000
Development of UAV Remote Sensing for Ecosystems Research
0521587 Kansas State U Welti $1,539,360
Acquisition of Mass Spectrometers for the Kansas State University Functional Genomics Laboratories
0520938 Keene State College Allen $116,516
Upgrade of an XRF Spectrometer and Acquisition of an Ultrasonic Nebulizer Aerosol Deposition System for Research & Research Training in Environmental Geochemistry & Biogeochemistry
0520705 Keene State College Jasinski $357,407
Acquisition of a CCD Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction System for a Partnership of Central New England Institutions
0521147 Kenyon College Peiris $217,500
Aquisition of an IR Ellipsomter for Undergraduate Research & Education
0521559 La St U & A&M Coll Ullmer $264,747
Development of Viz Tangibles and VizNet: Instrumentation for Interactive Visualization, Simulation, and Collaboration
0521439 Lafayette College Tavakoli $266,604
MRI: Acquisition of Instruments to Establish and Promote a Green Engineering Program at Lafayette College
0521112 Lawrence U Hall $99,225
Acquisition of Real-Time Thermocycler and Digital Imager for Interdisciplinary Research in Northeast Wisconsin
0521218 Lehigh U Eades $613,340
Acquisition of a High-Performance Scanning Electron Microscope for Research into the Nanostructure of Materials
0520863 Louisiana Tech U Varahramyan $524,875
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for Nanotechnology Research, Training, and Education
0520304 Loyola Marymount U Siniawski $101,887
Development of a tribological research facility
0520870 Macalester College Wirth $147,537
Acquisition of an X-Ray Diffractometer for Materials Characterization in Multidisciplinary Research and Training
0521323 Marquette U Donaldson $378,024
Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0521602 Marquette U Goldsborough $154,395
Acquisition of a Linux Cluster to Support College-wide Research & Teaching Activities
0520930 Michigan State U Schatz $251,183
Development of an RF Fragment Separator at the NSCL
0520708 Middlebury College Byers $198,999
Acquisition of an LC/MS system for Middlebury College
0521612 Milwaukee School of Eng Kaltchev $166,450
0519749 Minnesota St U Moorhead Dalan $239,975
Acquisition of Magnetic and Soil Magnetic Equipment for Ground-Testing and Interpreting Geophysical Surveys
0521564 Mississippi State U Jankun-Kelly $266,666
Acquisition of A Display Wall for Human Systems Research and Biological Imaging
0521122 MIT VanVliet $215,000
Acquisition of dual-probe near field scanning optical microscope for dynamic molecular mapping of cytoskeletal force generation
0521360 Montana State U Adams $1,117,081
Acquisition Proposal for Cold Chambers and Associated Equipment to Complete a Subzero Science and Engineering Facility at Montana State University
0521595 Montana State U Seymour $335,482
Acquisition of a Magnetic Resonance Microscope for a University Wide User Facility
0521069 Montclair State U Brachfeld $197,649
Acquisition of a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer at Montclair State University
0521052 Mount Holyoke College Decatur $171,973
Acquisition of Instrumentation for a Materials Characterization and Fabrication Facility
0520953 Mount Holyoke College Stranford $186,375
MRI: Acquisition of Genomics Instrumentation at Mount Holyoke College
0520709 N Y Botanical Garden Cameron $146,500
Acquisition of a capillary DNA sequencer for The New York Botanical Garden
0521499 National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc Cooper $67,688
Acquisition of Beowulf Cluster for Economic Research
0520607 New College of Florida Walstrom $43,162
Acquisition of a real-time PCR machine for biology research and teaching
0520956 New Mexico St U Ghoshroy $463,421
Acquisition of a new Transmission Electron Microscope, CCD camera and ultramicrotome for a Core Electron Microscopy Facility
0521270 North Carolina State U Hawari $999,563
Development of an Intense Positron Annihilation Spectrometry System for Nanophase Characterization
0521402 North Dakota State U Fargo Kianian $459,832
Acquisition of high throughput genetic analysis instruments
0521233 Northeast Radio Obs Corp Whitney $639,262
Development of a Flexible Wideband Digital Backend for Radio Interferometry - a Consortium Proposal
0520921 Northern Kentucky U Bertog $69,998
Aquisition of the Rigaku Ultima III X-ray Diffractometer for Undergraduate Research and Education at Northern Kentucky University
0520960 Northern Kentucky U Boyce $60,279
Acquisition of a Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen-Sulfur Element Analyzer
0520973 Northwest Indian Coll Poole $239,541
Acquisition of Environmental Science Research Equipment to Provide REU Participation and Enhance Teaching Resources at Northwest Indian College.
0521267 Northwestern U Marks $468,376
Acquisition of a 400 MHz Solid State NMR Spectrometer
0521352 Oakland U Aloi $400,000
Acquisition of Automotive Antenna Measurement Instrumentation (AAMI)
0521611 Oakwood College Patel $450,000
Acquisition of Tunable Laser System and Atomic Force Microscope
0520957 Ohio State U Res Fdn DiMauro $799,991
Development of an Optical Parametric Chirped-Pulse Amplifier System for Exploring Strong Field Interactions at Long Wavelengths
0521490 Ohio State U Res Fdn Rojas $297,000
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Interdisciplinary Research and Training in Integrated Wireless Communication Systems
0520678 Oklahoma State U Ownby $740,598
Acquisition of Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope to Enhance Teaching and Research in the Materials and Biological Sciences at Oklahoma State University
0521680 Oregon State U Klinkhammer $295,848
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Oregon State University: Mass Spectrometers for Ocean Change Research
0521443 PA St U University Park Green $390,814
Acquisition of Pulsed EPR and ENDOR/ESEEM
0521496 Pacific U Butler $110,864
Acquisition of spectroscopic and computational instruments for undergraduate education and research in nonlinear optical materials
0520891 Portland State U Jiao $500,000
Acquisition of a Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam System: Advancing Research and Education at Portland State University and at the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute
0521637 Portland State U Tretheway $214,226
Instrument Development: An Integrated Optical Tweezers/micro-PIV System to Investigate Cell Biomechanics
0521037 Princeton U Suckewer $580,000
Development of a New Type of High Power, Ultrashort Pulse Laser via Raman Amplification and Compression
0521297 Rensselaer Polytech Inst Watt $160,835
Acquisition of System for Multi-Site Networked Motion Capture and Visually Immersive Laboratory for Social and Behavioral Research
0521341 Rochester Inst of Tech Gupta $253,746
Acquisition of a High Resolution X-Ray Diffractometer for Engineering Research and Education
0521430 Rose-Hulman Inst of Tech Brandt $130,087
Acquisition of a Spectrofluorometer with Stopped-Flow Kinetics and Fluorescence Life-Time Measurement Capabilities
0519716 Saint John's U Reagan $28,584
Acquisition of a multifunctional imaging system for molecular life science research and teaching
0520990 Saint Lawrence U Schuckers $51,670
Collaborative Research: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Biometric Authentication Research
0520803 Saint Olaf College Umbanhowar $57,623
Acquisition of instrumentation to enhance faculty-student biogeoscience research: linking aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems through element analysis
0521698 San Diego State U Fdn Grotjahn $571,055
Acquisition of a 400 MHz Spectrometer and Upgrade of Departmental NMR Facility
0521342 San Francisco State U Simonis $642,412
Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Enhance Research and Research Training Opportunities at the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at San Francisco State University
0521001 SD Sch of Mines and Tech Kellar $554,867
Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
0521274 SD Sch of Mines and Tech Sundareshwar $269,857
Acquisition of equipment cluster to strengthen a multi-disciplinary regional biogeochemistry core facilty for research and training
0520985 SD Sch of Mines and Tech Winter $207,951
Development of an Extended Wavelength Pulsed Laser System for Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
0521678 Seattle U Stipe $153,021
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Nanoparticle Research
0521538 Sierra Community College Wesselman $104,147
System for Recovery and Dissemination of Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene Micromammal Fossil Data from Ethiopia
0520733 South Dakota State U Galipeau $252,000
Acquisition of Major Research Instrumentation for Fabrication and Characterization of Micro and Nanostructures for Sensing
0521177 Southern Ill U Carbondale Bozzola $548,067
Acquisition of an Electron Microscope with Digital Camera and Ultramicrotomes for a Central Research Facility
0521558 Southern Ill U Carbondale Ferre $156,960
Acquisition of a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer for the Rock Magnetism Laboratory at Southern Illinois University
0520428 Southern Methodist U Moore $197,575
Acquisition of Scientific Computing Equipment: Enhancing Research in Applied Mathematics and Computation
0521529 Stanford U Davis $300,314
Development of Ultra-High Field, Microscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging and In Vivo Spectroscopy Instrument
0521238 State U of West Georgia Swamy-Mruthinti $219,376
Acquisition of Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry to foster research-intensive learning at the University of West Georgia
0521580 Stephen F Austin St U Clack $151,565
Acquisition of a TYPHOON TRIO PLUS Imager Workstation
0521252 SUNY Albany Knight $376,193
Acquisition of a Meteorological Data Storage, Analysis, and Display System
0520826 SUNY Col Buffalo Bagley $265,672
Acquisition of a Step-scan Time-resolved FTIR and pulsed Nd-YAG Pump Laser for Studies of Photo-induced Species in Chemical and Biomolecular Systems
0520924 SUNY Old Westbury Hillery $134,985
Acquisition of an LC/MS to Enhance Undergraduate Research and Training in Chemistry at the College at Old Westbury
0521098 Swarthmore College Siwicki $328,000
Aquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
0521121 Syracuse U Decorse $114,994
Acquisition of Boat, Tow Vehicle and Trailer for Maritime Survey, Ghana, West Africa
0520740 Tennessee State U Henry $684,000
Acquisition of Three 0.8 m Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes for Northern and Southern Hemisphere Extrasolar Planet Searches
0521205 Texas A&M Research Fdn Amon $72,842
Acquisition of Instruments to Facilitate and Enhance Research Projects and Undergraduate Education in Aquatic Environmental Biogeochemistry at TAMUG
0521164 Texas A&M Research Fdn Horning $505,858
Development and Calibration of Remote Infrared Thermography of Homeotherm Animals
0521110 Texas A&M Research Fdn Parke $500,000
Development of Spatially Immersive Visualization Facilities
0521216 Texas Agricul Exp Sta Russell $966,485
Development of Advanced Structural Techniques for Gas-Phase Ions
0521553 Texas Agricul Exp Sta Sacchettini $684,200
Acquisition of a high-resolution data collection system
0521395 Towson U Schaefer $73,000
Acquisition of Equipment to Upgrade an Existing Atomic Force Microscope for Quantitative Force Measurements
0513659 Trinity U Bushey $128,000
Acquisition of Capillary Electrophoresis Instrumentation and Nanospray Mass Spectrometry Source
0520655 Tufts U Kaplan $447,618
Acquisition of Equipment for Thermal and Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Soft Materials
0521158 Tuskegee U Hosur $260,368
0521468 TX A&M U Corpus Christi Billiot $223,418
Acquisition of a 300 MHz NMR for the Enhancement of Research/Teaching at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
0521261 U of Akron Blackledge $337,345
Acquisition of a Dynamic Nano-Force Tensile Test System for Ultrathin Fibers with Environmental Control and Integrated Image Analysis
0520967 U of Akron Wong $244,645
Acquisition of a Nanoindentation System for Nanocomposite and Advanced Materials Research and Education
0521563 U of Alabama Birmingham Chaplin $368,761
Acquisition of a 200 kV Cryo-Electron Microscope
0521036 U of Alabama Birmingham Mirov $389,999
Development of middle infrared optical nose
0521018 U of Alabama Tuscaloosa Findlay $309,538
Acquisition of a gas-source mass spectrometer for microbiological, biogeochemical and food web analysis
0520448 U of Alaska SE Juneau Tallmon $80,850
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Population Genomics Research and Education
0521634 U of Arizona Gang $192,350
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Omics Research at the University of Arizona
0521685 U of Cal - Merced Leppert $246,526
MRI: Acquisition of Cryogenic Capabilities for Microanalysis of Hard-Soft Nanoscale Materials in the Transmission Electron Microscope
0521674 U of Cal Irvine Yee $380,000
Acquisition of Instruments to Establish a Capability in Nanoimprinting of New Materials
0520894 U of Cal Los Angeles Miao $601,950
0521522 U of Cal Riverside Barish $834,600
Collaborative Research: Development of a Fast Muon Trigger to Study the Quark-Gluon Structure of the Proton
0521675 U of Cal Santa Cruz Elkaim $360,021
MRI: Development of an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Instrument (ARVIN)
0521569 U of Cal Santa Cruz Oliver $335,156
Acquisition of a Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer
0521566 U of Cal Santa Cruz Woosley $621,400
Acquisition of Beowulf Cluster for a Center for Computational Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz
0521642 U of Cal SD Scripps Inst Severinghaus $684,204
Acquisition of high-precision mass spectrometers for noble gas isotopes as environmental tracers
0521497 U of Central Florida Cho $200,000
NSF-MRI: Acquisition of NIL (Nanoimprint Lithography) System
0521189 U of Cincinnati Paul $286,150
Acuisition of Instrumentation for Sensor, Cluster, and Network-Based Distributed Computing
0521624 U of Colorado Colo Springs Celinski $197,000
Acquisition of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy System for Thin Films Research and Education
0521165 U of Colorado Colo Springs Wolkow $67,762
Acquisition of Microscopy Instrumentation
0521523 U of Houston Wolfe $296,142
MRI: Development of Polymorphos, a versatile source of energetic ions and atoms for nanostructure manufacturing
0521527 U of Houston Zouridakis $900,000
Acquisition of a Hybrid System and Research Infrastructure for Large-Scale Integration of Biomedical Data
0521636 U of Houston Downtown Christmas $240,285
Acquisition of a Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer/Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for Undergraduate Research in the Physical Sciences
0521542 U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Perdekamp $747,216
Collaborative Research: Development of a Fast Muon Trigger to Study the Quark-Gluon Structure of the Proton
0521405 U of Kentucky Res Fdn Rowe $144,749
Acquisition of an X-Ray Diffractometer for a Shared-Use Facility Serving the University and the Region
0521043 U of Maine Lad $437,437
Acquisition of a Multi-User X-ray Diffraction System for Advanced Materials Analysis
0521289 U of Mass, Dartmouth Papakonstantinou $180,475
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Material Characterization
0521074 U of Massachusetts Amherst Crosby $702,750
UMass Nano-Imprint Lithography Laboratory
0521223 U of Massachusetts Amherst Roberts $427,950
Acquisition of a Multiparameter High-Speed Cell Sorter
0521467 U of MD Baltimore County Arola $314,264
Acquisition of a Nanoindenter for Exploratory Research on Biological and Engineering Materials
0521056 U of MD Baltimore County Reed $301,925
Acquisition of an ICP-MS and an IC by UMBC for Use in Environmental and Human Health Research at UMBC and Howard University
0521227 U of MD College Park Ephremides $400,000
Development of Energy-Efficient Embedded Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks
0521226 U of Memphis Mishra $274,365
Acquisition of multi-purpose x-ray diffraction system for research and associated educational programs
0521359 U of Miami Sch Mar&Atmos Peterson $613,200
Acquisition of Analytical Instrumentation for Integrated Paleoclimatic and Sedimentary Research
0521142 U of Michigan Guo $242,582
Acquisition of Instruments for Mobile Computing Research in the Context of Automotive Applications
0514900 U of Michigan Shen $114,116
MRI: Acquisition of a Laser Sensor, Computer Workstations and a 3D SynthaGram Monitor for Research in Virtual Engineering
0520701 U of Michigan Was $596,088
Acquisition of a Research Grade Ion Implanter for Research and Education in Ion Beam Modification of Materials
0521322 U of Minnesota Duluth Brown $325,274
Acquisition of an x-ray fluorescence scanner for paleolimnological studies at the Large Lakes Observatory
0521111 U of Mississippi Starr $123,577
Acquisition of a nucleic acids sequencing and fragment analysis laboratory
0526687 U of Missouri Columbia Nguyen $694,229
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Plant and Animal Genome Mapping and High Throughput Genotyping
0521619 U of Nevada Desert Res Ins Engelbrecht $0
Acquisition of an X-ray Diffractometer
0521196 U of Nevada Las Vegas Lachniet $248,520
Acquisition of a Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Earth Systems Science Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
0521179 U of Nevada Las Vegas Nicol $712,926
Development of Six New Approaches for Micro-focus Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction for Materials Structure Research at Synchrotrons
0521191 U of Nevada Reno Ervin $597,752
Acquisition of an NMR Spectrometer and Upgrade of an Existing NMR Spectrometer
0521461 U of New Mexico Wood $620,000
Acquisition of Process Equipment for Bio-MEMS Research, Training and Commercialization
0520928 U of North Carolina Asheville Dennison $591,352
Development of Instrumentation for the Dedicated Interferometer for Rapid Variability
0520931 U of North Carolina Greensboro Haddy $220,618
Acquisition of a Q-band (34 GHz) electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer at a primarily undergraduate institution
0521411 U of Northern Colorado Pacheco $194,925
Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope for Research and Research Training at UNC
0521149 U of Oklahoma Raman $271,000
Acquisition of an Accordion Fringe Interferometer for Discrete Part Metrology
0521653 U of Oregon Eugene Cashman $260,181
Acquisition of a Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope
0521639 U of Oregon Eugene Raymer $543,928
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Multidisciplinary Experimental and Theoretical Research in Quantum Information and Quantum Control
0521648 U of Portland Hoffman $182,299
Acqusition of an LC/MS to facilitate collaboration and faculty-undergraduate research at the University of Portland, Lewis & Clark College and Portland Veterans Medical Center
0521484 U of South Florida Schlaf $481,414
Development of a Deposition System for 3D Patterning of Molecular Materials in Vacuum
0520999 U of South Florida St. Petersburg Arthur $95,100
Acquisition of a Toyota Land Cruiser for the Ethnoarchaeological Caste Project in Southwestern Ethiopia
0521262 U of Southern Maine Duboise $266,666
Acquisition of Integrated Electron Microscopy, Tomography and Computational Resources Supporting Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Research and Education at USM
0521239 U of Tennessee Chattanooga Richards $251,720
Acquisition of a LC-MS-MS for Research in Biology, Environmental Science, and Chemistry at UT Chattanooga
0521086 U of Texas Austin Frank $817,107
Acquisition of a High-Temperature Testing Facility for Materials and Structural Components
0521644 U of Texas El Paso Keller $431,992
Upgrade of a Pool of Highly Portable Seismic Recorders for Use by the Seismological Community
0521650 U of Texas El Paso Zubia $570,500
Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope for Nanoscale Science and Technology Research, Training and Teaching
0521585 U of Texas Pan American Kumar $280,194
Acquisition of Instrumentation for Security Research and Training with Wireline and Wireless Information Networks
0520796 U of Vermont & St Agr Coll Maughan $402,507
Development of a single myofibril mechanochemical assay and fluorescence detection system.
0521019 U of Wisconsin Eau Claire Gallagher $290,035
Upgrade of 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Faculty-Student Collaborative Research
0520825 U of Wisconsin Madison Sussman $698,800
Acquisition of a MALDI-TOFTOF Mass Spectrometer for Wisconsin Researchers
0521328 U of Wisconsin Milwaukee Tysoe $294,837
MRI: Acquisition of an Ultrahigh Vacuum Atomic Force Microscopy Apparatus
0520711 U of Wisconsin Stevens Pt McGinley $63,994
Acquisition of Nutrient Analyzer for Understanding and Communicating Land to Water Nutrient Transfer
0521633 U of Wyoming Naughton $117,545
An LDA system for Turbulence Research and Experimental Fluid Dynamics Education
0520658 U of Wyoming Yarger $170,460
Development of an Angle-Dispersive Brillouin Imaging Spectrometer
0521688 Univ Corp, Northridge Fdn Kelson $336,720
MRI/RUI Acquisition of a Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer to Support Chemistry Research at California State University, Northridge
0521073 Universidad Del Turabo Cantrell $132,227
MRI: Acquisition of a Capillary Genetic Analyzer and a Real Time PCR to Develop a Molecular Biology Laboratory for Undergraduate and Graduate Research at Universidad delTurabo.
0521621 Utah State U Smith $439,020
Realizing the potential of time-resolved PIV through Development of Integrated in-lab Beowulf cluster processing
0521102 VA Polytechnic Inst & St U Vlachos $394,494
MRI: Development of a Spatiotemporal Velocimetry with Simultaneous Size Measurements for Polydispersed Multi-Phase Flows
0521292 Vanderbilt U Feldman $495,000
MRI: The acquisition of an electron beam lithography system
0521237 Vassar College Tanski $299,177
Acquisition of a CCD X-ray Diffractometer for Chemical Research and Education
0521062 Villanova U Kassel $323,876
Acquisition of a multi-user single-crystal/powder x-ray diffractometer
0521011 Villanova U Singh $515,425
Acquisition of High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Teaching in Nanostructured Materials Engineering
0521068 Virginia Military Institute Res Lab Bott $180,574
Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer and a Gas Chromatograph (GC-FID/ECD/SCD) for the Virginia Military Institute
0520619 Wake Forest U Schirillo $57,147
Acquisition of Instruments to Measure Visual Bias of Occluded Auditory Signals in Three-Dimensional Space
0520778 Washington U Turner $800,000
Development of a Diversified Router for Experimental Research in Networking
0521454 Wayne State U Fotouhi $294,200
Instrument Acquisition for Endangered Languages Research: Development of an Ontology-based Toolbox
0521101 West Texas A&M U Parker $205,230
Acquisition of a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer-Olfactometer for Characterization of Environmental Odors of Arbitrary Composition
0521034 West Virginia U Research Corp Ross $107,903
Collaborative Research: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Biometric Authentication Research
0521334 Western Carolina U Mathews $135,585
MRI/RUI: Acquisition of a Genetic Analyzer and Real-Time PCR System Machine for Undergraduate Research
0520789 Western Kentucky U Research Foundation Burris $217,442
Acquisition of a surface probe microscopy instrument for materials research and education
0521456 Whitehead Inst Biomed Res Matsudaira $301,543
Computing to Support High-Throughput and High Content Imaging Assays
0520356 Williams College Wilder $145,924
Acquisition of DNA Analysis Instrumentation for Research and Education
0520790 Wright State U Baird $382,837
Acqusition of genonics instrumentation for evolutionary, ecological, and environmental biology.
0521705 Zool Soc of San Diego Ryder $198,911
Acquisition of Major Research Instrumentation for Expanding Genetic Databases in Comparative Primatology