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Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization
Project Director
Award Amount
Project Title
0813850 U of Alaska Anchorage Hagedorn $411,539
Enhancing Research and Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage with a state-of-the-art Liquid Chromatograph-Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
0818206 Hobart & William Smith Col Brown $418,430
Acquisition of an Instrument Network to Investigate Zooplankton Dormancy in the Finger Lakes of New York.
0819686 Colgate University Rowlett $410,700
MRI: Acquisition of a Gemini R Ultra X-ray Diffractometer for Structural Biology and Chemistry
0820025 Covenant College Broussard $178,935
MRI:  Acquisition of a Thin Film Growth and Characterization Lab for Undergraduate Education
0820306 U of Colorado Colo Springs Holder $17,535
MRI:  Acquisition of a Spectral Analysis System to Measure Leaf Optical Properties
0820381 U of Texas Pan American Kuang $196,435
MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Integrated Circuit Design and Device Characterization
0820640 Lafayette College Suleiman $250,052
MRI: Acquisition of State-of-the-Art Soil-Structure Interaction Facility
0820723 USC Research Foundation Thunell $999,413
MRI: Acquisition of ICPMS Instrumentation for Interdisciplinary Research
0820756 Grinnell College DeRidder $51,716
MRI:  Acquisition of a Quantitative Real-Time PCR System for Biological Science Research
0820771 Carnegie Inst of Wash Carlson $675,830
MRI: Acquisition of a Multiple Collector ICPMS for Geochemical and Cosmochemical Studies at DTM
0820779 Ohio State University Research Foundation Mosley-Thompson $337,250
MRI: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled-sector Field Mass Spectrometer to Extract Atmospheric Trace Element Histories from Ice Cores and Assess Contemporary Water Quality
0820845 Texas Woman's University Sheardy $147,800
MRI: Acquisition of a Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer
0820852 New Mexico Highlands Univ Martinez $82,529
The Acquisition of an FS 3100 Automated Chemistry Analyzer and a Hydrolab Sonde for Water Quality Research and Training
0820853 New Mexico Highlands Univ Petronis $199,019
Acquisition of Equipment to Establish a Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Laboratory at New Mexico Highlands University
0820869 Virginia State University Slaughter $249,483
MRI: Acquisition of a Molecular Imaging System to Continue Faculty & Student Research in an Interdisciplinary Biosystems and Engineering Research Program
0820875 U of MD College Park Goodman $1,397,963
MRI:Development of  the HAWC-256 Wide-Field Gamma Ray Detector
0820883 University of Notre Dame Wiescher $3,520,541
MRI: Acquisition of an  Accelerator for Stellar Nucleosynthesis Measurements
0820884 Mich Technological Univ Shahbazian-Yassar $224,063
MRI: Acquisition of an In-Situ AFM/STM-TEM System for Interdisciplinary Nano-Research and Education at Michigan Tech
0820887 U of Ill Urbana-Champaign Cunningham $570,518
MRI:  Acquisition of Step-and-Flash Lithography Tool for Nanometer-Scaled Surface Engineering
0820899 Norfolk State University Salgado $119,491
MRI-Consortium: Development of the Pre-Shower Calorimeter for the CLAS12 Detector at Jefferson Lab
0820919 Texas A&M International U Ni $99,210
MRI: Acquisition of a Low-Field NMR for Research/Education at Texas A&M International University
0820921 CUNY Queensboro Cmty Col Scal $60,453
MRI: Acquisition of an Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy Unit for Research and Undergraduate Training in Geology, Chemistry, and Material Sciences and STEM Activities in Grades 7-12
0820937 College of William & Mary Griffioen $285,000
MRI-Consortium: Development of the Pre-Shower Calorimeter for the CLAS12 Detector at Jefferson Lab
0820941 Florida State University Rogachev $252,000
Collaborative research-MRI:  Development of the LSU-FSU Array for Nuclear Astrophysics with Exotic Nuclei
0820945 Virginia Commonwealth Univ Carpenter $590,552
MRI: Acquisition of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) for Research and Education at VCU
0820946 University of Maine Gerbi $457,584
MRI: Acquisition of an SEM-EDS-EBSD-CL Microanalytical System for Solid Earth and Climate Change Research
0820958 Chicago State University Maselli $354,536
MRI: Acquisition of a State of the Art Scanning Electron Microscope at Chicago State University on Chicago's far Southside
0820965 Middlebury College Larrabee $76,748
MRI:  Acquisition of a Spectropolarimeter for Circular Dichroism and Magnetic Circular Dichroism Experiments
0820966 James Madison University Niculescu $264,063
MRI-Consortium: Development of the Pre-Shower Calorimeter for the CLAS12 Detector at Jefferson Lab
0820977 Minnesota St Unv Moorhead Fuselier $21,893
MRI: Acquisition of Molecular Biology Laboratory Instruments:  The Tree of Life Branches out to MSUM
0820982 U of NC Chapel Hill Jones $482,781
MRI: Rapid Image Acquisition of Dynamic Arabidopsis Cells and for High-Throughput Genetic Screens
0820983 Univ of Mass Lowell Lee $100,304
MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentations for Studying Complex Contaminants in Water
0820985 University of Utah Sieburth $484,395
MRI: Acquisition of an Illumina/Solexa Genome Analyzer
0820986 U of Texas El Paso Borrok $718,550
MRI: Acquisition of a LA-MC-ICP-MS for Innovative, Interdisciplinary Research at UTEP: Student Training, Faculty Development, Institutional Excellence
0820991 Duke University Leary $251,098
MRI: Acquisition of a Mobile Behavioral Research Laboratory
0820993 Bucknell University Wakabayashi $311,663
MRI: Acquisition of Equipment for Melt- and Solid-State Fabrication and Barrier Performance Evaluation of Polymer Nanocomposites
0820996 U of Pennsylvania Dmochowski $435,264
MRI: Acquisition of Tri-Institutional, Cyber-Enabled Chemistry MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
0821005 Johns Hopkins University Broholm $501,374
MRI: Acquisition of a High Field, Multi-Probe Cryogenic System for Quantum and Nano-Structured Materials Research
0821008 Brown University Paine $810,000
MRI: Acquisition of a Dual Focued Ion/Electron Beam (FIB) Imaging and Nano-Fabrication Tool
0821014 University of Michigan Murray $237,089
MRI: Acquisition of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer and Ion Chromatograph for UM-Dearborn Environmental Research
0821021 Princeton University Scherer $563,712
MRI:  Acquisition of Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM)
0821056 Dartmouth College Baker $175,000
MRI: Acquisition of a Cold-Room Equipped Micro CT
0821057 U of Tennessee Chattanooga Kovach $87,250
MRI:  Acquisition of a Microarray Scanner and Real-Time PCR System for Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching in an Undergraduate College Setting
0821062 U of NC Asheville Horton $127,487
MRI: Acquisition of Controlled Environment Plant Growth Chambers For Research And Teaching In The Plant Sciences
0821070 Rowan University Mandayam $489,550
MRI: Acquisition of an Immersive Virtual Reality System for the South Jersey Technology Park at Rowan University
0821082 Southern Ill U Edwardsvill Shaw $173,865
MRI: An EPR spectrometer for teaching and research.
0821093 Alabama A&M University Schamschula $190,707
MRI:  Acquisition of a Computer Cluster for Space Weather Modeling
0821097 IUP-RI Hovan $63,841
MRI: Acquisition of a Coulter-Beckman Multisizer 3 Electronic Particle Analyzer and preparatory instruments for sedimentary research and education with undergrad students at IUP
0821110 College of Wooster Schultz $226,115
MRI: Acquisition of an LC/MS/MS to Enhance Undergraduate Research and Teaching
0821113 U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Romanach $290,795
MRI: Acquisition of NIR Chemical Imaging Spectrometer to Study Novel Organic Composites
0821121 U of Illinois Chicago Leigh $706,487
MRI: Development of OmegaTable and OmegaDesk - Instruments for Interactive Visual Data Exploration and Collaboration
0821124 Appalachian State Univ Coffey $380,457
MRI: Acquisition of Atomic Force Microscopes for Nanoscience Education. Research. and Outreach
0821126 University of Miami Jiang $250,000
MRI: Development of a Reconfigurable Microgrid Test Bed for Resilient and Sustainable Energy Systems Research and Education
0821129 Delaware State University Khan $355,573
MRI: Acquisition of Networking Equipment to Establish a High-Performance Computing and High-Bandwidth Research Network at an HBCU
0821132 Yale University Girvin $1,984,216
MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Computational Cluster for Yale University
0821136 Carnegie Mellon University De Graef $679,767
MRI: Acquisition of an Imaging Spherical Aberration Corrector and a Lorentz Lens for Magnetic Materials Characterization
0821141 Rochester Inst of Tech Merritt $96,131
MRI: Acquisition of two special-purpose computers for simulation of the galactic center environment
0821152 Central Michigan U Sirbescu $352,118
MRI: Aquisition of an Advanced Fluid and Melt Inclusion Laboratory
0821155 U of Cal San Diego DeFanti $2,000,000
MRI: Development of Instrumentation for Project GreenLight
0821159 Missouri State U Dong $388,756
MRI-RUI: Acquisition of a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope to Advance Research and Education at Missouri State University
0821162 Texas Tech University Dallas $309,043
MRI: Acquisition of a Nanocoating System for Engineering Surfaces
0821168 U of Cal Santa Barbara Speck $959,270
MRI: Acquisition of an Atom Probe for Materials Research
0821172 Rider University Chen $155,291
MRI: Acquisition of a Powder X-ray Diffractometer for Research and Teaching
0821173 Ohio University Hicks $110,000
MRI-Consortium: Development of the Pre-Shower Calorimeter for the CLAS12 Detector at Jefferson Lab
0821174 U of Miami Sch Mar&Atmos Hynes $716,050
MRI:  Development of a LASER Sensor for the Measurement of Elemental and Reactive Gaseous Mercury
0821180 Old Dominion University Research Foundation Darby $500,000
MRI: Acquisition of an Electron Probe Microanalyzer for Innovative Geological, Biogeochemical, and Material Science Applications
0821192 North Carolina State U Boss $394,482
MRI: Aquisition of a Laser Scanning Microscope for Imaging of Eukaryotic Organisms for Research and Teaching
0821203 Cleveland Mus of Nat Hist Keiper $113,063
Acquisition of an Updated Digital Microscopy Station for Multidisciplinary Museum Research and Student Training
0821204 San Francisco State Univ Chu $674,116
MRI: Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope to Advance Research and Research Training Opportunities at San Francisco State University
0821206 Lehigh University Koel $844,800
MRI: Acquisition of a high-sensitivity low energy ion scattering (LEIS) spectrometer for research into the nature of functional surfaces and interfaces
0821210 Santa Clara University Jameson $330,065
MRI: Acquisition of nanomanipulator system for collaborative undergraduate research at Santa Clara University
0821211 Miami Univ Fernandes $283,231
MRI: Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope
0821214 Smith College Barresi $617,662
MRI: New Instrumentation for High Resolution 4D Imaging
0821215 TX A&M U Corpus Christi Smee $461,692
MRI: Acquisition of Equipment to Quantify Environmental Conditions in Estuarine Systems
0821224 NJIT Sirenko $558,188
MRI: Development of a Full-Muller-Matrix Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Far-IR Radiation at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS-BNL)
0821231 U of Oklahoma Bluestein $875,000
MRI:  Development of a Mobile, Rapid-scan, X-band, Polarimetric Doppler Radar
0821233 Boise State University Wingett $503,775
MRI: Acquisition of a FACS (Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorter) to Support Collaborative Research and Education in Biomolecular sciences and nanomaterials applications
0821235 St. Cloud State University Cetkovic-Cvrlje $126,900
MRI:Acquisition of a Flow Cytometer 4 Color Dual Laser Basic for the Identification and Quantification of Cells
0821236 U of MD Baltimore County Zhu $384,001
MRI: Acquisition of a MicroCT System for Collaborative Research at UMBC
0821241 U of Cincinnati Riley $317,510
MRI: Acquisition of Motion Capture and Eye Tracking Equipment to Enable Innovative Research on Joint Action
0821243 Fairfield University Sergent $92,046
MRI:  Development of Improved Methods for Packaging Electronic Circuits
0821247 Texas A&M University Angel $342,014
MRI: Acquisition of a IM-Q-TOF Mass Spectrometer
0821250 U of MD College Park Wolniak $464,846
MRI: Acquisition of a Leica Confocal Microscope to Develop a Visual Imaging Center
0821252 Texas State U - San Marcos Koke $234,360
Acquisition of a Multi-Photon-Ready Microscope at Texas State University
0821254 Texas State U - San Marcos Martin $124,880
MRI:  Acquisition of a Cyber-enabled Benchtop Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer for Small Molecule Structure Analysis for Research and Educational Purposes.
0821256 U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Leighton $161,548
MRI: Acquisition of a High Pressure Oxygen Sputtering System for Research and Education in Oxide Heterostructures
0821258 U of MD Baltimore County Gobbert $388,110
MRI: Acquisition of an Interdisciplinary Facility for High-Performance Computing
0821263 U of Georgia Res Fdn Inc Xu $796,822
MRI: Acquisition of a Computer Cluster for Bioinformatics Research at UGA
0821264 Int Amer U PR San Juan Vardar $140,342
MRI: Acquisition of a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) for Research and Teaching in Science and Engineering
0821268 U of Vermont & St Agr Coll Furis $242,539
MRI: Acquisition of Magneto-Optical Microscopy Instrumentation for Research and Education
0821284 U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Li $376,700
MRI: Acquisition of a Cryogen-Free Physical Property Measurement System for Research and Education at University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
0821292 Worcester Polytech Inst Iannacchione $233,194
MRI: Acquisition of a Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Spectroscopic  Ellipsometer for Characterizing Complex Fluids
0821296 Carnegie Mellon University Armitage $429,200
MRI: Acquisition of Surface Plasmon Resonance and Calorimetry Instrumentation
0821298 St Joseph's University Snetselaar $413,049
MRI:  Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Research and Research Training in Biology and Physics at Saint Joseph's University
0821302 SUNY Oswego Tomascak $296,902
MRI: Acquisition of a Quadrupole ICP-MS
0821303 U of Cal Santa Cruz Delaney $566,787
MRI:  Acquisition of a High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer and Laser Ablation System
0821304 Boston University Goldstein $379,039
MRI: Acquistion of Femtosecond UV-Laser Ablation System for Elemental & Isotopic Mapping by Hyphenated Sector Field ICP-MS
0821308 La St U & A&M Coll Blackmon $248,220
Collaborative research-MRI:  Development of the LSU-FSU Array for Nuclear Astrophysics with Exotic Nuclei
0821312 U of Texas Austin Stevenson $526,097
MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope/Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope
0821313 University of Akron Wesdemiotis $876,222
MRI:  Acquisition of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometers for the Analysis of New Synthetic Polymers and Materials
0821316 Yale University Fleming $773,500
MRI:  Development of a Time Projection Chamber and Photo-Multiplier Array to Measure Neutrino Interactions in the MicroBooNE Detector
0821319 Cleveland State University Zhao $219,132
MRI: Acquisition of Equipment to Establish a Secure and Dependable Computing Infrastructure for Research and Education at Cleveland State University
0821321 Northeast Radio Obs Corp Hewitt $607,664
MRI: Acquisition of an Archive for the Murchison Widefield Array
0821331 U of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Colom $1,731,766
MRI: Development of a Meteorological  Radar Network for Puerto Rico's West Coast
0821338 Eastern Mennonite Univ. Cessna $103,130
MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation to Support Integrated Research and Teaching in Interdisciplinary Environmental Plant Biology
0821345 Florida International Univ Rishe $1,998,659
MRI: Development of a High-Performance Database Appliance for Geospatial Applications
0821346 University of Florida Talham $261,619
MRI: Acquisition of a Dual Source X-Ray Diffraction Instrument
0821357 Jackson State University Yu $580,559
MRI: Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer at Jackson State University
0821369 Rocky Mtn Biol Lab Billick $763,694
MRI: Acquisition of a Distributed Environmental Sensor Network by the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
0821370 Texas A&M Univ-Kingsville Ramirez $310,795
MRI: Acquisition of a Field Emission-Scanning Electron Microscope for Nanoscience Research and Education
0821374 Bigelow Lab for Ocean Scs Stepanauskas $494,045
MRI: Acquisition of equipment for microbial single cell genomics research
0821376 Southern Polytechnic State Ortiz $34,553
MRI: Instrument and Equipment Aquisition for the Environmental laboroatory at SPSU
0821381 Tufts University Lee $393,564
MRI: Acquisition of an LC-MS Facility for Research and Education in Metabolic Systems Biology
0821384 CUNY Hunter College Stamos $180,955
MRI: Acquisition of Range Scanning and Rapid Prototyping Equipment for 3D urban modeling
0821385 U of Nebraska-Lincoln Gay $309,507
MRI:  Development of a Rubidium Spin Filter as a Source of Polarized Electrons
0821387 University of Toledo Ashburner $207,274
MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Digital Imaging and Fluorescent Detection
0821391 MIT Keating $256,086
MRI: Acquisition of computing equipment for research and education in computational biology
0821393 U of Illinois Chicago Royston $221,784
MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer System
0821401 Duquesne University Johnson $574,500
MRI: Acquisition of a Tandem Mass Spectrometer for 'Omics Research
0821406 Rowan University Hettinger $227,422
MRI: Acquisition of a Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for Use in Undergraduate Materials and Forensic Research and Education
0821420 Southern Methodist Univ Krueger $196,490
MRI:  Acquisition of a Volumetric, 3-Component Particle Displacement and Velocity Measurement System for Mechanical and Environmental Engineering Measurements
0821426 College of Charleston Cory $63,773
MRI: Acquisition of HPLC with Diode Array Detection for Pharmaceutical and Forensic Chemistry at the College of Charleston
0821431 U of Alaska Fairbanks Conde $684,788
MRI:  Development of a Thermospheric Wind Imager
0821432 Yale University DeCamilli $718,000
MRI: Acquisition of a 200 kV Electron Tomography Microscope for Quantitative High Resolution Imaging of Cells in 3 Dimensions
0821439 Randolph-Macon College Fenster $181,525
MRI: Acquisition of Side-scan Sonar, Seismic Reflection Profiling, and Differential Global Positioning Sys in Support of Coastal and Shallow Marine Research and Teaching Activities
0821442 U of Hawaii Dunlap $307,370
MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Training in the Biological and Materials Sciences
0821450 Boston University Rothschild $565,926
MRI: Development of an Ultra-Fast Optical Spectroscopy System for Multi-Disciplinary Studies
0821454 U of Houston Litvinov $999,278
MRI: Consortium Proposal: Acquisition of a Dual Beam Focused Ion Beam System to Support Transformative Device and Materials Research in the Greater Houston Area
0821455 Texas A&M Research Fdn Marcantonio $666,583
MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer for Earth and Environmental Science Research at Texas A&M University
0821459 U of Missouri Kansas City Guess $376,693
MRI: Acquisition of an Established Platform to Support Research and Educational Activities in Human Motion
0821466 Univ of Connecticut Strausbaugh $511,736
MRI: Acquisition of a Genome Sequencer System for Research and Education
0821467 Troy State U Main Campus Podder $132,026
MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution Optical Monochromator System
0821471 Boston College Naughton $550,000
MRI: Acquisition of Nanolithography Instrumentation for Research and Education at Boston College
0821474 U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Papanikolopoulos $1,679,591
MRI: Development of a Vision-based Real-Time Body Motion Tracking Instrument for Advanced  Radiation Treatment
0821475 Hampton University Providence $58,400
MRI: Acquisition of High Performance Computing Cluster for Research and Education in Computer Science
0821487 Oakland University Severson $363,128
MRI:  Acquisition of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Cyber Facilitated Regional Use
0821497 U of Alabama Birmingham Skjellum $457,986
MRI: Development of a GPU-Enabled Integrated Storage Computation Architecture and System
0821501 U of Vermont & St Agr Coll Matthews $430,735
MRI: Acquisition of an LCMS for the Chemistry Department at the University of Vermont
0821503 University of Michigan Xiang $274,233
MRI: Acquisition of Instruments for the Research of Applying Ultra Wide Band Based Wireless Networks to Vehicles for Communications and Controls
0821504 University of West Georgia Fujita $344,325
MRI: Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Enhance Faculty and Undergraduate Research and Chemical Education at the University of West Georgia
0821508 Tufts University Kumar $349,493
Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer
0821515 Case Western Reserve Rowan $565,442
MRI: Acquisition of a Cyber-Enabled Mass Spectrometer Facility
0821517 U of New Hampshire Kinsey $103,099
MRI: Acquisition of a Digital Imaging Correlation System to Advance Research, Training and Education in Engineering
0821520 New York University Zhang $117,108
MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation on Established Studies on Interactions of Unsteady Flows and Dynamical Boundaries
0821527 PA St U University Park Raghavan $1,995,000
MRI Acquistion of A Scalable Instrument for Discovery through Computing
0821531 Clarkson University Bonner $400,597
MRI: Development of an Aquatic Health Monitoring Unit
0821536 Rensselaer Polytech Inst Ramanath $319,982
MRI: Acquisition of a Multipurpose X-Ray Diffractometer for  Advanced Materials Research and Education
0821538 U of Nebraska-Lincoln Fromm $714,750
MRI:  Acquisition of High Capacity DNA Sequencing System
0821544 SUNY Oswego Steiger $156,072
MRI:  Acquisition of Upper-Air and Surface Observing Systems for Weather Research and Instruction at SUNY Oswego
0821552 U of NC Wilmington Seaton $1,035,000
MRI:  Acquisition of a 600MHz NMR
0821556 Iowa State University Thompson $525,000
MRI: Acquisition of Terahertz Ray Research Facility
0821557 Bethune Cookman College Obeng $222,975
MRI: Acquisition of Mobile Robot Systems for Autonomous Multiple-Robot Cooperative Control Research
0821567 SUNY New Paltz Ferguson $253,668
MRI:  Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope at SUNY New Paltz
0821571 Austin Peay State Univ Markov $107,000
MRI: Acquisition of a Photobioreactor for Pilot-Scale Studies of Biofuel Generation from Microalgae
0821574 MIT Makris $1,998,000
MRI: Development of A System for Continuously Monitoring Fish Population and Behavior over Continental Shelf-Scales with Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote Sensing (OAWRS)
0821581 Hamilton College Shields $229,000
MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Computer for the Molecular Education and Research Consortium in Undergraduate computational chemistRY (MERCURY)
0821582 Florida International Univ Wang $412,220
MRI: Acquisition of a Nanoimprinting System for Research and Education
0821584 Carnegie Inst of Wash Mao $397,393
MRI: Acquisition of Portable Extreme Temperature-Pressure System
0821585 Trinity University Zhang $123,222
MRI: Acquisition of Equipment to Establish a Distributed Intelligent Agent Systems Infrastructure for Research and Education at Trinity University
0821589 U of Cal Santa Barbara Han $1,254,623
MRI: Development of a 240 GHz Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer with Nanosecond Time Resolution
0821590 U of NC Charlotte Stokes $689,740
MRI: Development of a high-pressure MOCVD for III-nitride semiconductor devices
0821597 Univ of Connecticut Cui $1,441,857
MRI: Development of Instrumentation for an Autonomous Underwater Sensor Network System
0821599 U of Cal SD Scripps Inst Roberts $1,159,060
MRI:  Development of PAEROS (Portable AERosol Observing System) for Global Observations
0821600 Clark Atlanta University Khan $549,800
MRI: Acquiring a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Establish the Joint Morehouse College - Clark Atlanta University  Magnetic Resonance Facility (MCMRF)
0821604 U of NC Charlotte Xu $563,899
MRI: Acquisition of an Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope System for Multidisciplinary Research and Education at UNC Charlotte
0821606 Stevens Inst of Technology Shi $283,290
MRI: Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Etcher for Nano/Micro Device Fabrication
0821607 Rutgers Univ New Brunswick Metaxas $1,997,164
MRI:  Development of Next Generation Collaborative Underwater Robotic Instrument
0821608 U of New Hampshire Wosnik $234,126
MRI: Acquisition of an Integrated High Frame-Rate Particle Image Velocimetry (HFR-PIV) System
0821615 University of Iowa Peate $385,842
MRI: Acquisition of a Laser Ablation ICP-MS Facility for Geoscience and Environmental Engineering and Sciences Research and Teaching in Iowa
0821619 San Francisco State Univ Ichimura $783,210
MRI: Acquisition of a FE-SEM to Enhance Research and Student Training in Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Physics, and Engineering at San Francisco State University
0821622 University of Florida Fortes $1,311,108
MRI: Acquisition of Instrumentation for Coupled Established-Computational Neuroscience and Biology Research
0821625 U of Kansas Ctr for Res In Evans $535,591
MRI:  Acquisition of an Advanced Computational Infrastructure for Modeling Biological Systems
0821640 Vanderbilt University Bodenheimer $260,479
MRI: Acquisition of Instruments for Interaction, Learning, and Perception in Virtual Environments
0821644 Carnegie Inst Rawlins $308,558
Acquisition of a Variable Pressure SEM to Enable Research, Education, and Services at Carnegie Museum of Natural History
0821649 Univ of Ill at Springfield Chen $106,475
MRI: Acquisition of a Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen (CHN) Elemental Analyzer for Ecosystem Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamic Research and Training at University of Illinois at Springfield
0821655 North Dakota State U Fargo Katti $692,234
MRI: Acquisition of a Multipurpose Analytical High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope for Research and Education in NDSU's Central Multi-User Microscopy Facility
0821658 Tennessee Technological U Qiu $307,809
MRI: Acquisition of Research and Education Equipment for Ultra-Wideband Wireless Sensor Network and Radar Sensing Integration
0821661 Indiana University Minto $479,590
MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution LC-MS/MS System
0821667 Cornell University Grills $650,866
Major Research Instrumentation (MRI): Acquisition of a Massively Parallel Sequencing Instrument System
0821671 U of Southern California Roberts $538,270
MRI: Acquisition of a 600 Mhz NMR Spectrometer at the University of Southern California
0821675 South Dakota State Univ Farrokh Baroughi $250,000
Acquisition of a plasma-enhanced-chemical-vapor-deposition cluster tool for photovoltaics and large area electronics
0821678 University of Chicago Papka $1,377,669
MRI: Acquisition of PADS - A Petscale Active Data Store
0821682 Montana State University-N Soriano $71,375
MRI: Acquisition of Polarized Light Microscope and Cold Filter Plugging Point Analyzer for MSU-Northern Bio-Energy Innovation and Testing Center
0821687 U of Minnesota Duluth Guildford $193,827
MRI Proposal for Acquisition of a Flow Cytometer for Aquatic Ecosystem Research
0821689 U of Wisconsin Madison Sheinis $1,996,370
MRI: Development of the RSS/NIR Spectrograph for the SALT 11-Meter Telescope
0821693 Univ of Louisiana at Lafay Glass $127,120
MRI: Acquisition of Advanced Scanning Proton Microprobe Analytical Endstation for Biological Applications
0821700 Texas A&M Research Fdn Russell $1,995,095
MRI: Development of an IM-TOF Instrument for a Structural Biology Center
0821702 Univ of Louisiana at Lafay Zhao $700,000
MRI: Acquisition of A Wireless Nanonetworks Integration and Emulation System for Multi-Processor SoC Research and Education
0821703 Cincinnati Museum Center Mays $100,000
MRI: Aquisition of a Molecular Ecology and Systematics Laboratory at Cincinnati Museum Center
0821704 U of Alabama Tuscaloosa Mankey $413,000
MRI: Acquisition of A Hybrid Deposition System for Materials Science Research and Education
0821713 Washington University Dyke $823,712
MRI: Development of Configurable Cyberphysical Instrument for Real-time Hybrid Testin
0821720 Lamar University Beaumont Li $124,000
MRI: Acquisition of 2D PIV with GSV for Research Activities in Alternative Energy, Advanced Thermal and Mechanical Systems
0821727 William Marsh Rice Univ Mellor-Crummey $1,977,152
MRI: Acquisition of Cyberinfrastructure for Computational Research (CCR)
0821728 Brigham Young University Udall $630,000
MRI: Aquisition of Genome Sequencer FLX system
0821736 University of North Texas Dantu $815,561
MRI: Development of a Flexible Instrument and Tools for Established Research in Next-Generation 9-1-1 Services
0821741 La St U & A&M Coll Park $793,544
MRI: CRON: Development of a Cyberinfrastructure Reconfigurable Optical Network for Large-Scale Scientific Discovery
0821745 U of Texas Arlington Meletis $320,000
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope to Enhance Interdisciplinary Research and Education
0821748 U of Cal SD Scripps Inst Norris $481,600
MRI: Acquisition of an XRF Core Scanner - A Revolutionary Tool for Studying the Long-Term Behavior of Ocean Ecosystems and Climate
0821750 U of Southern California Ye $2,000,000
MRI: Development of an Always-Available Testbed for Underwater Networking Research
0821756 Portland State University Zurk $355,485
MRI: Acquisition of a Terahertz Time Domain Spectrometer
0821763 Colorado State University Bartels $346,613
MRI: Development of a robust, high-repetition rate, ultrafast mid-IR laser source for spectroscopy and sensing
0821766 U of Cal - Merced Carpin $476,500
MRI: Acquisition of Robotic Hardware for Humanoid Research  in Cognitive Science and Engineering
0821771 U of Cal - Merced Ghosh $656,473
MRI: Acquisition of a Composite Femtosecond Lasing System for Broadband Non-linear Static and Dynamic Optical Analysis of Organic and Semiconducting Systems
0821780 Brigham Young University Warnick $641,275
MRI: Development of a Flexible Multichannel Digital Receiver for Radio Astronomy
0821781 Willamette University Duncan $409,750
MRI: Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Enhance Undergraduate Research and Research Training at Willamette University
0821783 Idaho State University Maschner $552,417
MRI: Proposal to Purchase a ESEM with CL, STEM, and EDX, at Idaho State University
0821788 MT Tech of the U of Montan MacLaughlin $552,585
MRI:  Acquisition of Fiber Optic & Tiltmeter Systems for Measuring Deformations in Deep Underground Facilities
0821794 U of Colorado Boulder Tufo $3,995,000
MRI-Consortium:  Acquisition of a Supercomputer by the Front Range Computing Consortium
0821796 Arizona State University Carpenter $3,277,750
MRI: Acquisition of an Aberration Corrected High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Micro. for Advanced Materials Research
0821799 Colorado State University Bailey $671,376
MRI: Acquisition of Integrated Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering Instrumentation for the Rocky Mountain Region
0821802 Montana State University Cloninger $537,054
MRI: Development of fluorescence microplate readers
0821806 New Mexico St University Houde $1,417,379
MRI: Acquisition of Genomic Sequencing Instrumentation
0821816 U of Cal San Diego Holst $451,328
MRI: Acquisition of a Parallel Computing and Visualization Facility to Enable Integrated Research and Training in Modern Computational Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
0821820 Cal State U Fresno Fdn Muller $311,414
MRI: Acquisition of a High-speed Camera System to Record Animal Movements in Three Dimensions
0821832 Hope College Evans $117,080
Acquisition of Automated Genetic Analyzer for Interdisciplinary Research, Teaching and Training in Molecular Phylogenetics,  Biology, and Bioinformatics in an Undergraduate College
0821839 Cal State Dominguez Hills Han $57,168
Acquisition of a High-Performance Cluster-Grid for Research and Education in Computational Sciences
0821841 U of Cal Irvine Johnson $360,703
MRI:  Acquisition of a High-Resolution Double-Focusing Magnetic Sector-Field Mass Spectrometer (HR-ICP-MS) for Paleoclimate and Biogeochemical Research
0821852 Oregon State University Dhagat $308,660
MRI: Acquisition of a Laser Lithography Tool
0821855 U of Cal Berkeley D'Esposito $1,431,462
MRI: Acquisition of a Siemens MAGNETOM Trio A Tim System
0821856 U of Alaska Fairbanks Wooller $237,452
MRI: Acquisition of a Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Analyzing Specific Organic Compounds to Promote a Vigorous Isotopic Research and Teaching Program
0821858 U of Cal Santa Barbara Turk $1,823,046
MRI: Development of the Allosphere, an Immersive Instrument for Scientific Exploration
0821863 California Inst of Tech Roukes $620,000
MRI: Development of Single-Molecule NEMS Mass Spectrometry
0821866 U of Hawaii Tokunaga $1,979,577
MRI:  Development of a High-Resolution Spectrograph for the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility
0821867 Hawaii Pacific University Horgen $91,767
MRI: Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer for Marine Chemistry and Lipid Biogeochemistry Research at Hawaii Pacific University
0821868 Bernice P Bishop Museum James $109,083
MRI: Acquisition of Imaging Stations and Server Space for the Digitization and Online Access of Research Specimens

(This list includes only proposals that were submitted to the MRI program.)