Major Research Instrumentation Program Crosscutting Programs NSF Wide Flag


Award Organization Principal Investigator Award Amount
Dakota State University Xu $400,000
MRI: Acquisition of an Online Banking System for Information Assurance Research
1125520 Marist College Norton $678,883
MRI: Acquisition of an Enterprise Level System for Research and Research Training
1125616 Berry College Breton $258,971
MRI: Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Facilitate Faculty Research and Improve Undergraduate Research Training
1125672 University of New England Ford $433,938
MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Spectral Confocal Microscope for Multidisciplinary Research, Teaching and Outreach
1125782 Stanford University Stebbins $761,133
MRI: Acquisition of an electron microprobe for research in Earth sciences, materials science, and applied physics
1125791 University of Washington Castner $410,857
MRI: Development of a Femtosecond Scattering SFG Instrument
1125821 Museum of Fine Arts Newman $133,527
Acquisition of a Mass Spectrometer for a Capillary High Performance Liquid Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (LC/MS)
1125927 Virginia Wesleyan College Townsend $242,502
MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope to Enhance Undergraduate Research Training in the Natural Sciences
1125928 Brown University Chason $466,612
MRI: Acquisition of an Advanced X-ray Diffraction System for the Brown University X-Ray Facility
1125949 Mount St. Mary's University Ward $33,325
MRI: Acquisition of a Real Time PCR System for Research and Education at an Undergraduate Institution
1125975 College of St Catherine Janzen $201,787
MRI Consortium: Acquisition of a Single-Crystal X-ray Diffractometer for a Regional PUI Molecular Structure Facility
1125982 Idaho State University Thomas $194,365
MRI: Acquisition of an Ion Torrent PGM Sequencer for Research and Education
1125993 The College of New Jersey Sen $261,086
MRI : Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Undergraduate Research and Training
1125994 Northern Kentucky University Research Foundation, Inc Paula $83,624
MRI: Acquisition of an isothermal titration calorimeter for research and education in chemistry
1125997 Chicago Botanic Garden Havens $136,597
MRI: Acquisition of a seed x-ray machine
1125998 University of Kentucky Research Foundation Hastings $1,261,069
MRI: Development of an Electron-Beam based Instrument to Study Nanoscale Processes in Liquids
1126005 Polytechnic University of New York Gross $392,500
MRI: Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Teaching and Research
1126008 University of Maryland Eastern Shore Jin $94,182
MRI: Acquisition of an Acoustical Measurement System for Structural Health Monitoring Research and Teaching at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore
1126032 Delaware State University Fondong $217,335
MRI: Acquisition of a Bench-top Olympus Confocal Microscope to Advance Biological Research at an HBCU
1126034 Chapman University Keller $52,793
MRI: Acqusition of a CHN Elemental Analyzer for Research in Plant and Ecosystem Ecology by Faculty and Undergraduates at Chapman University
1126052 Rutgers University Camden Grigoriev $452,844
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Performance Computing Cluster for the Interdisciplinary Research in Computational and Integrative Biology
1126054 Colorado College Killian $59,487
MRI: Acquisition of a Fluorescence Stereomicroscope to Enhance Undergraduate Research at Colorado College
1126061 Princeton University Shayegan $436,024
MRI: Acquisition of a Cryogen-free dilution refrigerator with a 12 T magnet
1126067 Auburn University Thomas $1,488,346
MRI: Development of a Magnetized Dusty Plasma Device
1126077 University of Pennsylvania Turner $400,000
MRI: Acquisition of Precision Wafer Aligner and Bonder for Research, Education, and Training?in 3-D Micro-and Nano- Mechanical, Electrical and Optical Systems
1126080 Pomona College Tanenbaum $546,273
MRI: Acquisition of a Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope for a Primarily Undergraduate Consortium
1126100 University of Connecticut Cantino $597,600
MRI: Acquisition of a field emission scanning electron microscope with cryo transfer and EDS systems
1126113 CUNY College of Staten Island Kress $1,311,801
MRI: Instrumentation for Enabling Data Analysis, Sharing, Storage, and Preservation
1126115 University of Florida Xue $628,007
MRI: Acquisition of a scanning X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer with Ultraviolet Photon Source and C60 Ion Gun
1126118 Washington and Lee University Watson $365,736
Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope for Enhancing Undergraduate Research and Training across the Sciences at Washington & Lee University and Virginia Military Inst.
1126119 Wellesley College Vardar Ulu $398,177
MRI: Acquisition: MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer for Multidisciplinary Research and Teaching at an Undergraduate College for Women
1126120 Catholic University of America El-Araby $140,000
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Performance Instrument for Heterogeneous and Biologically Inspired Architectures Research at CUA
1126123 Universidad Metropolitana Arratia $658,049
MRI-Acquisition: Puerto Rico Atmospheric Major Research Laser Instrumentation Program (PR-LASER)
1126125 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Carothers $2,657,633
MRI: Acquisition of a Balanced Environment for Simulation
1126126 Cleveland State University Fodor $472,115
MRI: Acquisition of a field emission scanning electron microscope for multidisciplinary nanotechnology research
1126128 Salem State College Hubeny $122,226
MRI: Acquisition of a stable carbon isotope and elemental analysis system
1126145 Texas A&M International University Kidd $105,000
MRI: Acquisition of an Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer to Enhance Research and Training at Texas A&M International University
1126150 Pace University New York Campus Horne $335,972
MRI: Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Research and Undergraduate Research Training at Pace University
1126177 University of Texas at Dallas Iovu $374,360
MRI: Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Multidisciplinary Research at The University of Texas at Dallas
1126179 University of Arizona Fallahi $1,263,380
MRI: Acquisition of Electron-Beam Lithography System for Nanofabrication and Processing
1126182 University of Northern Colorado Smith $243,905
MRI: Acquisition of a motion, metabolic, and force analysis system for research and research training related to biomechanical deficits
1126193 University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth Sengupta $118,350
MRI: Acquisition of Nanospider for Development of Next Generation of Polymeric Nanofibers
1126196 Ball State University Bishop $497,500
MRI: Acquisition of a Transmission Electron Microscope for Interdisciplinary Research and Teaching
1126200 Humboldt State University Foundation Reiss $530,305
MRI: Acquisition of an FEI Quanta 250 ESEM with EDS for research and training in the HSU College of Natural Resources and Sciences
1126205 University of North Texas Shah $377,290
MRI: Acquisition of a LSM710 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope to Enhance Plant Research and Training at the University of North Texas
1126208 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lu $266,460
MRI: Development of Multifunctional CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy) Imaging System
1126217 Wheaton College Evans $36,179
MRI: Acquisition of an Ion Chromatograph to Support Research and Undergraduate Education
1126224 University of Texas at Dallas Overzet $700,000
MRI: Acquisition of Electron-Beam Lithography for Nanofabrication in the North Texas Region
1126230 Medical University of South Carolina Hennig $261,421
MRI: Acquisition of a Quadruple Resonance (QCI)-Cryoprobe for NMR Research and Training at MUSC
1126231 University of the South Pongdee $259,900
MRI: Acquisition of a 400 MHz Multinuclear NMR Spectrometer
1126234 Hofstra University Sanford $360,809
MRI: Acquisition of an Integrated Volumetric PIV (V3V)/Computer Modeling System for the Study of Biological Phenomena
1126244 North Carolina State University Goshe $651,029
MRI: Acquisition of Advanced LC/MS/MS Instrumentation for Research and Teaching to Characterize Structure-Function Relationship Dynamics of Protein Systems
1126249 Carnegie Institution of Washington Mao $715,400
MRI Consortium: Development of a Monochromator System for Enabling New Imaging and Submicron Probes for High Pressure Research
1126251 Texas Southern University Tymczak $220,000
MRI: Acquisition of HPC at Texas Southern University to Expand Capabilities for Research and Training through Shared High Performance Computing
1126265 University of Vermont & State Agricultural College Matthews $535,000
MRI: Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Chemistry at the Univ of Vermont
1126268 Carnegie-Mellon University Hendrich $304,584
MRI: Acquisition of an Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectrometer and Helium Liquifier
1126272 University of California-San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography Berger $1,018,637
MRI: Development of an Autonomously Deployed Deep-Ocean Seismic System
1126273 Willamette University Coddington $526,788
MRI: Acquisition of a laser scanning confocal system to advance research and training in biology, chemistry, and physics at Willamette University
1126275 University of Chicago Shochet $2,967,108
MRI: Development of ultrafast tracking electronics for the ATLAS trigger
1126279 University of Louisville Research Foundation Inc Alphenaar $469,996
MRI: Development of an Electron State Depletion Microscope at the University of Louisville
1126281 Rider University Sun $100,207
MRI: Acquisition of a Simultaneous ICP-OES for Research and Teaching
1126282 Michigan State University Bollen $585,564
A Single-Ion Penning Trap mass spectrometer (SIPT) for very rare isotopes produced via projectile fragmentation
1126301 SUNY at Buffalo Bright $325,645
MRI: Acquisition of Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy System?
1126311 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Bowen $1,996,965
MRI: Development of a Light-Tethered Undersea Robotic Vehicle for Seafloor Intervention in Ice-Covered Environments and Ship of Opportunity Deployment
1126312 Rockefeller University Simon $463,749
MRI: Development of Polarization Control for Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy
1126314 Purdue University Weiner $273,347
MRI: Acquisition of Self-Referenced Frequency Comb for Atomic-Molecular-Optical Physics and Optical Signal Processing Research
1126327 Saginaw Valley State University Lee $123,144
MRI: Development of Custom Platform with Parallel Application from Rapid Simulation (PARS) Interconnecting DSPs and FPGAs for High Performance Computing
1126330 Oklahoma State University Brunson $908,812
MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Compute Cluster for Multidisciplinary Research
1126337 Wheaton College Buthelezi $255,865
MRI: Acquisition of a Pulsed Laser/Detection System for Time-Resolved Studies of Molecular Complexes
1126338 University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine&Atmospheric Sci Atlas $200,715
MRI: Acquisition of a high-resolution, time-of-flight gas chromatograph/ mass spectrometer for research and training in atmospheric, marine, environmental, and biomedical sciences
1126339 Inter American University of Puerto Rico San Juan Rivera-Betancourt $316,839
Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope for Research and Teaching
1126343 Michigan State University Ruan $968,183
MRI: Development of a femtosecond high brightness electron beam source for time-resolved electron diffraction and imaging
1126344 Clemson University Hallstrom $3,039,175
MRI: Development of the Intelligent River (R), A Basin-Scale Monitoring Instrument
1126345 University of North Florida Gay $143,486
MRI: The UNF-FSU Neutron Detector Array RESONEUT for Rare Ion Beams
1126350 Ohio University Botte $1,169,325
MRI: Acquisition of Transmission Electron Microscope for Advanced Materials Relating to Energy Storage, Alternative Energy, Remediation, and Superconductors
1126353 University of Utah Belz $400,000
MRI: Development of a Radar Observatory for Cosmic Ray Air Showers
1126357 SUNY at Buffalo Melodia $600,000
MRI: Development of a Shared Underwater Acoustic MIMO Networking Testbed
1126360 Washington and Lee University Rahl $355,319
MRI: Acquisition of a Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope at Washington and Lee University
1126361 Clarkson University Dhaniyala $447,125
MRI: Development of a Real-Time Instrument for Measurement of Aerosol Hygroscopicity Growth Factors from Aircraft Platforms
1126366 University of Massachusetts Amherst Minter $384,586
MRI: Acquisition of FACSARIA-II, a next-generation high-speed cell sorter for a Flow Cytometry Core supporting interdisciplinary research and training
1126371 Baylor University Wright $326,552
MRI: Acquisition of a High Speed Stereo-PIV and PLIF System for Fluid Velocity and Temperature Measurements
1126373 PA St U University Park Ferry $369,550
MRI: Acquisition of an AB SCIEX Triple TOF5600 Spectrometer for Metabolomics Research
1126374 University of Notre Dame Lieberman $462,781
MRI: Acquisition of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS)
1126375 Missouri State University Mayanovic $391,765
MRI-RUI: Acquisition of a Micro-Raman-Photoluminescence Instrument for Materials-Related Research and Education
1126379 University of Mississippi Ochs $102,415
MRI: Acquisition of an Imaging Flow Cytometer for Multidisciplinary Organic and Inorganic Particle Research and Education
1126380 Wayne State University Suits $695,275
MRI: Development of a Chirped-Pulse, Fourier-Transform mm-Wave Pulsed Uniform Supersonic Flow Spectrometer
1126382 Tufts University Peattie $250,702
MRI: Acquisition of a High-resolution Multi-material Printing System
1126384 Cleveland State University Sun $267,219
MRI: Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer
1126386 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Raicu $299,908
MRI: Development of an Advanced Two-Photon Microscope for Five-Dimensional Imaging of Macromolecular Systems in Living Cells
1126393 University of Texas at Dallas Bastani $489,668
MRI Consortium: Development of Instrumentation for Measuring the Dependability and Quality of Cloud Computing Systems
1126394 Indiana University - IU’s Nanoscale Characterization Facility Skrabalak $776,114
MRI: Acquisition of an X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer for Research and Education
1126395 Luther College Cleaveland Peterson $120,197
MRI: Acquisition of Accelerated Solvent Extractor and Gas Chromatograph for Undergraduate Paleoclimatological Research
1126400 The College of New Jersey Deese $99,795
MRI: Acquisition of Integrated Electric Power System Test Bed
1126407 Clemson University Temesvari $683,437
MRI: Acquisition of Nikon A1R-MP Spectral Confocal/Multiphoton Microscope with Widefield HyperSpectral Imaging System for the Jordan Hall Imaging Facility
1126410 University of Texas Brownsville Martirosyan $437,970
MRI- Consortium: Acquisition of Cryogen-free Cryocooler-based Physical Property Measurement System to Support Transformative Device and Materials Research in the Rio Grande Valley
1126413 PA St U University Park Mahadevan $3,339,364
MRI: Development of the Habitable Zone Planet Finder Spectrograph for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
1126420 University of Southern Mississippi Guo $161,910
MRI: Acquisition of a flow field-flow fractionation system to enhance colloidal research and education at USM
1126426 University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences Nidzieko $1,249,159
MRI: Acquisition of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for shelf, coastal, and estuarine oceanographic studies
1126433 Northeast Radio Observatory Corp Doeleman $2,756,833
MRI: Development of an ALMA Beamformer for Ultra High Resolution VLBI and High Frequency Phased Array Science
1126438 Western Michigan University deDoncker $289,574
MRI: Acquisition of a High Performance Cluster for Multidisciplinary Computational Research
1126441 University of Wisconsin-Madison Otegui $1,146,576
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Resolution Electron Tomography System
1126444 Southern University Shaban $84,860
MRI: Development of Gas Electron Multiplier Based Fluorescence X ray Detector for Dilute Elements
1126453 University of Minnesota Duluth Austin $485,226
MRI: Acquisition of two Autonomous Moored Profilers for Lake Ecosystem Research
1126455 University of California-Santa Barbara Stemmer $563,096
Acquisition of an oxide molecular beam epitaxy system
1126462 Hope College Hampton $214,750
MRI: Acquisition of an Atomic Force Microscope for Materials Characterization at Hope College
1126465 Duquesne University Evanseck $254,796
MRI: Acquisition of Large Shared Memory Supercomputer at Duquesne University
1126468 Rutgers University New Brunswick Gustafsson $1,640,493
MRI: Development of a Versatile High Energy Resolution Ion Nanosope for Nanoscale Ion Spectroscopy, Ion-based Materials Fabrication and Ion Milling
1126471 University of Richmond Kinsley $646,168
MRI: Acquisition of Apparatus to Study the "Expression" of the Parental Brain
1126478 William Marsh Rice University Knightly $2,940,000
MRI: Development and Deployment of an Operational and Programmable Diverse-Spectrum Access Network
1126482 Sonoma State University Whiles Lillig $308,454
MRI: The Acquisition of a 400 MHz NMR Spectrometer
1126491 Middlebury College Manley $494,664
MRI: Acquisition of an Integrated MultiBeam/Sediment Classification/ Current Profiling System for Interdisciplinary Research in Lake Champlain
1126516 Tulane University Blum $130,987
MRI: Acquisition of an automated sequencer for research, training and education at Tulane University and partner institutions
1126521 Grinnell College Minelli $220,400
MRI: Acquisition of an X-ray Diffractometer for X-ray Crystallography in Undergraduate Research at Grinnell College
1126533 Howard University Bakare $221,239
MRI: Acquisition of Electrospray Mass Spectrometer for Chemical Research and Training
1126534 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University McGrath $255,265
MRI: Acquisition of a Dual Size Exclusion Chromatography-Asymmetric Flow Field Flow Fractionation Instrument
1126540 University of Houston Willam $400,000
MRI: Acquisition of Digital Image Correlation System for Real-Time 3D Measurements and Closed-Loop Control
1126542 University of Central Florida Schulzgen $129,500
MRI: Acquisition of analysis tools for rapid optical fiber characterization with nm-scale resolution
1126543 North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University Chen $355,758
MRI: Acquisition of a Complete High-Performance Modeling and Visualization System for Research in Mathematical Biology and Mathematical Geosciences
1126544 University of Akron Becker $300,000
MRI: Acquisition of an Imaging Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectrometer for Quantitative Assessment of Surface Adsorbing Species
1126545 Trustees of Boston University Allen $101,175
MRI: Acquisition of Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrometer
1126547 University of Houston - Clear Lake Rohde $203,660
MRI: Acquisition of an Applied Biosystems 3500xL DNA Analyzer for Interdisciplinary Genomics Research and Training at the University of Houston-Clear Lake
1126549 Hamilton College Skipper $217,282
MRI: Acquisition of Neuroimaging Equipment For Acquiring 4-Dimensional Brain Data From Real-World Stimuli
1126570 North Dakota State University Fargo Kong $300,000
MRI: Development of a Cross-Platform Infrastructure for Natural Interaction Research
1126572 University of Arizona Ziolkowski $530,000
MRI: Development of a Sub-waivelength THz Spectral Imager for Photonic and Phononic Metamaterial and Devices Research at the Univesity of Arizona
1126578 University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Zhang $719,921
MRI: Acquisition of a Multi-photon Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope to Establish a Fluorescence Imaging Core Facility
1126582 University of Nevada Reno Jiang $248,725
MRI: Acquisition of High Performance Nano-Mechanical Tester for Micro/Nanomechanical Characterization of Materials
1126585 University of San Diego Daley $286,000
MRI: Acquisition of a Multipurpose X-Ray Diffraction System for Chemical and Biochemical Research, Training, and Undergraduate Education
1126587 Florida State University Strouse $400,000
MRI: Acquisition of an Upgrade to the Console and Probes for the 500MHz wide Bore Solids NMR
1126597 University of South Alabama West $361,923
MRI: Acquisition of an Intelligent Gravimetric Analyzer to Characterize Gas Absorption Properties of Ionic Liquids for Energy and Environmental Applications
1126599 Colby College Conover $157,616
MRI: Development of an ultracold potassium Rydberg source for experiments in quantum optics and many-body physics
1126601 University of North Dakota Main Campus Noghanian $208,933
MRI: Aquistion of Antenna Design and Measurement Laboratory
1126602 University of Virginia Main Campus Gunnoe $208,787
MRI: Acquisition of X-Ray Single-Crystal CCD Diffractometer at the University of Virginia
1126619 Florida International University Rishe $678,693
MRI: Development of an Integrated, Geospatial Analytics Research Instrument
1126627 Stroud Water Research Center Aufdenkampe $313,020
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Sensitivity Light Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer for Critical Zone Studies
1126629 Rochester Institute of Tech Sweet $355,088
MRI: Acquisition of a Confocal Microscope for Multidisciplinary Imaging Core Facilities
1126656 Bryn Mawr College Cheng $239,550
MRI: Acquisition of a UHV multi-source sputtering system for multidisciplinary material research
1126657 Bowdoin College Stemmler $379,944
MRI Consortium: Acquisition of LC-MS/MS Instrumentation for Undergraduate Research and Education
1126662 Sea Research Foundation Ballard $121,292
MRI: Acquisition of a BlueView Technologies Multibeam Sonar System for High-resolution Vehicle-based Sea Floor Mapping
1126669 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ries $410,116
MRI: Acquisition of a Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (LA-ICP-MS) for Earth and Marine Science Research
1126672 University of California-Irvine Barwick $909,999
MRI: Development of the ARIANNA High Energy Neutrino Telescope Instrument
1126673 Skidmore College Frappier $827,931
MRI: Acquisition of a Light Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer for High-Resolution Paleoclimatology and Undergraduate Education and Training in the Geosciences
1126677 University of Virginia Main Campus Barker $362,000
MRI: Development of a THz Frequency On-Wafer Probe Station
1126688 University of Nevada Las Vegas Yang $499,999
MRI: Development of a Highly Scalable and Reconfigurable Testbed in Support of Future Many-Core and System-on-Chip Research and Design Exploration
1126707 Lafayette College Yu $142,309
MRI: Acquisition of a Biopotential Measurement System
1126708 University of Texas at San Antonio Bach $279,949
MRI: Acquisition of MALDI TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer
1126709 Kansas State University Andresen $700,000
MRI: Acquisition of a Hybrid GPU Computing Cluster High-End Applications in Science and Engineering
1126710 Texas Christian University Dzyuba $124,936
MRI: Acquisition of An Isothermal Titration Calorimeter for Research and Teaching Creative Activities
1126711 Lawrence University De Stasio $552,666
MRI: Acquisition of confocal microscopy instrumentation for undergraduate research and research training
1126717 University of Montana Baldwin $295,424
MRI: Acquisition of an SEM-EDS-CL for interdisciplinary research and training in materials imaging and chemical analysis
1126719 Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. Sumner $1,057,587
MRI: Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR with cryoprobe for Integration with Existing UPLC-MS-SPE to Enable High Throughput Chemical Annotation in Plant Metabolomics
1126728 University of Iowa Ukstins Peate $987,742
MRI: Acquisition of an Electron Microprobe (EMP) for analysis of inorganic elemental concentrations in solid-state materials: Expanding science research and teaching in Iowa
1126732 University of Southern California Molisch $500,000
MRI: Development of measurement and testing equipment for distributed wireless communications and localization systems and propagation channels
1126739 Louisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical College Ullmer $900,000
MRI: Development of Melete: an interaction-oriented, software-rich compute cluster with tangible interface support for collaborative research and the classroom
1126743 Mississippi State University Schneider $659,981
MRI: Acquisition of a multi-user, analytical transmission electron microscope (TEM) for multi-disciplinary research and training
1126745 Lamar University Beaumont Lin $110,340
MRI: Acquisition of a Thermoelectric Test Stand at Lamar University
1126747 Southern Methodist University Tian $487,352
MRI Consortium: Development of Instrumentation for Measuring the Dependability and Quality of Cloud Computing Systems
1126749 University of California-Irvine Martiny $512,047
MRI: Acquisition of Mobile Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility for Microbiological Research and Minority Student Training
1126750 Central Washington University Selski $161,483
MRI : Acquisition of New Fluorescence/DIC Microscope with Computing Station for Research and Student Training
1126752 University of New Mexico Rudolph $347,771
MRI Devlopment: Development of an Optical NanoKelvin Calorimeter
1126754 Texas State University - San Marcos Song $486,599
MRI: Acquisition of ICP-RIE Capability at Texas State University - San Marcos
1126758 California State L A University Auxiliary Services Inc. Blekhman $512,727
MRI: Acquisition of a Multifunctional Hydrogen Gas Analyzer for The Center for Energy and Sustainability
1126762 Texas A&M Research Foundation Chester $687,482
MRI: Development of a high pressure and temperature, biaxial deformation apparatus for earthquake and landslide studies
1126763 University of Texas - Pan American Caruntu $281,323
MRI: Acquisition of Motion Analysis System, Force Plates, EMG System, and EXAscan 3D Scanner for Research and Education in Biomechanics
1126793 University of Texas - Pan American Choutapalli $165,420
MRI: Acquisition of Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry for Advanced Flow Diagnostics
1126800 San Francisco State University Chen $246,454
MRI: Acquisition of a State-of-the-Art Servohydraulic Structure Test System to Enhance Engineering Research and Research Education at San Francisco State University
1126806 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Gordon $100,000
MRI: Acquisition of a 3D laser scanner to support multi-disciplinary research in data-driven management of cultural, physical, and biological resources
1126812 Northwestern University Kalogera $475,000
MRI: Acquisition of?a Hyrid High Performance Computer Cluster for Gravitational-Wave Source Simulation and Data Analysis
1126839 University of Colorado at Boulder Hauser $699,945
MRI: Acquisition of a Scalable Petascale Storage Infrastructure for Data-Collections and Data-Intensive Discovery
1126840 Northern Arizona University Whitham $2,479,082
MRI: Development of a Southwest Established Garden Array (SEGA) for Integrating Genetics and Climate Change
1126845 University of California-Santa Cruz Oliver $250,510
MRI: Acquisition of a Powder/Thin Film X-ray Diffractometer
1126848 South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Cross $613,720
MRI: Acquisition of a High-Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscopy System
1126854 Boise State University Kim $342,001
MRI: Development of a COIFM with Lateral Modulation for Studying Interfacial Water
1126860 University of Wyoming Han $233,333
MRI: Acquisition of a Nano-Indenter to Improve the Nanoscale Materials Testing and Characterization Capabilities at the University of Wyoming
1126862 Brigham Young University Truscott $410,000
MRI: Development of a Multi-Camera Synthetic Aperture Technique for Measuring High-Speed, Unsteady, Three-Dimensional Velocity Flow Fields



University of California-San Diego Scripps Inst of Oceanography





MRI: Development of an instrument for quantitative characterization of size distribution of aquatic colloids
1126884 University of Idaho Kennedy $726,786
MRI: Acquisition of a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TIMS) to strengthen collaborative inter-University programs in isotope geochemistry
1126887 University of California - Merced Bales $1,985,280
MRI: Development of a basin-scale water-balance instrument cluster for hydrologic, atmospheric and ecosystem science
1126889 University of California-San Diego Rheingold $224,645
MRI: Acquisition of Brilliant X-ray Sources with High Energy Efficiency
1126892 California State L A University Auxiliary Services Inc. Menezes $441,737
MRI: Acquisition of an Ultra-Centrifuge to Enhance Geoenvironmental Research and Education at California State University Los Angeles
1126893 Occidental College Baran $318,771
RUI: Acquisition of a Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope for a Shared Imaging Facility for Research and Undergraduate Research Training at Occidental College
1126894 University of California-Santa Barbara Sherwin $992,270
MRI: Development of a Free-Electron Laser for Ultrafast Pulsed Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
1126895 Santa Clara University Carrasco $159,159
MRI: Acquisition of a Mass Spectrometer
1126896 University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Hoanca $126,183
MRI: RUI: Acquisition of Eye Tracking Equipment to Support Research at UAA
1126898 University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus Severin $1,001,229
MRI: Acquisition / replacement of an electron microprobe
1126899 Arkansas State University Main Campus Jeong $138,288
Acquisition of a DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) System for R&D at CESUR (Center for Efficient and Sustainable Use of Resources) of Arkansas State University
1127084 University of Connecticut Wang $499,999
MRI: Instrumentation Development for Sustainable Distributed Cyber-Aquatic Systems
1127093 George Mason University Li $251,950
MRI: Acquisition of Electron Beam Evaporation System for Multidisciplinary Research and Education