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Each Science and Technology Center maintains a web page that contains invaluable information about the Center's mission, projects, and outreach opportunities.

Award Project Title Project Director
Project Website
Partners / Subawardees
0424602 Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction Antonio M. Baptista

Oregon Health and Science University (lead)

Oregon State University
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
University of Washington

0423914 Layered Polymeric Systems Eric Baer

Case Western Reserve University (lead)

The University of Texas at Austin  

0424599 Microbial Oceanography David M. Karl

University of Hawaii (lead)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Montery Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Oregon State University
University of California-Santa Cruz
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

0425247 Multi-Scale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes David A. Randall

Colorado State University (lead)

Colorado College
Institute of Global Environment and Society
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Research Foundation of State University of New York
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
University of California-Berkeley
University of California-Los Angeles
University of California-San Diego
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Utah
University of Washington