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Science and Technology Centers: Integrative Partnerships

Center Director Presentations 2010 Photo Credits: Steven Buhneing


On August 30, 2010, center directors from the newly awarded Science and Technology Centers, class of 2010, gave presentations at the National Science Foundation. They focused their remarks on the research and education activities to be undertaken at the centers. 


1:00 PM Greeting and Introductions Dr. Joan M. Frye,
Senior Staff Associate, NSF/OIA
1:30 PM Introduction of NSF Acting Director Dr. W. Lance Haworth,
Director, NSF/OIA
1:45 PM Remarks and Discussion Dr. Cora B. Marrett,
Acting Director, NSF
2:30 PM Center Presentations
  - Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations Dr. Katrina Edwards,
Director, C-DEBI
  - BEACON:  An NSF Center for the Study of Evolution in Action Dr. Erik D. Goodman,
Director, BEACON
  - Emergent Behavior of Integrated Cellular Systems

Dr. Roger D. Kamm,
Director, EBICS

  - Emerging Frontiers of Science of Information Dr. Wojciech Szpankowski,
Director, EFSI
  - Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science Dr. Eli Yablonovitch,
Director, E3S
4:00 PM - Knowledge Transfer as an STC Component Dr. Betty Cheng,
Knowledge Transfer Director, BEACON
4:20 PM - Reporting Requirements Dr. Alina Martinez,
Principle Associate, Abt Associates
4:40 PM Award Details Dr. Joan M. Frye,
Senior Staff Associate, NSF/OIA
5:00 PM Web Requirements Dr. Dragana Brzakovic,
Senior Staff Associate, NSF/OIA


Dr. Joan M. Frye
Phone: (703) 292-8040

For more information on the Science and Technology Center program, please click here.